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‘Is that fat kid the Ancient Dragon Clans disciple!

‘But, a blue dragon

Huang Xiaolongs form of primordial divine blue dragon amazed Lin Bi.

“So what if youre the Ancestral Dragons descendent Today, youre bound to die!” Now, Lin Bi was even more resolute to kill Huang Xiaolong and the little cow, regardless of everything.

He turned into a streak of sword light and chased up once again.

It didnt take long for him to close in on Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

“The Sword of Judgement!”

Lin Bis raised his hand, and the long sword rotated rapidly and thrusted out.

Two terrifying cross-sword lights were formed in midair that whistled straight at Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

As the cross-sword lights traveled ahead, all the corrosive devil qi in its path was swept away.

The mountain peaks within the range of the crossed-sword lights were cut off.

Rocks and sand slid down,leaving cross-sword marks on their surfaces.

Seeing another sword attack coming at him, Huang Xiaolong roared, his three supreme godheads spun to their limits in a burst of godforce as his dragon claw slammed down.

In a brief instant, his palms had struck out ten thousand times.

Each palm strike shattered the surrounding space.

At the same time, the little cow looked over her shoulder to let out a resounding moo.

The ancient lightning character in the middle of her forehead expanded as it flew out to attack Lin Bi.

Wherever the ancient lightning character swept through, lightning roiled as if all of heaven and earths lightning force had gathered on that ancient lightning character.

Lin Bi was taken aback, never had he imagined that a small Ancient God Realm beast like the little cow would dare to attack him—attack him! 

Lin Bi snorted with disdain.

Although the ancient lightning characters lightning force was alarming, Lin Bi was not fazed by it.

His slashed out with his long sword, and sent out a streak of sword light.

“The Sword of Slalom!” The sword light slalomed in and out, drawing a sphere in the air. 

The ancient lightning character was about to collide with the sword light sphere.

Lin Bi was astounded seeing what happened next.

The ancient lightning character actually turned into lightning liquid, and his sword attack passed through it without harming it, while the lightning liquid continued its attack and progressed in his direction. 


Lin Bis right palm suddenly enlarged and pressed down on the ancient lightning character across the void.

Instantly, the lightning force gathering around the ancient lightning character became distorted.

This was the power of space manipulation of an Ancestor God Realm master. 

Only cultivators who had broken through to Ancestor God Realm master level could truly manipulate the Divine Worlds space.

Finally, the ancient lightning character got pinned in midair under the constant space suppression, then it dimmed and disappeared.

Lin Bi sighed in relief.

The little cow and Huang Xiaolong had seized this time to bolt.

“Damn!” Lin Bi swore under his breath.

‘He who was an Ancestor God Realm master, had to attack repeatedly, but despite his attacks he was unable to kill these two measly Ancient God Realm fleas.

If this matter were to leak out, his reputation would go down the drain. 

He turned into a streak of sword light once more, and continued hounding Huang Xiaolong and the little cow and with one Great Space Teleportation.

The little cow was completely annoyed as she sensed that the Short Blade Gates Ancestor God Realm master was once again on their heels, “His mothers granny, therell be a day, this cows gonna annihilate that Short Blade Gate!” 

During her most glorious days, even her sidekick, and her sidekicks younger sidekick and this younger side kicks younger sidekick—literally anyone of them could easily pinch an Ancestor God Realm to death.

Since when did she get chased so badly by an Ancestor God Realm! If her sidekick, and her sidekicks younger sidekick, and this younger sidekicks younger sidekick were to hear of this, where would she hide her cow-face

“Xiaolong, you leave first!” The little cow looked over at Huang Xiaolong, and added, “If this goes on, none of us will be able to leave safely! Ill keep this goose back!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “No!” His tone was firm and adamant.

If the little cow stays behind, she would die for sure.

There was a slim hope if the two of them were together, even if that slim hope was very vague and uncertain.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong felt pangs of regret drumming inside his heart.

He should have stopped collecting the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks when the Short Blade Gate and Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples had appeared, but he had been too greedy.

“Fine, then the two of us will kick this gooses ass!” The little cow suddenly laughed loudly.

Huang Xiaolong also laughed.

They would be thanking the heavens if they could survive this ordeal, yet this little cow wants to kill that goose Then again, the little cow was staying true to her nature, even at a time like this.

Her words were still that domineering.

Dazzling purple lightning bursts out from the little cows body, and spheres of lightning gathered above her head. 

Huang Xiaolong was astounded, since he hadn\'t expect the little cow to actually fight to the death with the other side...

Huang Xiaolongs desire for battle soared high after seeing the little cows determination to fight.

His three supreme godheads spun at their fastest speed and each of them started emitting a radiant light.

At the same time, he also began circulating the four divine fires and the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell.

Chaos spiritual energy rushed out from the void like a waterfall, accompanied by soft moon essence energy.

Lin Bis heart was filled with ridicule when he sensed that Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had stopped running and were actually preparing to fight with him.

But his face tightened slightly when he saw the numerous lightning spheres above the little cow, and the rolling chaos spiritual energy as well as the moon essence energy above Huang Xiaolongs head.

“This is...!” He exclaimed in amazement.

The purple lightning spheres above the little cows head, and the gray chaos spiritual energy that was glimmering with golden speckles, actually gave him a sense of danger!

Two Ancient God Realms actually gave him a sense of danger Even though Lin Bi found it hard to believe, his expression gradually turned solemn.

Lin Bis godhead spun sending godforce through his body.

The long sword in his hand hummed, and in the next second, his long sword slashed down on Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

This slash had no fancy moves, but only pure power that was sent cutting down towards Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

By this point, the purple lightning spheres above the little cow had covered several thousand li radius.

With a bellow, the little cows purple lightning spheres rushed towards Lin Bis sword attack.

Simultaneously, Huang Xiaolongs dragon claws that were empowered by chaos spiritual energy and moon essence energy reached out to clutch Lin Bi in their tight grip.


Thee of their attacks collided together, making the earth below them quake and the space around them to warp.

This impact was too great, and due to it cracks began to appear in the space around all three of them, making them twisting out of shape.

All of the corrosive devil qi was also swept away due to this impact.

Magic trees that had grown for tens of thousands of years were pulverized into dust by the aftershock.

Mountains were lifted into the air, and then crashed to the ground.

Rocks, boulders, stones, and dust flew everywhere into the air.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cows bodies suddenly quivered as they were knocked backwards, and blood spluttered out from their mouths. 

Huang Xiaolongs consciousness began to wane, as if the world was getting further away from him.

‘Am I dying This was Huang Xiaolongs last thought as he fell into the sea with a splash.

The icy water sucking him down.

Lin Bi was also pushed back several steps from the impact, while his Short Blade Gates Elders robe was torn in several places and his hair was dishevelled.

Lin Bi was angry seeing the sorry state that he was in. He was rendered this miserable by two Ancient God Realm!


He looked in the direction where Huang Xiaolong and the little cow had fallen into the blood-red sea below.

Lin Bi took a step forward and arrived at the spot above the blood-red sea where the two had fallen, but when he tried to search for them with his divine sense, he realized that their auras had disappeared completely!


Lin Bi refused to accept this result.

Suddenly, his eyes shone brightly as two rays of sword lights shot out from his eyes and penetrated the waters of the blood-red sea below.

Unfortunately, he still couldnt discover any signs of Huang Xiaolong or the little cow.

Finally, Lin Bi entered the blood-red sea in a flicker, as he simply couldnt accept the result.

In the waters, Lin Bi glanced around.

Everywhere he saw there was only blood-red colored water, other than that, there was nothing—simply nothing, not even a single sign of the two ancient god realms that had just fallen into the waters.

He continued down towards the seabed, when all of a sudden, a sense of danger hit him...


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