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Huang Xiaolong raised his fist for the third time, as he planned to shatter Wangu Ziyis internal organs, but Wangu Clan Patriarch Wangu Rui who had barely spoken suddenly said, “Brat, you should stop before going too far.

Do you know the consequences of doing this” 

The crowd was surprised by Wangu Ruis interference and their attention quickly turned to Huang Xiaolong.

When everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would not dare to attack Wangu Ziyi anymore, Huang Xiaolongs fist punched down without hesitation.

Wangu Ziyis screams once again reverberated in the air.

“Pardon me, I really dont know what these consequences are.” Huang Xiaolong replied indifferently from the stage.

Pardon me, I really dont know what these consequences are…

Everyone in the crowd was flabbergasted staring at Huang Xiaolong.

It had never crossed their minds that Huang Xiaolong could disregard Wangu Ruis words.

Not only Huang Xiaolong attacked Wangu Ziyi, but also threw out a bomb of a sentence.

Wasnt this too reckless!

‘Does Huang Xiaolong think he can disregard Wangu Rui because he has the Fortune Gate backing him, and that Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor are his Masters

Cold gleams flickered across Wangu Ruis eyes at Huang Xiaolongs retort, and a terrifying pressure surged out from his body.

In an instant, the crowd at the square felt as if it was the end of the world; all of them felt Wangu Ruis terrifying killing intent.

Exactly at this time, Golden Brow Ancestor harrumphed coldly.

Radiant golden lights burst out from his body like thousands of golden spheres were exploding at the same time.

Wangu Ruis momentum shattered like layers of ice. 

As Wangu Ruis momentum was shattered, the crowd felt as if they had survived a catastrophe and could breathe again.

“Wangu Rui, are you planning to interfere in the competition” Golden Brow Ancestor went on coldly, “How dare you threaten my disciple, right in front of me My disciple does not need you to teach him how to do things.”

A light flickered in the depths of Wangu Ruis eyes, but his expression remained calm despite the astonishment in his heart. Before Golden Brow had reacted, Wangu Rui had thought that he could deal with Huang Xiaolong.

But this changed when he realized that Golden Brow was stronger than he had estimated.

‘Could it be that Golden Brow has broken through that legendary realm

Wangu Rui merely snorted in response.

Golden Brow Ancestor smiled warmly at Huang Xiaolong, “Truly my disciple.

Dont worry, on the battle stage, you can do as you like, and I want to see who would dare to do anything to you.” His words clearly indicated a certain person.

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed sonorously, “Thats right, f*ck him up, as long as he doesnt die!”

Nevertheless, it was unexpected for the two Ancestors that Huang Xiaolong could defeat Wangu Ziyi.

Both were happy inside, thinking that Huang Xiaolong had almost won the first place in this terms Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle.

Neither of them took to heart the consequences of Huang Xiaolong crippling Wangu Ziyi. 

Hearing Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestors domineering words, a warm feeling filled Huang Xiaolongs heart, but at the same time, there was a wry smile on his face.

Blood Knife Ancestors f*ck him up was vulgar! Too vulgar!

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had no interest tof*ck up Wangu Ziyi.

A while later, a barely breathing Wangu Ziyi was smashed out of the battle stage by Huang Xiaolong.

The crowd could barely recognize Wangu Ziyi in that beaten up condition, as not a single spot on his body was uninjured. 

Huang Xiaolong had never shown mercy to his enemies.

Had his strength been weaker than Wangu Ziyi, the tables would have turned and Huang Xiaolong would have been the one to lose instead.

And Huang Xiaolong knew very well that if that were the case, Wangu Ziyi would have been more cruel in dealing with him. 

The competition rules strictly prohibited the participants from killing each other, and that was the only reason why he spared Wangu Ziyis life.

Huang Xiaolong didnt put too much thought on Wangu Rui and the Wangu Clans revenge for this.

In the lower realm, there had been simply too many enemies who were after Huang Xiaolongs life; whether it was the Deities Templar or the Azure Dragon Institute, or even the Devil Son from the ancient Devil Clan.

But most importantly, did he not survive all of them and arrived at this point based on his own strength

There were already Wangu Clan Grand Elders waiting to catch Wangu Ziyi before he crashed and carried him back to the Wangu Clans viewing stage.

Wangu Rui and several others swiftly helped Wangu Ziyi to heal his injuries.

The killing intent in Wangu Ruis heart soared seeing how serious Wangu Ziyis injuries were, as he tried to heal Wangu Ziyi.

There was almost no chance that Wangu Ziyi could be as good as before even after he was completely healed.

Wang Shi looked on and announced the results with very complicated feelings, as Wangu Rui and other Wangu Clan experts made every effort to heal Wangu Ziyi.

When he announced Huang Xiaolongs victory, the entire square was in a furor.

Huang Xiaolong then collected the golden beads as well as those chaos spiritual liquids from Wang Shi.

Looking at the jade bottles containing the chaos spiritual liquids, he couldnt help smiling.

Now, he only lacked the metal essence chaos spiritual liquid for repairing the Pill Blending Tower.

He would receive these upon the conclusion of the New Disciples Battle.

Huang Xiaolong returned to the Fortune Gates viewing stage without a look at Wangu Ziyi.

Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor and the rest were naturally generous in their praises for Huang Xiaolong, except for Black Ice Ancestor who looked very sullen.

Only she knew what she was pondering about.

Zhou Xu and Tan Lin both didnt dare to look at Huang Xiaolong as he stood beside them.

In truth, their bodies quivered for a second when Huang Xiaolong stood close to them, as if Huang Xiaolong was a ferocious giant beast.

Li Lu flashed Huang Xiaolong a bright smile.

Wu Qianer leaned closer to Li Lu and whispered something into her ear, causing her to blush.

What are you talking about Huang Xiaolong asked curiously.

The redness in Li Lu\'s cheeks deepened at Huang Xiaolong\'s question.

Instead, Wu Qian\'er had an impish smile on her face as she answered, It\'s a secret.

The competition continued.

The last match was Huang Xiaolong against Wangu Dongchen.

However, Wangu Dongchen had already thrown in the towel, even before he went up to the stage but no one was surprised at his action.

With that, the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle came to an end.

Huang Xiaolong won first place!

When Huang Xiaolong went up to take his rewards, the various forces\' experts watched him with envy and jealousy, while some cheered loudly.


The Golden Wheel City.

Inside the sea tribe\'s City Castellan Manor, Guo Gang stared at the subordinate who had just reported to him about the battle with an incredulous expression. 

You just said Wangu Ziyi lost! Lost to Huang Xiaolong On top of that, he was crippled by Huang Xiaolong Guo Gang asked several questions in a row.

Before the competition had begun, Guo Gang had met with Wangu Ziyi for cooperation.

He had told Wangu Ziyi to cripple Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage, while he promised to provide the Wangu Clan with enough golden beads.

He had been waiting for Wangu Ziyi\'s good news at the manor, but who would have thought that this would be the result.

Yes, Young Master. The subordinate honestly reported, “It is said Wangu Ziyi even used the Universe Crossing Sword Formation, and his ancient Crystal Beast Body, yet he was no match for Huang Xiaolong!”

Guo Gang was so furious that he smashed the cup in his hand to the floor, “Fart of a Wangu Clan number one genius disciple, simply a waste, he couldnt even deal with Huang Xiaolong!”

The subordinate quivered in apprehension.

“Huang Xiaolong—consider him lucky this time.

Ill wait and see if hes just as lucky the next time!” Guo Gang sneered.

“Young Master, the City Castellan has cautioned you not to go outside during these few days, since the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony is of utmost importance.” The subordinate carefully reminded Guo Gang.

Guo Gang impatiently waved his subordinate away, “I know, I know, scram!”

The subordinate quickly left in a fluster.

“God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.” Guo Gang was irritated thinking about the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.

By this time, Huang Xiaolong had left the mountain peak following Golden Brow Ancestor and other Ancestors after he received his rewards.

The Fortune Gates group had returned to their residence in the Golden Wheel City.

Experts of various sects gradually dispersed from the square, as the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain peak once again returned to its peacefulness.

No one noticed the elephant carvings on the four sides of the battle stage glimmered in a reddish-golden glow, as if they were coming alive.


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