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The Fortune Gates three disciples were the first ones to draw lots, followed by the Wangu Clan disciples, Dark Elf Tribe disciples, and lastly, the Primal Chaos Mainland disciples.

Huang Xiaolong drew the stick with number three and the other person who held the stick with the same number was Zhou Xu!

Huang Xiaolong was full of smiles as he looked at Zhou Xu, whereas Zhou Xus face turned white and then uglier, as if he had swallowed a fly, looking at the stick in his hand.

On the other hand, the two disciples who drew sticks with number one, were Tan Lin and Wangu Dongchen.

Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, and the others retreated to their respective viewing stage, while Tan Lin and Wangu Dongchen remained on the battle stage.

Back on the Fortune Gates viewing stage, Huang Xiaolong spoke first, “Junior Brother Zhou Xus azure dragon sword qi is very powerful, later on the stage, Junior Brother Zhou Xu please show mercy.”

Please show mercy Zhou Xus face twitched.

Wu Qianer couldnt help but laugh, and a hint of laughter could be seen even in Li Lus eyes.

‘This guy, always makes others laugh.

At this time on the battle stage, Tan Lin and Wangu Dongchens battle had started.

Tan Lin held a green sword in his hand, while in Wangu Dongchens hand was a long blade; sword qi and blade qi criss-crossed across the entire stage area.

But, judging from the situation, Tan Lin had completely fallen downwind.

Everyone could see that Tan Lin was repeatedly getting beaten, and if it wasnt for his slightly higher sword skill and successful cultivation of the fourth level Sky Sword Canon, Tan Lin would have lost by now.

Tan Lins cultivation realm was just at the mid-Third Order Ancient God Realm, whereas Wangu Dongchens cultivation had already reached the peak late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm.

The gap in their strength was too big, not to mention, Wangu Dongchens battle prowess was higher than average among the peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm.

Among all of the participants during this term, Wangu Dongchens strength in itself was sufficient for him to enter the top ten.

As expected, a short time later, Tan Lin stumbled and rolled off the stage, struck by Wangu Dongchens golden qilin flames.

The third rounds second match was between Wangu Ziyi and a disciple from the Dark Elf Mainland.

As soon as they both had gotten up on the stage, the Dark Elf Mainland disciple immediately admitted his defeat.

When it was the third rounds third match between Huang Xiaolong and Zhou Xu, Zhou Xu turned to Sky Sword Ancestor and said, “Master, Huang Xiaolong and I are brothers of the same sect, and it will inevitably hurt our feelings if we fight on the stage.

So, theres no need to battle, I willingly admit defeat.”

Everyone was a little dazed listening to Zhou Xus words.

Huang Xiaolong sneered to himself as he listened to Zhou Xus words.

Zhou Xu was making himself look magnanimous, as if he was someone who treasures the same sect brethren, therefore, he deliberately was making way for Huang Xiaolong to win this match

Sky Sword Ancestor smiled and nodded his head, “Alright.”

Black Ice Ancestor was full of praise for Zhou Xu, “Zhou Xu, this child is not bad.

He is magnanimous, and takes into consideration the bigger picture, unlike a certain selfish disciple that only thinks of himself—this is rare.”

Unlike a certain disciple

A faint furrow appeared between Huang Xiaolongs brows,this Black Ice Ancestor was insinuating that he was selfish, while accusing him of being unwilling to consider the bigger picture as well as lacking love for his sect brethren According to Black Ice Ancestor, he should learn the magnanimity from Zhou Xu by throwing in the towel like Zhou Xu had done, only then would he be considered as caring towards his sect brethren 

Blood Knife Ancestor snorted, “Sect brethren love Consider the bigger picture I dont think so; who doesnt know Xiaolongs strength If they battle, Zhou Xu is going to lose for sure! Now, he doesnt even dare to go up to the battle stage This is throwing our Fortune Gate disciples reputation to the dumps!”

Zhou Xus expression turned ugly, but he did not dare refute Blood Knife Ancestor.

He stood quietly and lowered his head.

Since Zhou Xu first threw in the towel, Huang Xiaolong won the third match.

The subsequent fourth and the fifth matches also ended quickly.

From the Fortune Gate, only Huang Xiaolong entered into the top ten; Wangu Ziyi and Wangu Dongchen from Wangu Clan; and one disciple each from Dark Elf Mainland and Primal Chaos Mainland.

Like before, the five disciples took turns to draw a lot, to determine their opponents.

Huang Xiaolong once again drew the stick that was numbered one, and this time his opponent was Wangu Ziyi!

When Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi saw the numbers in their hands, their eyes met in midair.

Invisible killing intent sparked between them.

The crowd at the square exploded like a ton of lit up explosives at this result.

Since Huang Xiaolong had defeated You Wuxin, he and Wangu Ziyi had naturally became the two most eye-catching genius disciples in this terms Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle. 

“You all say, who will win”

I still think it\'d be Wangu Ziyi.

Although Huang Xiaolong is very strong, he\'s still lacking when compared to Wangu Ziyi.

Wangu Ziyi has successfully cultivated Wangu Clan\'s Universe Crossing Sword Formation!

Universe Crossing Sword Formation! This is a supreme sword formation that a Wangu Clan\'s Ancestor had found from the Buddha World, several hundred million years ago.

This formation consists of nine hundred and ninety-nine sharp swords! One needs powerful soul force to successfully cultivate this technique and also skilled control of the swords, otherwise, how could they control nine hundred ninety-nine swords!

Voices from the crowd rose and fell as everyone talked with their companions.

Although more than a few people thought thatHuang Xiaolong could win this match, the majority leaned on Wangu Ziyis side and was quite firm in believing Wangu Ziyi would win the first place. 

After all, Wangu Ziyis strength was common knowledge amongst these experts.

It was no secret that Wangu Ziyi had broken through to Sixth Order Ancient God Realm by cultivating inside Wangu Clans Godly Qilin Furnace.

Not to forget, Wangu Ziyis Soul Jade Godhead was a high emperor godhead, with a rank of one hundred sixty-eight!

“Even though Huang Xiaolong has the True Dragon Physique, and his Five Elements Godhead was also a high emperor rank godhead, it only ranks four hundred and fifty-eighth!” 

One had a ranked of one hundred and sixty-eight, while the other was four hundred and fifty-eight, and this difference was too great.

As the crowd talked, Wangu Dongchen and the others retreated from the battle stage, leaving only Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi on the battle stage.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs figure on the battle stage, Blood Knife Ancestor suddenly turned to Black Ice Ancestor and said, “Old woman Black Ice, you did say if Huang Xiaolong wins first place, you will request the Sect Chief to increase Xiaolongs benefits.

You havent forgotten about this, right”

Black Ice Ancestor frowned, as she had said that before Huang Xiaolong had fought You Wuxin, but now, she was realizing that Huang Xiaolong was stronger than she had expected.

Rest assured, if Huang Xiaolong really wins first place, I will not renege on my words, Black Ice Ancestor sneered and went on, However, I don\'t think Huang Xiaolong can defeat Wangu Ziyi.

My previous offer still stands, where I will give you four pieces of treasures from my treasury if Huang Xiaolong wins first place; but if Huang Xiaolong loses, you return the Profound Ice Armor to me and I want your spiritual blood pool.

How about it, do you dare to bet with me

Blood Knife Ancestor hesitated.

Though Huang Xiaolong had displayed unexpected strength, he was still a mid-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, like most people, Blood Knife doubted—could Huang Xiaolong defeat Wangu Ziyi 

Right at this time on the stage, Huang Xiaolong said to Wangu Ziyi, “I remember that in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, you had said that if I can take five strikes from you, you would give me all the chaos spiritual liquids that you bought from the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall.”

Wangu Ziyi laughed wantonly at Huang Xiaolongs words and looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he was looking at an idiot, “Huang Xiaolong, I was just joking at that time, you wont be such an idiot as to take it for real, are you I didnt expect youre an idiot to that extent!”

Although he was still confident to defeat Huang Xiaolong, given the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown so far, Wangu Ziyi knew that Huang Xiaolong could definitely take five strikes from him.

Therefore, Wangu Ziyi definitely wont admit what he had said back in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City.

Seeing that Wangu Ziyi had reneged on his promise, a sharp glint flitted across Huang Xiaolongs eyes.


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