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Zhu Feng jumped up to his feet all of a sudden, pacing back and forth in the hall for some time before he barked out an order to Lu Tai, Investigate this Huang Xiaolong in detail for me!

 Lu Tai solemnly complied.

He understood his Young Lord had the intention of pulling Huang Xiaolong into his camp.

He was someone who defeated a late First Order Ancient God Realm disciple with his cultivation of peak late-Tenth Order heavenly God Realm, moreover, it was an Ancient God Realm disciple who possessed the Golden Copper Beast Physique and succeeded in cultivating the Divine Qilin Beast divine arts.

Such a talent was worthy of their Young Lords invite!

This Huang Xiaolongs talent might even be higher than Zhou Xus!

At this time, on the square, after Huang Xiaolong defeated Hu Qi, the following disciples admitted defeat even before Huang Xiaolong made a move.

Hence, he smoothly entered the top one hundred on the second day.

The other stages battles went on.

Half a day later, the second days stage battles ended, and this terms top one hundred name list came out.

What Huang Xiaolong didnt expect was that Ouyang Yunfei also defeated all the opponents on the same stage, thus successfully entering the top one hundred as well.

Looking at Ouyang Yunfeis complacent smile, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

On the main stage where the four Fortune Gate Elders were, Gong Fei, Chen Renfei, Chang Yan, and Li Wei took turns to speak, congratulating Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, Tan Lin, and other disciples who succeeded in entering the top one hundred before advising the disciples to rest well in preparation for the third days match.

After the top ten match, only the top three were eligible to fight for the first place!

Tomorrow was undoubtedly the most dazzling battle in the All-Islands Great War! This was also the Fortune Gates most spectated battle in a hundred years!

After some reminders, Gong Feis group of four had the disciples disperse.

However, before leaving the square, Huang Xiaolong walked over to the Ouyang Clan\'s group, stopping in front of Ouyang Yunfei.

Different from previous encounters, when the Ouyang Clan group saw Huang Xiaolong approaching, they all wore smiles on their faces, as if their smiles were as genuine as they imagined.

Ouyang Yunfei was fidgeting with apprehension while forcing a smile as he called out, “Big brother Huang.”

“Big brother Huang” Huang Xiaolong repeated aloofly, “I remember you once said you would enlighten me well during the All-Islands Great War, and that you want to destroy the Barbarian God Sect once the All-Islands Great War ends.”

Ouyang Yunfei and the others smiles turned ugly almost immediately.

Ouyang Bins arm suddenly swung out, striking Ouyang Yunfeis right cheek so hard that the swelling was almost two meters high before giving Huang Xiaolong a benign smile, saying, “Brother Huang, those were merely Yunfeis vexed words, he didn\'t mean it.

Dont you worry, when I return, I will absolutely punish him according to our clans rules!”

He then barked at Ouyang Yunfei, “Quickly apologize to Brother Huang!”

Ouyang Yunfei clutched his swollen right cheek, his head lowered so that no one could see the venomous light flickering past his eyes, however, he obediently took a step forward and was about to apologize when Huang Xiaolong spoke.

“No need.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I have always been a person who holds grudges for a long time.

Tomorrow if you meet me on the battle stage, I too will enlighten you well!”

With that said, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo and the rest left the square.

Ouyang Yunfei was about to bow, but his actions halted after hearing Huang Xiaolong words.

His expression, as well as other Ouyang Clan members\', looked worse than before.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs figure disappear, Ouyang Yunfeis anger exploded, “This dog! We give him face, but he doesn\'t want it, does he think our Ouyang Clan is really afraid of him”

Ouyang Yunfeis words just finished when the left side of his face was struck hard.

“Foolish thing!” Ouyang Bin angrily glared at him, “Based on the talent and strength he has shown so far, hes likely to rush into the top ten and be accepted as a personal disciple by a Grand Elder! If he wants to deal with our Ouyang Clan at that time, it would only be a matter of moving his lips!”

A Fortune Gate Grand Elder! Only the top ten islands hegemon such as the Dragon Origin Sect were qualified to speak to them.

A small force like the Ouyang Clan was nothing at all before a Fortune Gate Grand Elder.

If a Grand Elder really wanted to take Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple, he only needed to mention their Ouyang Clan, that was sufficient to bring calamity upon them.

Ouyang Yunfei argued, “Ancestor, our Ouyang Clan is now subordinate to the Twin Cities Sect, I say that Huang Xiaolong wont dare do anything to us!”

“Thats also true.” Ouyang Xuguang agreed.

“Moreover, no one can predict the situation in tomorrows battle.

Who knows, maybe Huang Xiaolong will be pummeled into a cripple by Zhou Xu!”

Not long after Huang Xiaolongs group returned to the rented courtyard, a piece of news spread over Fortune City.

“Huang Xiaolong has a high grade king rank godhead ranked one thousand and nine, the Blue Shadow Godhead! He also possesses the True Dragon Physique ranked third amongst unique physiques! I also heard that his True Dragon Physique can continuously evolve!”    

“True Dragon Physique, a unique physique that can continuously evolve! No wonder that Hu Qi who possessed the Golden Copper Beast Physique and his Divine Qilin Arms was only a waste in front of Huang Xiaolong!

“The third unique physique ah, how many years has it been the last time such a physique appeared in our Vientiane World Long ago a person who possessed the ninth ranked unique physique appeared, right How long has it been Three to four million years!”

The entire Fortune City was talking about this, excitement and laments in the atmosphere.

When Zhou Xu heard this news, he breathed out in relief.

Before this, he was a little wary of Huang Xiaolong, but now, he was completely at ease.

Although the fact that Huang Xiaolong had the True Dragon Physique did surprise him, as long as his godhead wasn\'t emperor rank, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t be a threat to him!

Whether it was on the battle stage tomorrow or after they entered the Fortune Gate as disciples, Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t a threat to him! That was because he had an emperor rank godhead, and Huang Xiaolongs high grade king rank  godhead wasn\'t even on the same level.

Zhou Xu looked over his shoulder, his gaze falling onto the half-dead Hu Qi lying on the cold jade bed, muttering under his breath, “Junior Brother Hu Qi, tomorrow, I will make sure Huang Xiaolong feels a thousand times, ten thousand times more pain and misery!”

Zhu Feng was stunned for a second after hearing the news.

He then shook his head at Elder Lu Tai, “He has the True Dragon Physique, but his godhead is only a high grade king rank, a pity ah, pity!”

With a high grade king rank Blue Shadow Godhead and a True Dragon Physique that could continuously evolve, Huang Xiaolongs talent could be described as astonishing, but compared to Zhu Fengs expectations, it was greatly lacking.

Only disciples with an emperor rank godhead were worthy of being on his side.

Elder Lu Yai also shook his head in irony.

“Indeed a pity.

Then, Young Lord, do we still need to show goodwill to this Huang Xiaolong” 

Zhu Feng shook his head, “No need for that now.” After knowing Huang Xiaolongs godhead rank, Zhu Feng has completely lost interest in Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh right, hows the investigation of Chen Weipings death coming” Zhu Feng changed the subject all of a sudden, asking Lu Tai.

Lu Tai once again shook his head, “There is no news as of yet.”

“You can leave, and also help me prepare a big gift to Zhou Xu, wishing him to win the first place tomorrow.

After he wins, I will set a banquet to celebrate.” Zhu Feng said.

Lu Tai nodded with a smile, “Zhou Xu will definitely be happy.”


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