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Since he knew there was a Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus on an island close to Green Cloud Island, Huang Xiaolong had to make a trip to this Dralion Island no matter what.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong left the Celestial Immortal Manor together with the little cow, catching a ride on the Barbarian God Citys flying ship, departing for the Dralion Island.

However, the flying ships passage ended at the southernmost point of Green Cloud Island, in a city called South Huai City.

From there, passengers bound for Dralion Island would either take another flying ship or opt for the slower sea route ship.

Although the flying ship traveled fast, it would still take more than a months time to reach its destination.

Like so, one person and one cow finally arrived at the southernmost city of Green Cloud Island, the South Huai City.

Due to the citys location being next to the Endless Sea, it was an important crossing point toward Dralion Island, Perennial Temple Island, and several other nearby islands, contributing to the citys prosperity, becoming one of the biggest cities on Green Cloud Island.

In this South Huai City, other than the Green Cloud Islands Barbarian God Sect, Great Whale Sect, Elephant Genesis Sect, and some prominent families branches, there were also sect branches from the Dralion Island, Perennial Temple Island, and others.

Despite knowing that South Huai City was one of the biggest cities on Green Cloud Island, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling amazed as he stood on one of the main streets, looking at the city built between two mountains.

The city walls were extending out as if they were a part of the two mountains, reaching an astonishing height of one thousand zhang.

The several hundred zhang wide grand city gates stood at the center, joining the ends of both walls.

Above the city gates was inscribed an ancient divine formation.

As Huang Xiaolong alighted the flying ship after it docked at the ship terminal, there were several other flying ships coming from different directions, landing in an orderly manner.

Other than the common flying ships, there were also a few large luxurious carriages around.

They were pulled by divine beasts that had a shred of ancient divine beast bloodline, and on top of that, the bodies of these carriages were inscribed with powerful wind element divine formations, thus their speed wasn\'t much lower than flying ships.

However, these large carriages were mostly owned by the surrounding islands big trading firms.

The cost of building one could easily exceed a billion shenbi.

Huang Xiaolong pulled his attention back to the present.

Leaping onto the little cows back, the two headed toward the city gates.

He could feel that his breakthrough to Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm was extremely close, most likely in the next few days, therefore, he decided to stay for a few days at South Huai City.

He would head to Dralion Island after breaking that.

Huang Xiaolong paid ten thousand shenbi and entered the city.

As an important port, there were various kinds of cultivators coming and going through the South Huai City, with just as many types of beast mounts, which this made the little cow more inconspicuous than usual.

As Huang Xiaolong watched cultivators in various styles of attires riding on many different kinds of beast mounts passing him by, he felt the immensity of the Divine World for the first time.

Green Cloud Island was just one of many small islands in the Vientiane World, and a mere coastal city on Green Cloud Island was already this prosperous, he couldn\'t begin to imagine the scenes he would come across at the Fortune Mainland.


As one of the Green Cloud Islands most prominent sects, the Barbarian God Sect branch of an important city like the South Huai City naturally wasn\'t weak, handling over a few hundred restaurants, weapon forging shops, and medicinal stores.

With Huang Xiaolongs status in the sect, the Elder overseer would naturally arrange a superior courtyard for him.

The Barbarian God Sect branch of South Huai City was easy to find, located right at the center of the city.

Roughly two hours later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the branchs doorstep.

“This young master, may I ask what purpose you have coming to our Barbarian God Sect South Huai City branch” A Barbarian God Sect disciple approached when he saw Huang Xiaolong walked in.

Because Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t wearing his core disciple robe, coupled with the fact that disciples of the South Huai City branch rarely returned to the sect, this disciple did not recognize him.

Huang Xiaolong didn\'t mind the disciples question, taking out his sect identity token and handing it to the disciple.

The disciple took the token in his hand, and when he saw the patterns inscribed on it, his attitude turned respectful in an instant.

He returned the toke to Huang Xiaolong with both hands saying, “This Senior Brother, please wait here for a moment while I call for supervisor Yang Qingxuan.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

A short while later, the disciple returned while leading a middle-aged man clad in a brocade robe that had a faint sword scar on his forehead.

The regular inner disciples would sometimes be sent to some branches as Lower or Intermediate Supervisors, whereas core disciples took on the responsibility of a High Supervisor at sect branches.

These inner disciples and core disciples managed the sects properties, and from their performance, they would be rewarded with either ten or several hundred merit points.

These points would allow them to exchange for various divine pellets, weapons, and armors with the sect.

This middle-aged man named Yang Qingxuan was a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm, which meant that he was an Intermediate Supervisor.

When Yang Qingxuan came out to the hall and saw Huang Xiaolongs face, his body quivered with excitement, clearly recognizing him.

“Yang Qingxuan greets Senior Brother Huang!” Yang Qingxuan hastened forward, respectfully saluting Huang Xiaolong.

Watching Yang Qingxuans respectful manner toward Huang Xiaolong, the outer sect disciple who first saw him was alarmed.

After all, Yang Qingxuan was a Senior, a Barbarian God Sect Punishment Hall Elder.

In the past, he had seen this Yang Qingxuan welcome many core disciples, and even though he referred to them as \'Senior Brothers\' or \'Senior Sisters\', his demeanor wasn\'t this respectful.

Huang Xiaolong nodded then said, “Im passing through this South Huai City and will stay here for a few days, arrange the accommodation for me.”

Yang Qingxuan humbly complied, then personally led Huang Xiaolong to one of the nearest residences close to the sect branch.

These residences were reserved for Elders and Grand Elders, so the average core disciples wouldn\'t get this level of superior treatment.

However, Lu Zhuo had already announced long ago that although Huang Xiaolong was only a core disciple, he possessed the authority and treatment of a Grand Elder.

Though the residence couldn\'t be compared to his Celestial Immortal Manor, there was a rustic beauty to the decorations within, Huang Xiaolong was quite satisfied.

Soon, upon being notified of Huang Xiaolongs arrival at the South Huai City, the Elder in charge of this sect branch, Guo Xuan, paid a visit to him.

Guo Xuan, an Elder, was respectful in front of a core disciple like Huang Xiaolong instead.

After he left, Huang Xiaolong reactivated the residences restrictive formations and entered seclusion to breakthrough to Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm.

While he entered seclusion, the person in charge of the Elephant Genesis Sect Branch, Li Qingyang, received a report of Huang Xiaolongs appearance in South Huai City.

Sitting a few seats lower from Li Qingyangs main seat was the disciple who won the second place in the three sects\' joint training, Zhao Wuya.

Proudly clad in his Elephant Genesis Sect core disciple robe, Zhao Wuya had recently broken through to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm and was promoted to a core disciple.

“Senior Brother, since this Huang Xiaolong is in South Huai City, we cannot allow him to leave.” Zhao Wuya stated in a solemn voice.

Li Qingyangs brows creased into a faint frown, “There is a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm master protecting him, killing him is easier said than done.

Until now, theres still no news from Grand Elder Zhao Chenyuan, moreover, Huang Xiaolong is like a bolt of supreme lightning at the moment, who even dares to touch him”

Zhao Wuya laughed, “In fact, we dont need to do anything to kill Huang Xiaolong.”


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