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Hu Qi watched as Huang Xiaolong used the same move again, raising his two fists to meet his attack head-on.

Seeing this, indignant cruel laughter escaped his lips, This time, I\'m going to repay it with interest!

Only he knew how terrifying his Divine Qilin Arms were!

The power of his arms before and after he used the Divine Qilin Arms, comparing both defense and explosive power, was akin to heaven and earth.

There was a time at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield when he fought a late First Order Ancient God Realm magic beast.

Before resorting to his Divine Qilin Arms, simply relying on his Golden Copper Beast Physique, he could not break the magic beast\'s rough skin at all, but after he used the Divine Qilin Arms technique, that magic beast\'s defenses were akin to thin paper.

At that time, his fist instantly penetrated the magic beasts body, turning its internal organs into a bloody gore.

Hu Qi could already imagine Huang Xiaolong ending up like that magic beast, blood and flesh flying into the air like arrows.


Four fists collided with great force, akin to an exploding star.

The stage whined in protest as frightening wind blades flew out from the point of impact, crashing onto the protective barrier, causing lights to ripple over the it as it shook.

The noises from other stages seemed to be drowned in the bang when Huang Xiaolong and Hu Qis fists collided

  All eyes were glued to stage number fifty-two.

Outside the square area, Yao Chis heart tightened with anxiety.

She didnt notice that her hands were clenched tightly.

The world seemingly stopped for a second or two, stopping precisely when Huang Xiaolong and Hu Qis fists collided, followed by a heart-gripping shriek.

It was Hu Qis voice.

His body was sent tumbling back for a second time at an even faster speed.

He then crashed onto the stage, blood spurting high into the air. 

Hu Qis body rolled uncontrollably until the edge of the stage.

When his body stopped, blood bubbled up his mouth like an endless spring, his body twitching and quivering; at this point, the skin on his arms was ruptured and bloody, with the white of bone peeking through his mangled flesh.

The two qilin diagrams were nowhere to be seen.

‘Hu Qis Divine Qilin Arms were incapacitated! The faces in the crowd showed similar expressions of shock.

Was this really the fabled indestructible and unstoppable Divine Qilin Arms that could destroy everything in their path! Weren\'t they no different than a chicken claw now

Zhou Xuantong and the experts behind him gulped as if they ate a bunch of chilies, their throat burned so much they couldnt get a word out.

On the other battle stages,the  few Twin Cities Sect disciples who had yet to go up for the second battle were deathly pale, including Yang Liming who had previously vowed to make Huang Xiaolong kneel on the stage, begging for mercy, as well as Tan Lin.

Tan Lin could barely maintain a calm appearance, but Yang Liming couldnt hide the astonishment from his face.

Although he was ranked eleven in the preliminary round and was a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm, if he was to fight with Hu Qis Divine Qilin Arms, he and Hu Qi would probably be equally matched.

Yang Limings thoughts went further, if the one oncould fifty-second stage was him, then right now, wouldnt he be…!

Farther away, Ouyang Yunfei and the Ouyang Clan members faces looked distorted from early on.

Ouyang Yunfei felt like he was about to control of his bladder.

The enormous square was pin-dropped silent.

Almost all spectators gazes fell onto the fifty-second stage, on Huang Xiaolongs body!

Those who had only been watching Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, Tan Lin, and other disciples in the preliminary round top ten were now looking Huang Xiaolong as well.

With indifference on his face, Huang Xiaolong walked towards Hu Qi.

In truth, he had only used fifty percent of his True Divine Dragon Physiques physical force, he hadnt even employed his godforce.

Just like the time he killed that Spirit Lake Cult genius disciple, Chen Weiping, using only half of his physical strength.

Outside the square, Chen Ding ordered the group of people behind him, “Tell Hu Qi to admit defeat.”

The group of Dragon Origin Sect experts was dumbfounded, but they were quick to comply respectfully.

One of the rules of the stage battle was, if any participant was too injured to admit defeat, elders of the same sect were allowed to admit defeat on their behalf.

“Stage fifty-two, Hu Qi admits defeat.” A Dragon Origin Sect expert could do nothing but shout to the judging disciple Di Fei.

His voice reverberated like thunder in the silent square, sounding especially harsh to the ears.

In this terms All-Islands Great War, a Dragon Origin Sect disciple was the first to admit defeat! Moreover, he hadn\'t even done it personally, as an elder from the sect threw in the towel on the disciples behalf!

On stage one, Zhou Xu had already dealt with his opponent.

At this moment,  his fists were clenched, a scary blue glow flashed in his eyes—Huang Xiaolong!

On stage four, a young man in crimson robes was watching Huang Xiaolong with interest.

On the chest of his crimson robe was an obvious emblem of a furnace.

This young man was none other than the person ranked second in the preliminary round, the Heavenly Dan Islands number one genius, Luo Yunjie!

“Thousand Dragon Physique Doesnt seem like it.” Luo Yunjie muttered to himself, a contemplating look on his face.

He could see that Huang Xiaolong bodys defense and strength were quite high, which pointed to one of the unique physiques and bore resemblances to Zhou Xus Thousand Dragon Physique.

After the Dragon Origin Sects expert admitted defeat on Hu Qus behalf, Huang Xiaolong was naturally counted as the winner of the battle.

However, when the judging disciple Di Fei announced Huang Xiaolongs win, there was no noise whatsoever, various sect experts were still in a daze from the scene before.

On the main stage, the four Elders had a different expression as they watched Huang Xiaolong walk down the stage.

“Truly unexpected ah, there is such a monstrous disciple outside of the top ten islands!” Elder Chen Renfei praised, “This Huang Xiaolongs godhead and talent must be outstanding for him to be able to defeat a late-First Order Ancient God Realm Hu Qi while being just a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple!”

“Thats right.” Elder Chang Yan chuckled, adding, “This Huang Xiaolong can definitely enter the top five in this terms All-Islands Great War! His talent and godhead might be slightly higher than Zhou Xus, but its a pity, his cultivation realm is too low.

If his cultivation reached Second Order Ancient God Realm as well, first place was sure to be his!”

Hearing their words, Gong Fei sneered coldly, “Its too early to say that, this Huang Xiaolongs talent and godhead may not necessarily be high.

His physical body is just a bit stronger, but no matter how strong his body is, theres a limit to it!”

Chen Renfei frowned but could only reply, “That is true, send someone to investigate this Huang Xiaolong in detail, well know soon.”

In a certain building outside the square, Li Lu was looking at Huang Xiaolongs proud figure, her dainty mouth forming a smile, “Still a show-off as before.”

When Huang Xiaolong defeated Dragon Origin Sects Hu Qi, she was happy for him.

But this guys strength was higher than she estimated…

Inside a certain manor in Fortune City, Elder Lu Tai also came to report to Zhu Feng about the situation on stage fifty-two.

“What A peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm crippled Dragon Origin Sects Hu Qi who possesses the Golden Copper Beast Physique and succeeded in cultivating dragon qi” Zhu Feng was genuinely shocked.

“That is so.” Lu Tai nodded.

“On top of that, Hu Qi resorted to his Divine Qilion Arms in the end, but he was still sent flying in one move!”

Zhu Feng dazed momentarily, “What is this disciples name”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Lu Tai answered.

“During the preliminary round, he ranked twenty-fourth, no one suspected he would be this powerful.


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