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The first city on Dralion Island Huang Xiaolong entered was called Joyous Ocean.

South Huai City was Green Cloud Island\'s biggest coastal city while this Joyous Ocean City was Dralion Island\'s biggest city closest to the Endless Sea.

South Huai City was already a prosperous bustling city, but in comparison, this Joyous Ocean City was bigger and more prosperous with cultivators coming and going from various directions at high speed, a bedazzling sight.

Looking at the city in front of him that was a level higher than South Huai City, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t help but sigh in amazement.

This is nothing, The little cow remarked.

You haven\'t seen those ancient cities, some of them were built on an entire world surface, a small city like this can only be considered a small and unnoticeable corner of an ancient city.

Huang Xiaolong showed a stunned expression hearing that, exclaiming, Using an entire world surface to built a city!

An entire world, a city!

This Joyous Ocean City was barely a fraction of a hundred-thousandth of the whole Dralion Island.

In the whole Vientiane World, there were more than a hundred thousand islands similar to the Dralion Island, and Green Cloud Island, not to mention the large mainlands that were a million times larger.

Then there was the Endless Sea area.

An ancient city built with an entire world as the foundation was beyond Huang Xiaolong\'s scope of imagination.

If that really was so, this Joyous Sea City in front of him was truly nothing but a small and insignificant corner of an ancient city.

The little cows voice sounded again, “Ancient world surfaces are several tens of thousands times bigger than this Vientiane World.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened in amazement.

“Hehe, shocked” Watching Huang Xiaolongs reaction, the little cow felt a little proud, “In the future, when your strength reaches a certain level, the two of us should go to an ancient city so you can accumulate some experience.”

“A certain level of strength Ancient God Realm” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The little cow snorted with disdain, “What fart does the Ancient God Realm counts for Once you advanced to the Ancient God Realm, youll realize how vast the Divine World is.

Even if you become the Vientiane Worlds Overlord, to those who really matter, you\'ll still be nothing more than a small character.”  

“Become a Surface Lord” Huang Xiaolongs head was spinning from the amount of information causing his thought processing to be half a beat slower.

“Well talk more of this in the future.” Xiaoniū lifted its head up high, “Its useless for you to know so much right now, lets talk again when your cultivation reaches the Ancient God Realm.”

Huang Xiaolong patted the little cows head, ushering, “Go, lets enter the city.” 

Thus, one person riding on a cow was seen heading toward the Joyous Sea City gates.

Although the Barbarian God Sect also had a sect branch in the Joyous Sea City, Huang Xiaolong had no intention of appearing there, not wanting to publicize his presence in the city.

Huang Xiaolong went inside a random inn and selected a small courtyard for two days.

He planned to use these two days time to search for information around the city.

After cultivating the Heaven Splitting Tenet for some time in the courtyard, Huang Xiaolong stepped out together with the little cow for a stroll.

Huang Xiaolongs progress in the Heaven Splitting Tenet was extremely slow in recent days, so much so that he was far from even touching the border to the third stage.

Due to his own Archdevil Supreme Godhead\'s devouring power, the Heaven Splitting Tenet wasnt of much use to Huang Xiaolong most of the time.

However, once his Heaven Splitting Tenet reached the seventh stage, he would be able to summon the Hellion Tower, borrowing the underworld origin energy inside to improve his battle strength.

After two hours of idly strolling around the city streets, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow came to a street on the northern side of the city.

Not far from them was a square-shaped battle terrace, its four sides densely crowded by various cultivators.

As the sight of it piqued Huang Xiaolong\'s interest, he approached and asked a family disciple what was happening.

That person was slightly dazed at Huang Xiaolong for a second before replying, “This brother, is it your first time here in Joyous Sea City”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“No wonder you seem to not even know the famous Joyous Sea Citys Terrace of the King.” 

The disciple went on, “On this Terrace of the King, no matter who goes up and wins one hundred consecutive battles, they will be crowned King.

From then on, they would receive half-price benefits in all the shops in Joyous Sea City, including the trading and auction houses.”

“Oh, so its like that.” Huang Xiaolong responded, losing interest.

Noticing the disinterested look on Huang Xiaolongs face, the disciple grinned, “Its understandable that brother isn\'t interested, all of us crowding here also came merely to watch some liveliness.

Even a late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator couldn\'t say for sure they could win a hundred consecutive battles to gain the King title, but even if one couldn\'t win a hundred consecutive battles, there were still attractive rewards for every round of battle.”

Hung Xiaolong shook his head, but just as he was ready to leave with the little cow, a faint discussion in the crowd caught his attention.

“I heard a Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast appeared in the proximity of Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain.

A large number of Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate are already disciples have rushed over there.”

“The Black Flame Sea Emperors have a primeval divine beast bloodline which gives them control over time and space, they weren\'t that easy to capture.

Both sects lost more than a dozen disciples so far.

On top of that, two Elders from the sects suffered serious injuries.”

Huang Xiaolongs steps halted, and a beat later, delight shone in his eyes.

A Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast!

One of the ingredients of the Reverse Incarnation Pill was this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts blood.

Although he had requested Gu Lings help to search for clues about this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, there had been nothing so far.

Who would have thought a Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast would appear here.

Huang Xiaolong approached the group of disciples, inquiring the direction to the Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain and information about the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, then hurried off with the little cow.

However, the Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain was a long way from the Joyous Sea City.

In order to make it there in the shortest time, Huang Xiaolong purposely chose some secluded routes to travel.

With Bing Jiuyi bringing him and the little cow, it was much faster.

Four days later.

Huang Xiaolongs group stopped in the air above a mountain range over ten thousand li in length. 

From the air, the mountain range curves resembled a dragon, while from the ground, a kind of faint red gas could be seen floating upward to the sky.

Even though more than a thousand li high in the air, Huang Xiaolong could still feel the heat coming from the mountain range below.

This was the Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain.

According to the several cultivators from before, this Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain had been formed from a primordial divine dragons body.

Huang Xiaolong did not believe it at first, but now, seeing the view below him, a part of him started to believe.

He could sense the existence of dragon qi deep under this mountain, although it was extremely weak.

At this moment, beast roars and powerful energy fluctuations came from the ground below.

“Its the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.” The little cow stated.

It was extremely sensitive to various kinds of primeval beast bloodline.

“Lets go!”

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow rushed down in the direction of the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

As they grew closer, the sound of beast roars grew louder, something between a dragon and a tigers roar.

On the way, they started to see more and more cultivators from various families and sects.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to chase up, all of a sudden, his path was blocked by several Berserk Lion Sect core disciples.


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