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Elder Zhang Peng finished stating the conditions of registering for the task selection.

There were numerous disciples with dual elements of lightning and fire in the Divine World, just the number of Golden Dragon Gate core disciples alone surpassed sixty thousand.

Each and every core disciple that managed to reach this level was their own familys talented genius, therefore there were quite a few disciples with godheads of those elements.

Immediately, core disciples that meet this requirement registered their names.

So did Huang Xiaolong.

The original Tang Hongs godhead coincidentally had both the required lightning and fire elements, a great convenience to Huang Xiaolong without raising any suspicion.

After registering his name, Huang Xiaolong left the Grand Dragon Hall in light steps, returning to Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling.

After all, this was a large scale selection to determine the final six core disciples, there was ample time.

With his alchemy skills, Huang Xiaolong believed there shouldnt be any problems arising, he was confident.

Back in Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, he took out the grade four spiritual vein again and started cultivating.

The whole day passed in cultivation.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

Over the last few days, he had been absorbing spiritual energy from the grade four spiritual vein through his Heaven Splitting Tenet technique.

His True Divine Dragon Physique, three supreme godheads, and godsea all had distinctive improvements.

‘This Heaven Splitting Tenet is indeed a powerful technique, but I feel like something is missing. Huang Xiaolong contemplated.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong was beginning to see a flaw in all of the techniques he had learned in the past; the Asura Sword Skill, Great Void Divine Fist, Godly Xumi Art, the Fifteen Moves of the Dragon God, Earthen Buddha Palm, and so on.

Lately, he had been trying to integrate his knowledge of all these skills together.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong also tried to merge the Heaven Splitting Tenet into it to create a unique divine battle art of his own.

This thought grew stronger by the day.

Despite his knowledge of various divine battle arts of the Divine World, he was far from being capable of creating a technique that was truly unique to himself at this time.

Huang Xiaolong needed to see and understand many more divine battle arts, then combine them.

This way, he would be able to create his own unique and powerful divine battle art.

Coming out from the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the library.

With his identity as a core disciple, he was allowed to peruse the majority of the available divine battle arts.

The Golden Dragon Gates library was located not far from Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, but even so, Huang Xiaolong flew for four hours in order to reach the seven-story library.

Other than the two highest floors, he could freely move around the first five floors.

Huang Xiaolong went straight up to the fifth floor, then stood in front of a random bookshelf and picked up a palm technique.

“Golden Dragon Overturning Clouds Palm.”

Huang Xiaolong flipped through the pages of this technique manual, finishing it in the briefest time.

This Golden Dragon Overturning Clouds Palm had a total of six moves; every palm attack sent a great wave of force like an agile dragon, fierce and powerful.

However, this Golden Dragon Overturning Clouds Palm had to be cultivated together with another technique, the Somersaulting Golden Dragon Art. 

After understanding the Golden Dragon Overturning Clouds palm, Huang Xiaolong picked up the Somersaulting Golden Dragon Art beside it.

One technique manual after another were read by him.

Regardless what kind of divine art it was, Huang Xiaolong would pick them all up and flip through them.

His comprehension ability has always been strong.

Every time he finished reading a manual, hed slightly recollect and go through them again in his mind, grasping seventy to eighty percent of the technique.

In order to fully comprehend these techniques, Huang Xiaolong would need to return and physically try them out.

The day quickly ended.

When he stepped out from the library, the sky outside had darkened.

Huang Xiaolong returned to Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling and once again took out the grade four spiritual vein, cultivating the Heaven Splitting Tenet to improve himself.

The tranquil night gradually gave way to the dawn.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong once again made his way to the Golden Dragon Gates library, picking up where he left off the day before.

There were several core disciples that were also perusing these technique manuals whispering aloud.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

He looked over his shoulder toward the fifth floor\'s entrance and saw a pretty girl clad in a core disciple robe walking in.

She had long willowy brows, an exquisite nose, phoenix eyes.

She was also exuding a cold yet noble aura.

Tian Juaner!

The other prominent half of the Golden Twin Dragons, Tian Juaner.

Similar to Hu Dan, she had a king rank godhead, but it was merely mid grade king rank compared to Hu Dans top grade king rank godhead.

Then again, these two young geniuses were the only ones in the Golden Dragon Gate to have a king rank godhead.

While Hu Dans cultivation had reached peak mid-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, Tian Juaners cultivation time was comparatively shorter, which explained her peak late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation even though she was one of the core disciples.

Tian Juaner was also the object of adoration of the Golden Dragon Gates male disciples, including the original Tang Hong.

From Tang Hongs past memories, he had once obsessively wooed this Tian Juaner but was publicly rejected by her at the Grand Dragon Hall, rebuked with severe and harsh words, and became the laughingstock of all core disciples for a good while.

Coming onto the fifth floor after Tian Juaner was a good-looking young man which Huang Xiaolong recognized, named Sun Jinqiang, Grand Elder Liu Qingyangs grandson.

It goes without saying that this Sun Jinqiang was one of Tian Juaners many pursuers.

Moreover, because of Tian Juaner, Sun Jinqiang had one time gave Tang Hong an unforgettable beating.

Sun Jinqiang was a peak mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm.

On top of that, he had Grand Elder Liu Qingyang backing him, teaching a lesson to someone without any backing like Tang Hong was as simple as moving a finger.

“I heard Tian Juaner has accepted Sun Jinqiang, I wonder if thats really true.” At the time, the low mutterings of a core disciple nearby fell into Huang Xiaolongs ears.

“It\'s just a rumor, how could Sun Jinqiang enter Tian Juaners eyes, shes just giving face to Grand Elder Liu Qingyang, allowing Sun Jinqiang to be her follower.

Oh right, I heard she also registered for the Gate Chiefs alchemy refining task!”

“For real! Senior Sister Tian Juaner inherited an ancient pill concocting technique that we can only marvel about.

She is the best alchemist among our Golden Dragon Gates younger generation! It has been a very long time since she showed her skills; this time, were in for a treat!”

“Tian Juaner is coming over!”

Someone whispered in a hush as she and Sun Jinqiang walked in their direction.

“Senior Sister Tian, if you want to peruse the Dark Dragon Divine Art, I can have someone send it over to your place, there is no need to make a trip here specifically for that.” Sun Jinqiang fawned over Tian Juaner as he walked behind her.

Tian Juaner was mostly indifferent, “I dont like preferential treatment.

In the future, without my permission, do not make decisions on my behalf.”

Having been reprimanded by Tian Juaner in public, Sun Jinqiangs face naturally didnt look good.

Right at this time, Tian Juaner spotted Huang Xiaolong disguised as Tang Hong and a disgusted frown formed on her face.

Due to some of Tang Hongs actions in the past, she did not have any good impression of him.

At this time, Sun Jinqiang also saw Huang Xiaolong.

“Tang Hong, what are you doing here” Sun Jinqiang glared fiercely, snapping, “ Did you forget what Ive told you before Any time you see Senior Sister Tian, youre to scram as far away as possible.

What are you still standing here for Do I need to make you get out personally”

Hitting a soft nail at Tian Juaners side, Sun Jinqiang was feeling angry at this time.

It was a good thing this Tang Hong appeared.


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