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Sword lights lit up the valley like fireworks as a powerful blade qi collided with a curtain of sword qi. 

Huang Xiaolong swung out his blade and his attack this time was more powerful than the last.

It descended on Cao Leng like a punishment blade from the heavens, and the sword qi completely enshrouded the entire valley.

The black sword in Cao Lengs hand shot out in a dazzling black light with a flick of his wrist, and flew towards Huang Xiaolong like a vengeful black dragon to block his attack.

Even before Cao Leng had barely parried his second attack, Huang Xiaolong slashed out with his blade for the third time, and the power of this attack was stronger than the previous two attacks.

Cao Leng retreated in a fluster and swerved away like an agile dragon from Huang Xiaolongs path of attack.

In the next second, a thunderous boom shook the valley as a terrifying blade qi left deep cut where Cao Leng had stood, raising a veil of sand in the air.

The ground quaked violently.

There was a blade mark on the ground that was several thousand li long, which opened a deep fissure in the ground.

Although Cao Leng had dodged the third attack, his entire body was throbbing in pain, as Huang Xiaolongs blade qi had scraped him.

Cold sweat dampened his robe as he stared at Huang Xiaolong. 

At this time, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a blur.

He arrived in front of Cao Leng in the blink of an eye, and his blade slashed down for the fourth time.

The fifth slash...

The sixth slash...

In a breaths time, Huang Xiaolong had attacked more than a dozen times.

The little cow spectated from a distance, since Huang Xiaolong hadnt instructed her to join him in the battle.

Cao Leng dodged repeatedly and miserably under Huang Xiaolongs consecutive attacks.

There were already holes and cracks in Cao Lengs ink-black armor from Huang Xiaolongs attacks, and it was stained red with the blood flowing out of his body.

Even though Cao Lengs vital points werent injured, Huang Xiaolongs frigid qi was wreaking havoc inside his body, doubling his pain.

Huang Xiaolong stopped after a dozen of attacks.

You—your strength, isn\'t it at the late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm! Cao Leng shouted.

His face warped, but it didnt conceal the disbelief in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong\'s cultivation was not at the late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm as Wang Wei had mentioned, but it was actually at the peak of early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm!

Moreover, how could a peak early Sixth Order Ancient God Realms battle prowess be this terrifying! Not to mention, even though Cao Leng was an early Ninth Order Ancient God Realm master, how was he still unable to withstand a peak early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm cultivators attacks

“Wang Wei was the one who told you that my strength is at late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm” Huang Xiaolong sneered, full of ridicule.

In truth, it was hard to blame Wang Wei for assuming Huang Xiaolong was just a late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm.

After all, it had only been three to four years since the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle had ended.

In fact, if compared to an average cultivator, it was an overestimation by Wang Wei that Huang Xiaolong could breakthrough to late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm in such a short time.

The moment Huang Xiaolongs voice fell, Cao Leng snorted coldly.

He lunged thrusting his sword towards Huang Xiaolong, like a dragon diving in deep waters.

Cao Lengs black sword emitted a noble black light, which multiplied into numerous black sword lights entrapping Huang Xiaolong from all corners. 

This was his most powerful attack called Roaming Dragon Sword.

Wherever the roaming dragon would pass through, all creatures would surrender!

However, just as he had thought the numerous roaming dragon sword lights would tear through Huang Xiaolongs body to pieces, a blood-red blade light cut through the air.

The world lost all of its colors in an instant, except the overbearing blood-red blade light.

The blood-red blade light enlarged in Cao Lengs eyes and drowned out everything that he could see.

Then, the blood-red blade light subsequently dissipated all of a sudden, and the sword qi and blood-colored light seemingly vanished into the void.

Cao Leng felt a piercing pain in his forehead, something ran down from his forehead and obstructed his sight.

He wanted to raise his hand to wipe away the thing obstructing his sight, only to find that both of his arms were stiff.

He finally realized what impeded his sight.

It was blood! His blood!

There was a vertical blade mark that had cut from Cao Lengs forehead to his throat.

He tumbled to the ground without another sound. 

Huang Xiaolong put the Three Kings Blade away into his spatial ring.

That last attack just now was one of the moves from Blood Knife Ancestors Blood Knife Technique. 

He came to Cao Lengs side and watched him breath feebly, as if he would die at any moment.

Huang Xiaolong still wanted to search through Cao Lengs memories, hence he had held back some power in the last attack.

A suction force from his palm pulled Cao Leng up from the ground, and he began going through Cao Lengs memories.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong was done with Cao Leng.

He flicked a wisp of azure dragon divine fire onto Cao Lengs body and incinerated him completely.

Huang Xiaolong then collected Cao Lengs spatial ring, as well as the Poisonous Scorpion Sect disciples and the Golden Lightning Cult disciples\' spatial rings.

He roughly checked the contents inside them and then disappeared from the valley in a flicker, together with the little cow.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had planned to rest on this planet for a night, but now, it was a better option for them to continue travelling towards the Void Sky World.

It goes without saying that one should not linger around after what had just happened. 

Huang Xiaolong felt calmer after leaving the planet.

He took out Cao Lengs spatial ring, and a smile spread over his face as he looked at the Enigmatic Yang Thistle inside the spatial ring.

Now, he only needed to find the Deep Sea Crystal.

Once he finds the Deep Sea Crystal, he would be able to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill to resolve the Heart Devil Blood Curse in Yao Chis body. 

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow arrived at another uninhabited planet.

Cao Leng had recognized him because of his original features, hence, this time, Huang Xiaolong completely altered his appearance to a burly middle-aged man.

Even if Wang Wei wouldnt recognize him in this disguise.

From Cao Lengs memories, there were actually more than thirty Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples who served Wang Wei! And all of them were high-level Ancient God Realm masters!

A few of these disciples cultivation was at mid-Tenth and late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm!

He had also learned from Cao Lengs memories that Wang Wei not only had disciples serving him in the Void Sky World, but also in the other neighboring world surfaces; a few of them were Elders of the super forces.

These Elders of the super forces were all Ancestor God Realm masters.

Even if they were low-level Ancestor God Realm masters, this showed the startling power Wang Wei held in his hand outside of Fortune Gate.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered the more he thought about Wang Weis forces.

‘It seems like I underestimated Wang Wei.

If Wang Wei has hidden so deep, then what about his Master Blue Empyrean 

Ever since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Fortune Gate, he had never seen Blue Empyrean Ancestor.

According to Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, Blue Empyrean was extremely low-key and mysterious.

Although Golden Brow Ancestor was the strongest amongst the seven Fortune Gate Ancestors, Blue Empyrean ranked second, in truth, even Golden Brow Ancestor didnt know Blue Empyrean Ancestors real strength.


Half a month went by.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow stopped flying in the vast space as they looked at the enormous world surface emitting a soft yellow glow in front of them.

After almost four months of flying in space, the Void Sky World was finally in sight! 

The two flew towards the Void Sky World after a brief stop.

Roughly, a month later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow appeared on the Void Sky Worlds Void Sky Mainland.

There were over twenty mainlands in the Void Sky World.

Each of these mainlands were bigger than the Fortune Mainland, and the Void Sky Mainland was the biggest.

It was located at the center of the Void Sky World.

The transmission array to transfer Huang Xiaolong and the little cow to the Clear Spirit World was located in the Void Sky City on Void Sky Mainland.

The Void Sky City was also the most powerful city on Void Sky World!

It was ten days later when Huang Xiaolong and the little cow arrived at the Void Sky City.


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