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Although he didn\'t need some kind of spiritual blood pool to increase his chances of breaking through, it was the goodwill of Blood Knife Ancestor after all, so Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and complied.

It was the middle of the night.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the roof of his Cosmos Palace, facing the wind.

Recalling the way Wang Wei and Zhu Feng looked at him during the day, that murderous look, Huang Xiaolong snorted with disdain.

 Now he understood why Wang Wei was hostile to him; before he entered the Fortune Gate, Wang Wei was a disciple of the Twin Cities Sect!

In the past, he had also gotten first place in the All-Islands Great War.

The Fortune Gate had seven Ancestors, but Wang Wei\'s Master, Blue Empyrean Ancestor wasn\'t currently present at the Fortune Gate.

According to his two Masters, this Blue Empyrean went to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield in search of something.

Next morning, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Assembly Shrine.

When he was passing by the Sans Devil Stele, Huang Xiaolong stopped for a dozen seconds, looking at it.

He decided to come to this stele after he broke through to the Ancient God Realm, to see whether he could refine it or not.

Since this Sans Devil Stele was found by Blue Lion Ancestor two hundred million years ago in a devil land, then it was most likely a Devil World treasure.

Huang Xiaolong who possessed the Archdevil Supreme Godhead might just be able to refine this Sans Devil Stele.

 A while later, Huang Xiaolong reached Blood Knife Ancestor\'s cultivation palace in the Assembly Shrine.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived, Golden Brow Ancestor was also there.

You\'re here.

Come, we\'ll bring you to the Spiritual Blood Pool now. Blood Knife Ancestor wasn\'t one to dally.

Standing up, he and Golden Brow Ancestor led Huang Xiaolong to the Spiritual Blood Pool.

Blood Knife Ancestor\'s cultivation dwelling was quite big, the three of them turned and turned through the corridors for half an hour before reaching a particular palace.

At the top of the palace were three big characters: Spiritual Blood Pool.

The three words contained shockingly sharp knife qi that seemed as if it would fly out and split a person in two.

Blood Knife Ancestor grinned at Huang Xiaolong, How is it Second Master\'s handwriting is not bad, right

And Golden Brow Ancestor chuckled at Huang Xiaolong, saying,No matter who comes, your Second Master will show off these three characters, pausing slightly, he added, But this Spiritual Blood Pool is your Second Master\'s precious treasure.

Before, even when that girl Li Lu wanted to break through to the Ancient God Realm, your Second Master wasn\'t willing to let her cultivate in the Spiritual Blood Pool.

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong thanked Blood Knife Ancestor.

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed happily and waved his hand, saying, It\'s fine, it\'s fine, what can I do since you\'re my disciple With that said, he took a few steps forward.

Blood red light shone from Blood Knife Ancestor\'s palms as the force of darkness shot out, flowing into the doors.

Slowly, the palace doors opened.

A peculiar fragrance floated out from the palace.

Huang Xiaolong entered, following behind Golden Brow and Blood Knife.

In the main hall was a blood pool two hundred meters in diameter, glimmering like rubies.

There wasn\'t a hint of blood in the air, instead, it gave one a pleasant feeling.

Above the blood pool were streams of spiritual energy flowing up without dispersing.

Alright, you can enter the Spiritual Blood Pool now, you can break through to the Ancient God Realm without worry, no one will disturb you here, Blood Knife Ancestor added, How much of the Spiritual Blood Pool\'s energy you can absorb will depend on yourself.

Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a second then said,Second Master… if I absorbed all the spiritual energy in the Spiritual Blood Pool, then...

When Golden Brow and Blood Knife heard that, they both laughed.

Golden Brow Ancestor laughed and said, You kid just concentrate on absorbing this blood pool\'s spiritual energy.

Your Second Master worked hard, collecting countless ancient divine beasts\' blood essence and chaos spiritual herbs to condense the energy within that is enough to support an Ancient God Realm cultivator for ten thousand years, and you wish to absorb all the spiritual energy inside

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed generously If you can absorb all the spiritual energy in the blood pool, Second Master won\'t blame you, I will even reward you heavily!

Huang Xiaolong half-jokingly replied Then I\'m relieved.

This way, he could absorb without worries!

\'Enough for an average Ancient God Realm cultivator to practice for ten thousand years\' Huang Xiaolong inwardly revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

Both Golden Brow and Blood Knife told Huang Xiaolong some things he needs to pay attention to during his breakthrough, then left the spiritual pool, closing the doors to the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace.

The doors would only be opened after Huang Xiaolong broke through to the Ancient God Realm.

After Golden Brow and Blood Knife went out, the inner hall regained its quiet.

Huang Xiaolong stated at the ruby red spiritual blood pool.

He slowly moved towards it, finally sitting cross-legged in the air above the pool.

After contemplating, Huang Xiaolong took out the Ancestral Dragon Fruit.

The moment the Ancestral Dragon Fruit appeared, an ancestral dragon aura spread out.

Fortunately, this place had restrictive formations arranged by Blood Knife, which is why the ancestral dragon aura did not alert anyone.

Although there were many herbs inside his spatial rings that could help him breakthrough, Huang Xiaolong decided 

on the Ancestral Dragon Fruit.

His innate martial spirits were the twin dragons, and his physique was the True Divine Dragon Physique, refining the Ancestral Dragon Fruit to breakthrough would surely have the best effect.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong\'s three supreme godheads began to spin.

Instantly, the dragon qi inside the Ancestral Dragon Fruit started flowing into his body.

Huang Xiaolong\'s body shook all of a sudden.

By this time, Blood Knife and Golden Brow had returned to Blood Knife\'s cultivation palace.

When Blood Knife remembered Huang Xiaolong saying he wanted to refine all the spiritual energy in the spiritual blood pool, ge couldn\'t help feeling amused.

Chuckling, he said to Golden Brow Ancestor, Senior Brother Golden Brow, what do you think, can that kid really swallow all the spiritual energy in the blood pool

Golden Brow laughed, If he could swallow one ten-thousandth of it, that\'s already not bad.

After all, an average Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master cultivating for one month inside the spiritual blood pool could only refine a ten-thousandth.

This was already a high opinion of Huang Xiaolong. 

Blood Knife Ancestor shook his head,In my opinion, he will only be able to refine a twenty-thousandth. 

A few days after Blood Knife Ancestor opened the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace for Huang Xiaolong, the news spread out from the Thousand Spirit Mountain.

Not far from the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace stood an awe-inspiring palace surrounded by towering green trees.

This was Wang Wei\'s cultivation dwelling, the Nine Nether Palace.

Tan Lin and Wang Wei were sitting in the main hall of this Nine Nether Palace.

Senior Brother Wang, I heard that spiritual blood pool can increase one\'s chances of breaking through to the Ancient God Realm. Tan Lin\'s eyes were a little dim, If that Huang Xiaolong breaks through, I\'m afraid his momentum will rise further during the Four Mainland\'s New Disciples Battle!

Wang Wei looked indifferent, You need not worry about this.

After his advancement, he will only be able to reach mid-First Order Ancient God Realm, he\'s far from being on par with that Wangu Ziyi.

Hearing that, Tan Lin\'s expression loosened a little, I didn\'t expect that punk to have also ascended from the lower realm like Senior Sister Li Lu, moreover, Senior Sister Li Lu seems to be… Tan Lin stopped abruptly.

Wang Wei\'s indifferent expression turned frosty, He will never have this chance!


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