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Ouyang Xuguang stood high in the air looking at the Golden Dragon Mountain Range below.

Go, have the Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor and Gate Chief come out here to see me! Tell them they only have five minutes! Ouyang Xuguang coldly ordered an Ouyang Family Grand Elder.

Ouyang Family Grand Elder Ouyang Cheng courteously complied and then flew to the Golden Dragon Gate main building.

Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor Song Chengli and Gate Chief Liu Zhuo, listen up.

Our Ouyang Family Patriarch Ouyang Xuguang is giving you five minutes.

If you don\'t show up and submit to our Ouyang Family within the next five minutes, we will attack! Ouyang Cheng threatened, If we attack, you all will have only one ending— to die miserably with your bodies shattered into pieces! Ouyang Cheng amplified his voice with his godforce and his words thundered to every corner of the Golden Dragon Mountain Range.

People within ten thousand li could hear his voice.

A while later, the sound waves of Ouyang Cheng\'s voice stopped.

Three minutes passed away, but still there wasnt any movement from the Golden Dragon Gate.

Ouyang Xuguang harrumphed coldly at this.

In the blink of an eye, four minutes ticked away.The five minutes\' deadline was seconds away and Ouyang Xuguang was about to give the order to attack; but suddenly, two figures flew out from the Golden Dragon Mountain Range great hall.

Seeing these two people, Ouyang Xuguang sneered and said, Still not stupid!

Ouyang Cheng smiled flatteringly at Ouyang Xuguang.

He said, Who isn\'t afraid of death under the heavens They delayed coming out until the last minute of the deadline; its nothing but just trying to retain some dignity in the eyes of Golden Dragon Gate disciples.

After we take over this Dralion Island, only Green Cloud Island is left in the surrounding sea region! A Ouyang Family Grand Elder Ouyang Xiaoyan stated with a smile.

Patriarch, in truth, now that we have formed an alliance with Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect, we need not fear Huang Xiaolong! Even if we were to attack Green Cloud Island, Huang Xiaolong would not dare to retaliate! Ouyang Cheng persuaded.

That\'s right, I agree with Ouyang Cheng.

We should attack Green Cloud Island after we\'ve dealt with Dralion Island.

If Barbarian God Sect refuses to submit, we\'ll annihilate Barbarian God Sect.

At that time, if Huang Xiaolong requests Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor to deal with us, Zhou Xu and Tan Lin can plead with Sky Sword Ancestor.

Also, Lord Wang Wei and Blue Empyrean Ancestor would not just watch us being attacked from the sidelines.

They will definitely help us! Ouyang Xiaoyan chimed in.

Yeah, Patriarch, there is no reason for us to fear that petty Huang Xiaolong!

Other Ouyang Family Grand Elders also persuaded Ouyang Xuguang, all strongly agreed to attack Green Cloud Island after they were done with Dralion Island\'s matters.

In the last few years, since Ouyang Family had climbed into Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect, other islands\' forces had submitted to them wherever they went.

Forces that refused to submit were all annihilated.

This had subtly boosted the arrogance of these Ouyang Family Grand Elders.

Ouyang Xuguang was about to say something when he saw that Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor Song Chengli and Gate Chief Liu Zhuo had arrived in front of them, therefore he stopped himself from saying it.

Ouyang Xuguang waited for Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo to bow to him, but instead, Song Chengli said, Ouyang Xuguang, our Golden Dragon Gate has formed an alliance with Barbarian God Sect, therefore, we will never submit to Ouyang Family.

I\'d like you all to leave now!

Ouyang Xuguang and all of the Ouyang Family was momentarily dumbfounded.

An alliance with Barbarian God Sect Ouyang Cheng sneered and went on, Song Chengli, don\'t think that bringing out a small Barbarian God Sect as a shield will frighten us.

Let me tell you, even if Huang Xiaolong was here today, you would still die for not submitting to our Ouyang Family, die without a body to be buried!

After we have annihilated Golden Dragon Gate, we\'ll annihilate Barbarian God Sect too! Ouyang Xiaoyan snickered.

Ouyang Xuguang glared at Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo and said, You have the final three minutes to consider, and I hope you will think it through before giving me your answer!

No need to think about it. Liu Zhuo spoke loudly.

I will not submit to Ouyang Family!

Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo flew back to the Golden Dragon Gate great hall.

The sharp gleam in Ouyang Xuguang\'s eyes was akin to the piercing blade as he watched Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo\'s figures.

He ordered icily, Attack! Annihilate Golden Dragon Gate!

Spare no Golden Dragon Gate disciple!

Ouyang Family experts as well as the experts of forces who had submitted to Ouyang Family felt their nerves stretched taut but respectfully complied with Ouyang Xuguang\'s order.

They then flew forward and started attacking Golden Dragon Gate\'s grand defensive formation.

Booming blasts echoed through the Golden Dragon Mountain Range.

Bright lights rippled all over the Golden Dragon Gate as Ouyang Family side\'s experts repeatedly attacked the grand defensive formation.

A while later, Ouyang Xuguang couldn\'t help but feel astonished.

The Golden Dragon Gate\'s grand defensive formation was more powerful than he had estimated.

Forty to fifty Ancient God Realm masters attacked it over thirty times and yet it remained intact!

Use divine artifacts and your most powerful attacks, I want this Golden Dragon Formation to break in the next ten minutes! Ouyang Xuguang shouted coldly.

At Ouyang Xuguang\'s order, Ouyang Cheng, Ouyang Xiaoyan, and the rest took out their divine artifacts and no longer thought of saving their energy.

More and more powerful attacks landed on the Golden Dragon Gate\'s defensive formation.

As soon as these powerful attacks began, the Golden Dragon Formation swayed violently from impact and began to dim.

Inside the Golden Dragon Gate great hall, where Golden Dragon Gate Grand Elders and Elders were supporting the Golden Dragon Formation with their godforce, started looking paler as time prolonged.

A few minutes later, rumble~!

In the next second, the whole Golden Dragon Formation cracked and crumbled like a giant egg.

The whole Golden Dragon Mountain Range quaked endlessly.

All Golden Dragon Gate Grand Elders and Elders supporting the defensive formation were knocked into the air.

Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo tumbled to the ground with blood flowing out from the corners of their mouths.

Despair filled their hearts at this moment. 

Initially, they had thought that the Golden Dragon Formation could hinder Ouyang Family\'s attacks, after Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had strengthened it.

No one had thought Ouyang Family would bring more than forty Ancient God Realm masters that were mostly Fifth Order and Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

From outside the grand formation area, Ouyang Xuguang looked at the shattered Golden Dragon Formation.

He sneered as he looked coldly at Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo.

He raised one arm and waved forward, signalling every one to attack: KILL! Ouyang Xuguang was the first person to rush in and descend at the Golden Dragon Gate main hall.

Ouyang Xuguang strided into the Golden Dragon Gate great hall with his hands clasped behind his back.

Both Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo endured the pain of their injuries and stood up together with Golden Dragon Gate Grand Elders and Elders.

I had said, if you do not submit you all will die without a corpse to be buried! Ouyang Xuguang shook his head and said, Pity that you didn\'t treasure the opportunities that I had given you. With that said, a bright light burst out from his body as he shot forward to kill Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo.

All of a sudden, a large hairy palm extended out from the void and slapped Ouyang Xuguang.

Ouyang Xuguang\'s head jerked upwards in shock and his sight went dark.

Boom! The entire Golden Dragon Gate great hall quaked and Ouyang Xuguang was embedded into the great hall floor.

The group of Golden Dragon Gate higher echelon was dumbfounded, so were the group of Ouyang Family experts that had just walked into the great hall.

Chaos spiritual beast Black Baboon\'s enormous figure gradually appeared in front of everyone.

Then it was Huang Xiaolong, Xie Li, Xie Xuan, and the rest.

Master Ancestor!

Huang Xiaolong!!

Song Chengli, Liu Zhuo, as well as Ouyang Family experts exclaimed almost simultaneously.

Song Chengli and Liu Zhuo were overjoyed and hastened to greet Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and exchanged a few short words.

His attention turned to Ouyang Xuguang on the floor.

A suction force came from Xie Li\'s palm and easily pulled Ouyang Xuguang off the floor.

He then brought Ouyang Xuguang in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Since Huang Xiaolong had the Black Baboon control its strength, Ouyang Xuguang was still alive.

Huang Xiaolong, let go of our Patriarch now!

Let go of our Patriarch!

Ouyang Cheng, and Ouyang Xiaoyan bellowed in anger.

Let go Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

He looked at Ouyang Xuguang in the eyes, slowly speaking each word, Ouyang Xuguang, to tell you the truth, I have killed Ouyang Bin.



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