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Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but sigh in amazement as he looked at the enormous city in front of him.

There were rows of pedestrians, mounts, and carriages coming in and out through the city gates.

People were clad in various styles of attire, colors, and emblems.

Huang Xiaolong even spotted a few rare divine beasts.

‘Nine-headed Earth Dragon!

‘Poison Spike Beast!

‘Firecloud Lion!

‘Great Wings Golden Peng! 

Huang Xiaolong inwardly cried out the names of the divine beasts that were passing next to him.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong turned to the little cow and said, “Xiaoniū, I remember you had said that you want to build a great divine beast army.

When can your great divine beast army have more than four divine beasts ah” 

Currently, the little cows great divine beast army only had the Black Baboon and the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast in it.

The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was killed after it was taken to Ouyang Yunfei.

The little cow was a little embarrassed hearing his question, but answered, “Very soon.

Once I breakthrough to the Ancestor God Realm, Ill go to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefields Divine Beast Mainland.

There are more divine beasts there than you can ever imagine.”

Huang Xiaolong slapped the little cows head, “Then, lets talk about this again after you breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm.”

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to enter the city on the little cow, along with the flow of people entering the city, suddenly, there was a loud commotion behind them and the crowd opened a wide berth in the middle.

A moment later, a group of people galloped towards the gate riding on mounts that resembled war horses.

Each of these mounts had a venomous fiery red horn on their foreheads and were several times taller than the common war horses.

Flames danced in their eyes and on their four legs, thus, leaving sooty hoof prints on the street as they galloped away.

The streets shook under everyones feet as the group passed through the city gates.

“Its the Golden Phoenix Pavillions disciples!”

The crowd exclaimed and moved further away from the group.

As these Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciples galloped through the crowd and entered the Void Sky City, none of the city guards dared to stop them nor admonish them.

“That group is the latest batch of new disciples accepted by the Golden Phoenix Pavilion.”

“Its them.

I recognize that young man in front of the group, an outstanding genius who was accepted by the Golden Phoenix Pavilion a few years ago.

It is said that his talent is higher than you can imagine, therefore, he is hailed as the Golden Phoenix Pavilions greatest genius disciple in ten million years! Hes called Li Zhi.

I have heard that he has the Hundred Bones Godhead.

It is a top emperor rank godhead that is ranked one hundred sixty-first.

On top of that, his body is also a unique physique!”

“Hes Li Zhi! I have heard rumors that even though he has been cultivating for less than three hundred years, he is already a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm master!”

“Scary! Scary! I think theres only a handful of geniuses from the neighboring world surfaces who can be compared to Li Zhis talent!”

Everyone talked excitedly as they tried to catch a glimpse of this Golden Phoenix Pavilions young disciple, named Li Zhi.

There were a dozen super forces in Void Sky World, and amongst them, the Golden Phoenix Pavilion definitely ranked in the top three.

In the eyes of most cultivators, being able to become a Golden Phoenix Pavilion disciple was nothing short of ascending to the sky in a single leap. 

Huang Xiaolong looked at this young man as the surrounding conversations fell upon his ears.

‘Li Zhi

Even though he merely got a glimpse of Li Zhis face, he could see that Li Zhi had extremely large ears.

It looked like Li Zhis unique physique was related to his ears.

The Hundred Bones Godhead with a ranked of one hundred and sixty-one

Indeed, Li Zhis talent was slightly higher than Wangu Ziyi as Wangu Ziyis Soul Jade Godhead was one hundred and sixty-eighth in the rankings.

Even though there was a difference of only seven places in their ranks, these differences would become increasingly obvious as their cultivation would improve.

Among tens of thousands of godheads, there was a large difference between a higher and a lower ranked godheads.

At the end of the day, Li Zhi was nothing more than a passing thought for Huang Xiaolong.

Shortly after, Huang Xiaolong paid a total of twenty thousand shenbi for himself and the little cow to enter the Void Sky City.

The streets of the Void Sky City were more prosperous and bustling than Huang Xiaolong had imagined.

As the Void Sky World was the only world surface with a long-distance transmission array, it had became the hub for the neighboring world surfaces.

This was evident from the various sects branches and shopfronts.

As the number one city in the Void Sky World, the Void Sky City had more shops and sects branches than any other cities, and one could buy chaos spiritual liquids that couldnt be bought on other world surfaces.

There was even a possibility that one could buy chaos spiritual artifacts here.

Since Huang Xiaolong was not in a hurry to rush to the Clear Spirit World right at the moment, he and the little cow strolled around the city, mostly looking at shops selling herbs.

As he had found the Enigmatic Yang Thistle not long ago, there was still one ingredient missing, which he needed for refining Yao Chis Reverse Incarnation Pill—the Deep Sea Crystal.

Maybe, he could find it here in the Void Sky City.

Still, Huang Xiaolong ended up disappointed.

After a days effort and more than a dozen shops later, he did not find the Deep Sea Crystal.

But he did come across some chaos spiritual liquids in these shops.

The sky gradually darkened as Huang Xiaolong went through the shops.

He found a satisfactory courtyard and rented it for several days.

He decided to stay there for a few days to see if he could find the Deep Sea Crystal.

After settling down the matter of their accommodation, Huang Xiaolong rode on the little cow to the Void Sky Citys famous Imagine Paradise Restaurant. 

The Imagine Paradise Restaurant was located at the center of the city, close to where Huang Xiaolong was staying.

He easily got the directions to the restaurant after asking a few people.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the Imagine Paradise Restaurant, its dozen meters wide entrance was crowded with a large number of people coming and leaving.

As it was night time, the restaurant was brightly lit up with spirit stones and looking splendorous.

The little cow was seen as a pet, hence she was not allowed inside the restaurant.

She had to part with Huang Xiaolong at the entrance and go to the mounts resting place.

Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders helplessly despite the little cows objections.

This was the restaurants rules after all. 

Thus, Huang Xiaolong entered the restaurant alone.

The restaurant\'s spacious ground floor was about five to six thousand square feet.

The few thousand tables were fully occupied by patrons, therefore Huang Xiaolong could only go to the first floor.

The Imagine Paradise Restaurant consisted of three floors, and here the decorations were similar to the ground floor, only more spacious.

Even so, almost ninety percent of the seats on the first floor was full.

Huang Xiaolong managed to find an empty table at a corner and sat down.

A waiter soon approached to take his order.

He ordered several small dishes and a jug of the famous Imagine Paradise Wine. 

This meal cost him half a million shenbi.

He hadn\'t dared to imagine spending this much amount of money, just on one meal,when he had just ascended to the Divine World.

Then again, these dishes were made from rare spiritual beasts meat such as the nine-tailed cats meat, golden tigers penis, giant-eyed lions paw, and so on; it was definitely worth spending this much amount on them. 

The waiter soon brought Huang Xiaolongs order of several small dishes and wine.

Huang Xiaolong tipped the waiter with a grade four divine stone.

The waiter thanked him enthusiastically.

Huang Xiaolong poured himself a cup of wine and slowly sipped it after the waiter had left.

At this moment, a group came up to the first floor.

Huang Xiaolong unintentionally glanced at this group.

His fingers tightened around his cup when he spotted someone in this group— it was Wang Yu! Wang Yu, the Fortune Gate Chief from the lower realm!

All these years in the Divine World, he had been looking for Wang Yu and Sun Yis whereabouts, without any success.

But now, he actually ran into Wang Yu in this place, unexpectedly!

There were about twenty people in Wang Yus group, and all of them were clad in Fortune Gates disciple robes, but these robes were slightly different from the Vientiane World Fortune Gates disciple robes.

Upon close observation, Huang Xiaolong realized that these disciples robes were from another Fortune Gate branch.


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