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Although, the residence that Huang Xiaolong had bought at Void Sky City was secluded, it cost him two trillion shenbi.

Then again, at this time two trillion wasn\'t much for him.

On top of that, the residence was quite big.

Only the building materials were not very good, for example, the garden\'s fake mountain was made from the common fire spirit stones, and the water in the pond was also the common cold spiritual water.

But these weren\'t a concern for Huang Xiaolong.

After all, he had planned to stay there only for a short period of time to refine the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruits to enhance his strength.

Huang Xiaolong and the others arranged many layers of defensive and attack formations around the residence.

He then entered into a room and took out a Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit.

Huang Xiaolong sat down cross-legged on the floor as he Looked at the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit shining with resplendent lights.

He circulated his godforce according to the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

In an instant, seven-colored lights rushed out from the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit.

Metal element energy and devil qi was the most prominent energies from the fruit.

Other than the two, there were also traces of earth, wind, water, fire, wood, and lightning element energy.

If others were to refine these Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruits, they would have managed to refine only one of the energies within it , while the rest would have been wasted, including the dominant metal element and devil qi.

But Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads contained a myriad of elements.

Therefore, he would be able to absorb all of the energy within the fruit.

Seven colors of different elements energies rushed like waves into his body, as his three supreme godheads began to spin.

Simultaneously, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell started emitting silvery moon essence, while purple grandmist aura flowed out from the purple grandmist aura dragon.

When he had first obtained the purple grandmist aura dragon, it had been ten thousand zhang long, but as he had continued refining it through the years, only a thousand zhang of the purple grandmist aura dragon left.

The days turned into weeks.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit, he could distinctly feel his strength rising.

He noticed the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit not only could raise ones strength, but it also could strengthen ones soul and godheads defense.

This was an unexpected pleasant surprise for Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, these results were not as surprising either, since the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit was ranked eighth among the top ten wonder fruits between heaven and earth.

One month went by, when these seven-colored lights gradually dimmed.

Two months passed, and the lights vanished completely, as the energy within the fruit was emptied.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and checked internally with his divine sense, but the results brought a wry smile on his face.

Even though he had refined the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit, his cultivation had merely rise only from mid-Sixth Order to close to peak mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm; not even to the peak of mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

More or less, this was the Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit\'s effect for Huang Xiaolong.

Some other mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator might have advanced to peak late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm, perhaps even to the Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

But this was irrelevant for Huang Xiaolong. 

Nonetheless, Huang Xiaolongs soul was now twice as strong, and his three supreme godheads\' defenses were a lot stronger as well.

Huang Xiaolong continued adjusting his breathing for a while, then took out the second Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit.

He started running the Grandmist Parasitic Medium once more. 

Two months later, as Huang Xiaolong finished refining his second Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit, his cultivation had reached the peak mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently took out the third fruit… 

Then the fourth fruit...

As Huang Xiaolong\'s strength rose, his refining speed also increased with it, and in another half a month, he was already able refined his fifth Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit.

By the fifth fruit, Huang Xiaolong had broken through to late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied by the fact that even though he had refined ten Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruits, his cultivation was stuck at the peak late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

Come what may, he was unable to breakthrough to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong stopped cultivating and stepped out from his room.

He had spent half a year in seclusion.

Now, there was only a little over two years of time left until the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.

Huang Xiaolong did not wish to delay the journey to the Clear Spirit World any longer.

Moreover, since more than a year had passed, he was certain that the Void Sky City\'s transmission array would have been repaired by then.

Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his room, and coincidentally, so did the little Cow from her room.

She was looking spirited as purple lightning sparked around her.

Her aura was completely different compared to a year ago, and it seemed like her overall strength had risen significantly in this one year and a half.

Master. The little cow\'s tail was swinging cheerfully as she approached Huang Xiaolong.

Somehow, the rate at which the little cow was swinging her tail depressed him.

But he could tell that she was in a good mood.

She called him Master only when she was in a good mood.

At other times, the little cow simply called him Xiaolong.

Where\'s Baisheng We\'re leaving the Void Sky City soon. Huang Xiaolong said.

At his question, the little cow turned towards Xu Baishengs room and called out, “Little kid Sheng.”

‘Little kid Sheng! Huang Xiaolong was utterly speechlessness.

At this time, a black whirlwind flashed out from a room.

In the next second, the void devil beast appeared in front of them.

“Master, Senior,” Xu Baisheng respectfully greeted Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

“Pack up, well leave Void Sky City in a bit.” The little cow said.

“Where are we going” Xu Baisheng blurted out.

“Why so much nonsense!” The little cow widened her eyes and glared at Xu Baisheng.

Xu Baisheng shivered down to his tail.

Later, the three stepped out from the residence after packing up slightly and headed to the Void Sky Citys transmission array.

On the way to the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong came across experts from various sects hurrying with an air of extreme urgency.

Even though the Devil Prison Mountain had appeared for more than a years time now, experts were still gathering at the Void Sky City.

All of them were aiming for the Devil Prison Mountain.

“Ive heard that the Golden Phoenix Pavilions Head had entered the Devil Prison Mountain and he was able to find a top chaos grade spiritual artifact!””

“What does a top chaos grade spiritual artifact count for I have heard the Yama Gates Gate Chief was able to find a top chaos spiritual artifact, thats almost a grandmist spiritual artifact!”

“Also, the Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and Short Blade Gates disciples have found a loadful of Eidolon Crystalline Rocks!”

“Eidolon Crystalline Rocks What are those”

“Im not very clear about it, but it seems like they are a great treasure.

When those Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and Short Blade Gates disciples brought the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks back to their sects, they were heavily rewarded by their Chiefs!”

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Xu Baisheng heard conversations from the Experts who were passing by in a hurry.

The void devil beast Xu Baisheng snorted disdainfully, “Those are merely chaos spiritual artifacts.”

“Are you implying that there is a grandmist spiritual artifact in the Devil Prison Mountain” Huang Xiaolong immediately caught on to Xu Baishengs remark.

“That is true, Master.

In the depths of the Devil Prison Mountain, there is a battle robe called Yellow Springs [1] Magic Robe.

Although I dont know the actual grade of this Yellow Springs Magic Robe, I am certain that it is at least a low grandmist grade spiritual artifact.” Xu Baisheng added, “This robe was refined by the Yellow Springs Archdevil.” 

Yellow Springs Archdevil The little cow repeated in surprise.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong asked, Who is the Yellow Springs Archdevil

The last Archdevil Lord Nie Wutian had twelve Archdevil subordinates, and all of them were peerless devil masters.

The the Yellow Spring Archdevil was one of them.

Furthermore, in terms of strength, the Yellow Springs Archdevil was definitely in the top three! The little cow explained.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned, as he had never expected there to be a connection between the Devil Prison Mountain and the Archdevil Lord\'s subordinate, Yellow Springs Archdevil.

‘In other words, this Devil Prison Mountain did not come from the Divine World, right 

[1] Huangquan (黃泉) Yellow Springs, called yomi in Japanese, is an alternative for Hell in Chinese.


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