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In a few breaths of time, Zhao Wuya was reduced to a dried corpse.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother to let Zhao Wuya keep his life.

A flick of supreme fire element godforce fell onto the dried corpse, instantly incinerating Zhao Wuyas remains into gray ash.

Watching the entire sequence of Zhao Wuya turning into a dried corpse before being burned away till there was nothing left, Wei Chao and the others felt as if they had fallen into an eternal abyss of ice, even the Three Evils who had taken numerous lives were gripped by indescribable terror.

After he dealt with Zhao Wuya, Huang Xiaolong brought out Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua from the Godly Mt.

Xumi space.

The Three Evils looked at Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua who had long been turned into dried corpses, thinking they looked a little familiar but were unable to recognize who they were.

“These two are the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect Grand Elders who were sent out to kill me some time ago, Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua.” Huang Xiaolong calmly introduced. 

“What! Zhao Chenyuan, Luo Hua!” The Three Evils, Wei Chao, and the two Berserk Lion Sect Elders paled considerably.

Whilst they were still in shock, Huang Xiaolong flicked out a fire arrow formed from his supreme fire element godforce, which split in two before penetrating Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua right between the brows!

A feeble growl of pain came from Zhao Chenyuan as he struggled, but he was still turned into gray ash that scattered into the sea below, just like Zhao Wuya before him.

Luo Hua writhed in pain a few feet away from Zhao Chenyuan as an inextinguishable fire engulfed him, leaving a thin veil of scattered ash.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong planned to leave Zhao Chenyuan and Luo Hua\'s lives to keep the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect Chiefs in doubt, but now it was no longer necessary.

Huang Xiaolong\'s cold gaze shifted back to the Berserk Lion Sect group of six, Have you reach a decision There is only one minute left.

One minute!

The emotionless words hammered onto the Three Evils, Wei Chao, and the two Elder s\' hearts.

They were aware that time was running out fast.

If they don\'t give an answer quickly, they would end up just like Zhao Chenyuan, Luo Hua, and Zhao Wuya.

The six people\'s hearts beat violently, threatening to jump out from their chests. 

In the end, it was Wei Chao who couldn\'t stand the pressure and succumbed, surrendering to Huang Xiaolong, followed by the two early Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm Elders, and eventually, the Three Evils.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong was done with branding these six people\'s godheads.

By this time, the battle on the little cow and the Red Lions side had ended.

Although the little cows purple-colored liquid could subdue the Red Lion souls blazing flames, the Red Lion was still the remnant soul of an Ancient God Realm master, therefore, what the little cow could do was limited.

In the end, Wei Chao recalled the Red Lions soul back into his sword.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong surveyed the surrounding area, then left with the six people.

Roughly an hour later, the sky gradually darkened and their group descended on a lone island.

Flying down on an empty space, Huang Xiaolong had Wei Chao clear a place for them to rest, then built a bonfire, providing a glimmer of light in the darkness.

Subsequently, he sent the two Berserk Lion Sect Elders out to hunt several Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts.

Very soon, the fragrant aroma of roast meat permeated the air.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow were sitting on the ground whereas Wei Chao and the others were standing at the side in a servile manner of willing slaves.

“Wei Chao,” Huang Xiaolong called.

“Yes, Young Lord.” Wei Chao took two small steps forward, a fawning smile on his face.

“Tell me about the Berserk Lion Sect and the other two of the Three Swords.” Huang Xiaolong stated as he tore off a large chunk of meat and threw it toward the little cow, then tore off another portion for himself.

Looking at the glistening pieces of meat, Wei Chao gulped, swallowing his saliva as he quickly answered Huang Xiaolong, “Yes, Young Lord.” He obediently told Huang Xiaolong all he knew about the other two of the Three Swords; one was named Black Lion Sword Sun Fu, and the other was the Ice Lion Sword Chen Haiqiang.

Amongst the Three Swords, the most powerful one was the Black Lion Sword Sun Fu, a mid-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, while Ice Lion Sword Chen Haiqiangs cultivation was at late-Ninth Order.

Among the Berserk Lion Sects younger generation, only the three of them had king rank godheads, hence, forming the Three Swords.

Even though Wei Chaos strength was the weakest among the three, his potential was the highest, while the other two peoples godheads were only mid grade king rank.

Later on, Huang Xiaolong tried to understand the Berserk Lion Sect better, as well as gathering information related to the Golden Dragon Gate.

The Three Evils status within the Berserk Lion Sect was only below the Sect Chief and the Sect Ancestor, other than not knowing the method of opening the sects treasury, there were almost no secrets these three old men didn\'t know.

After hearing what the Three Evils told him, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked.

According to the picture painted by them, the Berserk Lion Sects forces far exceeded his imagination.

Following this, Huang Xiaolong also had a better understanding of the Golden Dragon Gate.

He brought up the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus and the Three Evils guessed that the medicinal herb was most likely to be at the Golden Dragon Gates Spiritual Herb Cliff.

This Spiritual Herb Cliff focused on the plantation of medicinal herbs and was guarded by a Grand Elder at all times.

“The Spiritual Herb Cliff.” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

Since he had discovered the most likely location of the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus, it made the next step much more convenient.

With the Green Ice Hail Devil Bing Jiuyi, dealing with the Grand Elder guarding that place wasn\'t a big deal.

The problem was that, after entering the Golden Dragon Gate, he needed to confirm whether the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus was indeed on the Spiritual Herb Cliff or not.

“All of you appearing at South Huai City this time is under the orders of your Sect Chief” A thought occurred to Huang Xiaolong and he asked out.

Based on the Three Evils status within the sect, it was impossible for them to leave the Dralion Island without good reason.

Moreover, all three of them were in South Huai City this time.

“That is so, Young Lord.” One of the Three Evils, Evil Devil, respectfully replied.

“Our Sect Chief has discovered in an old record, that there might be an Ancestral Dragon Fruit in the farthest depths of the Blood Phoenix Forest, so he sent us over to Green Cloud Island to enter the Blood Phoenix Forest and determine if there really is an Ancestral Dragon Fruit there!”

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked by the news, “What The Ancestral Dragon Fruit, you mean the divine Ancestral Dragon Trees fruit!”

During the time he was in the Jadeite Royal City, he came across a nameless tree branch that only the little cow recognized as a branch from the Ancestral Dragon Tree.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong had suspected whether there were other Ancestral Dragon Tree branches in the Vientiane World, who would have thought there might be an Ancestral Dragon Fruit within the Blood Phoenix Forest!

Even the little cow was surprised hearing it.

“Young Lord knows of the Ancestral Dragon Tree!” On the opposite side, the Three Evils were just as surprised seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually knew of the Ancestral Dragon Tree, something that even many Ancient God Realm masters were ignorant of.

Huang Xiaolong asked some questions related to the Ancestral Dragon Fruit.

However, the information the Three Evils had wasn\'t much and they were unable to determine if there really was an Ancestral Dragon Fruit in the Blood Phoenix Forest, or which part of the forest it may be in.

If they managed to pinpoint the location, the Berserk Lion Sect Chief would have come in person.

The next day.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow continued onward to the Dralion Island whereas Wei Chao and the rest were sent back to South Huai City by Huang Xiaolong to complete the task given by the Berserk Lion Sect Chief.

Once they confirmed the existence and location of the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, they were to immediately report to Huang Xiaolong.

Since there was no longer a flying ship, Huang Xiaolong summoned Bing Jiuyi to bring him and the little cow along faster.

In retrospect, their speed was much higher this way.

In a short ten days, Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the Dralion Island.


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