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\'Third place\'

Huang Xiaolong asked, Master, may I ask what the rewards for the New Disciples Battle will be

 Golden Brow Ancestor answered, Every term\'s rewards are slightly different.

This time, the first place rewards are ten trillion shenbi, one high rank grade five spiritual vein, and more than ten chaos spiritual herbs as well as a chaos spiritual liquid called Metal Essence! Most important is the mid-grade chaos spiritual weapon, Three Kings Blade!

Mid-grade chaos spiritual weapon.

Hearing that, the three people, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin\'s breathing became heavy.


Huang Xiaolong was shocked, the Four Mainland\'s New Disciples Battle reward was so plentiful!

Ten trillion shenbi!

High rank grade five spiritual vein!

More than ten chaos spiritual herbs, a Chaos spirit liquid called Metal Essence, and mid-grade chaos spiritual weapon, Three Kings Blade!

Any single item was enough to stir the entire Vientiane World\'s genius disciples into a frenzied competition.

Especially that chaos spiritual liquid.

In order to repair the Pill Blending Blending Tower, one of the materials he needed was precisely this Metal Essence!

Huang Xiaolong\'s hands tightened into fists.

\'First place!\'

In his opinion, the Dark Elf Mainland\'s You Wuxin was no threat to him, it was the Eternal Mainland\'s Wangu Ziyi who was a little troublesome.

Based on his current strength, counting his primordial divine dragon, he could only defeat the average early Fourth Order Ancient God Realm cultivators, while Wangu Ziyi was estimated to be a late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm or above!

Even though he was not Wangu Ziyi\'s match now, he had time, he had a whole three years!

Sensing the battle intent from Huang Xiaolong\'s body, Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, and Blood Knife exchanged a glance.

All three shook their heads and faintly smiled.

Huang Xiaolong\'s talent and battle prowess were indeed high, but compared with that Wangu Ziyi, he was greatly lacking.

Zhu Yi and Golden Brow Ancestor went on to inform the four disciples about certain matters of the Fortune Gate, then had Li Chaosheng bring them to select a palace to live in.

Li Chaosheng and the four disciples respectfully took their leave.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong\'s back, Zhu Yi sighed, I thought our Fortune Gate would surely win first place in the New Disciples Battle when Huang Xiaolong appeared.

Who would have thought there would be disciples like Wangu Ziyi and You Wuxin.

Looks like we won\'t be winning first place this time either.

Fate, fate ah!

It had been a dozen terms since the Fortune Gate had taken first place in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle.

The last dozen terms\' first ranker was either from the Eternal Mainland or the Dark Elf Mainland.

Lightning Hammer Ancestor was a little down, If things go down this way, ten thousand years later, the Eternal Clan and Dark Elf Tribe\'s strength will surpass our Fortune Gate!

Black Ice Ancestor retorted, That may not be the case, we still have Li Lu!

At the mention of Li Lu, everyone smiled.

Golden Brow Ancestor laughed, This child\'s talent is really hard to come by in a hundred million years, a pity she doesn\'t have metal element force!

Golden Brow Ancestor, Zhu Yi, and the others\' discussion, Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin naturally couldnt hear.

At this time, Li Chaosheng was leading their group of four to choose their living and cultivating palace.

On the Thousand Spirit Mountain were several hundred empty palaces and each of them was huge, about two hundred Li from one end to another.

From the alchemy room to main cultivation room, as well as a spiritual energy pond, whatever one could think of, it was there.

As the All-Islands Great War first place winner, Huang Xiaolong was naturally the first one to select.

What surprised Li Chaosheng was that the Cosmos Palace he chose was slightly at the edge.

Although the Thousand Spirit Mountain was rich in spiritual energy and all the palaces had more or less the same arrangements, most people would try to choose a cultivation palace as close to the Assembly Shrine as possible.

This way, going to the Assembly Shrine to see Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor for guidance would be  much more convenient.

For someone with qualifications like Huang Xiaolong, Li Chaosheng was surprised that he chose a place near the edge.

But this was Huang Xiaolong\'s choice, so he did not say anything.

A while later, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin also decided on their cultivation palaces.

In the following three days, Li Chaosheng would bring the four  of them around the Thousand Spirit Mountain during the day, allowing Huang Xiaolong and others to get familiarize with the Thousand Spirit Mountain, while at night, Huang Xiaolong refined the fifty-million-year-old herbs he had received to cultivate.

On the third day, when Li Chaosheng was bringing the four of them to familiarize with the Thousand Spirit Mountain, they saw on the mountain slope a palace with snow drifting down.

Luo Yunjie was astonished, Whose cultivation palace is this! Such a thick yin cold qi!

Li Chaosheng used a peculiar tone saying, This is the Brimming Snow Palace, our Fortune Gate\'s number one genius Li Lu\'s cultivation palace!

Li Lu! Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin quivered with excitement, their gazes turning hot.

Li Lu\'s name had already spread throughout the Fortune Mainland; the three of them, as genius disciples of the top ten islands, knew of her long ago.

Huang Xiaolong too was staring at the Brimming Snow Palace in the distance.

He took a deep breath, inwardly asking, \'Is this your palace\' Would she appear in tomorrow\'s apprenticeship ceremony

Looking at Zhou Xu and others\' expression, Li Chaosheng laughed, saying, Li Lu is our Fortune Gate\'s number one genius, and she is also our number one beauty.

There are many admirers from top to bottom, including our Young Lord and Wang Wei, however, no one has ever seen her laugh before.

Luo Yunjie asked, Is Senior Sister Li Lu as beautiful as rumored

Li Chaosheng teased, Why Are you moved Whether she is as beautiful as rumored, won\'t you know tomorrow when you see her in the apprenticeship ceremony


Night gradually took over the sky.

Huang Xiaolong was sitting inside his Cosmos Palace, thinking of what Li Chaosheng had said during the day about Li Lu.

He wondered what it would be like when he and Li Lu would meet tomorrow during the apprenticeship ceremony.

Since she would be attending, then that Wang Wei would definitely show up as well.

The night sky above the Thousand Spirit Mountain was littered with sparkling stars like an enormous blue sapphire.

Looking at the sky, Huang Xiaolong\'s thoughts wandered off.

When the first light of daybreak appeared, Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin arrived at the Assembly Shrine.

Under Zhu Yi and Golden Brow Ancestor\'s lead, they flew out of the Fortune Divine Kingdom toward the Fortune Mountain Range\'s front hall. 

Before they even arrived, streams of people hurrying up the mountain and covering the land could already be seen.

The Fortune Gate Ancestors accepting new disciples was a large event in the whole Fortune Mainland.

As most of the mainland\'s experts were still in Fortune City, the number of people that came reached a trillion at the very least.

When Zhu Yi\'s group arrived, it immediately attracts the attention of people below, all looked to the air.

Greetings, Fortune Gate Chief and several Ancestors! Immediately, rows of people knelt on the ground, their voices overtaking the sky like a giant tsunami, echoing in the air.

Good! Everyone, rise! Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, and the others laughed happily.

The people below stood up, yet still lowered their bodies, not daring to move much.

Huang Xiaolong and the others descended on the square in front of Fortune Hall.

Only after they entered the hall did the cultivators outside dare to stand up straight.

After entering, Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, Myriad Flames, and others sat at the center of the main hall.

Just as Zhu Yi and all the Ancestors sat down, three people walked into the main hall.

It\'s Senior Brother Wang Wei!

Senior Sister Li Lu!

Young Lord!


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