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When Huang Xiaolong stepped into the auction hall, there were only a scarce two or three hundred people scattered in different places in the enormous hall. 

The auction hall seatings could accommodate twenty thousand people.

Huang Xiaolong randomly picked an obscure corner seat and sat down.

A while later, streams of people ambled into the auction hall, quickly filling up the seats.

Roughly an hour later, the main door of the auction hall was closed, signaling that the auction was about to begin.

Huang Xiaolong secretly spread out his divine sense to survey the situation around the auction hall.

In general, those who attended the auction were low-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators and a few mid-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators, while only a small number were high-level Heavenly God Realm cultivators.

Huang Xiaolong did not notice any Ancient God Realm masters present.

Perhaps the private rooms were arranged for the Ancient God Realm masters.

While Huang Xiaolong was checking his surroundings, a white-haired Clam Tribe old man walked up onto the stage and introduced himself to the attending guests, mentioning the auction rules at the end.

The Clam Tribes common surname was Bang, and this old mans name was Bang Jile.


Huang Xiaolong nearly erupted into laughter hearing the name.

Huang Xiaolong found out that the naming sense of the people in this world was quite interesting, for example, Cao Bishi…

After a brief introduction, the auctioneer Bang Jile began presenting the first item.

The first auction item was a piece of deep-sea iron called Futu.

The starting bid price wasn\'t high, set at fifty thousand sea shenbi.

In the end, it was bought by an Illusionary Fish Tribe member at two hundred thousand.

The second item was a Sun Moon Spirit Stone. 

This Sun Moon Spirit Stone was an extremely peculiar object found in the Endless Sea; the top surface emitted the suns burning brilliance while the bottom of part exuded the moons cold radiance.

On top of that, this Sun Moon Spirit Stone attracted natures rare yang and yin spiritual energy that was extremely beneficial to cultivators.

Hence, when it appeared, it immediately drew fierce bidding.

Despite the low starting price of one million, it rapidly increased to five million, and the price was still rising!

In the end, it was sold for six million to an Electric Turtle Tribe disciple.


Although the Electric Turtle Tribes forces couldn\'t compare to the Clam Tribe, the gap was almost negligible.

Not far from the Clam Tribes territory was the territory of the Electric Turtle Tribe, therefore their tribe members were a common sight in the Clam Tribes cities.

Subsequently, the third item went up, then the fourth, the fifth…

Soon, over thirty items had been auctioned successfully.

The things being auctioned were generally rarely seen items, but Huang Xiaolong had yet to make a bid.

Although these things were valuable, they weren\'t of much use to him, moreover, his main purpose in this auction was to acquire the herbs for refining the Reverse Incarnation Pill.

However, the next item genuinely surprised Huang Xiaolong — a Nefarious Devil gold core!

“Next to be auctioned is this item, a Nefarious Devil gold core left behind by an Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil.

The pure essence energy inside is completely intact, without the slightest damage.” The auctioneer Bang Jile pitched.

“A Nefarious Devil gold core of a Third Order Ancient God Realm master, Im sure everyone present understands how precious it is.”

“The starting bid price is one hundred million.”

“Please make your bid.”

A hundred million!

A Third Order Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devils gold core was worth far more than just a hundred million.

Even so, there was a brief silence in the enormous auction hall.

After all, a hundred million was no small sum, so a large number of small families extinguished the thought of bidding for it.

Huang Xiaolong caressed the outline of his Asura Ring.

At that time, he handed in two Nefarious Devil gold cores to the Golden Dragon Gate as proof of task completion and had used one for his own cultivation, thus he still had five of them left in his Asura Ring.

The Nefarious Devil gold core being auctioned was bought by the guest in private room number one with an exorbitant price of eight hundred million.

Inside private room number one, a handsome looking young man with faintly visible blue scales at the corner of his eyes was fiddling with the Nefarious Devil gold core between his fingers.

This young man was a disciple of the Blue Scales Fish Tribe.

The Blue Scales Fish Tribes strength was slightly higher than the Clam Tribes, and their territory was also adjacent to the Clam Tribes territory.

“Congratulations, Young Master Lan Wanhong, with this Nefarious Devil gold core, we can refine the North Firmament Golden-White Divine Pellet.

Young Master Lan Wanhong will absolutely be able to breakthrough to late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm soon.” Standing behind the young man was an old man that looked like a steward

Lan Wanhong nodded his head and smiled in agreement, “However, we still need some herbs to refine the North Firmament Golden-White Divine Pellet.”

The old steward Lan Feng grinned, “Those dozen kinds of herbs will soon be brought up to the stage, I guess three to four hundred million is enough to purchase them.

With Young Master Lan Wanhongs wealth, purchasing those medicinal herbs won\'t be a problem.”

Lan Wanhong chuckled, looking enchanted by the Nefarious Devil gold core in his hand, “Pity theres only one Nefarious Devil Gold Core, if there were a few more, Im absolutely confident I would be able to breakthrough to peak late-Tenth Order within a hundred years.”

“This subordinate will keep an eye out for any news about the Nefarious Devil gold cores.

Once we have news of them, this subordinate will immediately report to Young Master Lan Wanhong.” Lan Feng hurried to say.

“Now, we will begin to auction a batch of herbs.” At this time, on the stage, Bang Jiles voice reached private room number one.

Lan Wanhongs eyes lit up as he said, “Its about to begin.”

At the same time, Huang Xiaolings eyes stared fixedly on the few herbs inside a crystal ball.

The crystal ball was similar to a spatial ring for storing things, made from blue water crystal and space kernel stone.

The herbs placed inside the crystal ball would maintain its medicinal properties.

There were more than two hundred kinds of herbs inside the crystal ball, including the ones Huang Xiaolong wanted.

“All these herbs will be auctioned together as one batch at eighty million starting price.

Every increase in bidding price must not be lower than one million.” Bang Jile introduced.

“One hundred million!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

Everyone was surprised and turned to look at the owner of the voice sitting at the corner.

A big brawny man with a pair of wings growing out of his back.

Lightning flashed between the giant wings.

“Lightning Bird Tribe!” Someone exclaimed in a low voice.

The Lightning Bird Tribe was another powerful tribe that was at par with the Clam Tribe.

“Two hundred million!” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice sounded.

The guests were shocked as their inquisitive eyes fell on Huang Xiaolong.

Inside private room number one, Lan Wanhong was frowning with displeasure.

Things were getting out of his estimation.

It was just starting yet the price has shot up to two hundred million, following this pattern, three to four hundred million may not be enough to purchase all the herbs he needed.

“Three hundred million.” Lan Wanhong offered, the blue scales at the corner of his eyes flashed.

“Four hundred million.” Huang Xiaolong called out without any emotion.

The others watched, sucking in a breath of cold air.

The Lightning Bird Tribe brawny man was also looking at Huang Xiaolong with an odd expression while shaking his head, withdrawing from the bidding.

Lan Wanhong considered for a moment then spoke, “Six hundred million!” Through the private rooms crystal walls, he stared at Huang Xiaolong without blinking.

A faint killing intent directed at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed though he clearly felt the killing intent directed at him, “Seven hundred million.” He must obtain this batch of herbs regardless, whether it was one billion or ten billion!


a play on intonation, Bang Jile can be taken as “Youre super amazing!”


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