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Xiao Zhangyu did not answer Xiao Teng.

He sneered while staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolongs group, and finally fell for Feng Ers alluring face.

Even he couldnt help but appreciate Feng Ers beauty.

But he knew that this woman was extremely loyal and faithful to the Ghost Manor Lord, and she was absolutely not someone he could tame.

He felt a pity in his heart, as the only option for her was to die there.

A murderous light glinted in the depths of Xiao Zhangyus eyes.

In truth, the moment he had seen Huang Xiaolong after arriving at the Xiao Tengs Manor, he had used a secret method to summon all of the Xiao Familys Elders as well as the Grand Elders that was in Xiao City.

He only needed to wait for a few minutes for them to arrive.

At that moment, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to escape Xiao City! 

While Xiao Zhangyu was thinking of all these things, Huang Xiaolong suddenly attacked with a punch.

But his target was the disciple standing behind Xiao Teng!

Xiao Tengs disciple exploded to his death even before he realized that he was being attacked.

A mist of blood splattered everywhere.

“You—!” Xiao Teng was red from fury.

But, before he could say another word, a black claw appeared in his direct line of sight.

At the other end of this black claw was the void devil beast Xu Baishengs sinister smiling eyes.

In a split second, Xiao Teng was knocked into the air as the black claw struck him.

His body jerked and twitched as he crashed to the ground, feeling a pain that reached his soul.


‘An extremely terrifying poison! This was his last thought.

The experts all around saw Xiao Teng twitched and convulsed on the ground with wisps of black smoke curling out from his body.

On top of that, his flesh was rotting and deflating rapidly. 

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Teng was turned into nothing more than a dry corpse that was emitting a stench.

Everyone in the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air, as they looked at the void devil beast Xu Baisheng in horror.

Even Xiao Zhangyu, and Chang Fang felt numbing coldness in their limbs, after seeing the effects of the void devil beast Xu Baishengs poison.

Even though Xiao Teng was just a First Order Ancestor God Realm, nonetheless he was still an Ancestor God Realm to have been killed by a mere claw strike!

More accurately, died from a poisoned claw strike!

One could hardly imagine how terrifying void devil beast Xu Baishengs corrosive devil poison was. 

As Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang came to their senses, their first thought was—run! But before they could run, it was already too late.

The space around them froze and they were helplessly locked inside of this space.

A suction force from Gui Yi and Gui Ers palms pulled Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang towards them.

Each holding one young lord like they were pinching a pup by its neck.

Huang Xiaolongs attention was not at all on them; instead, he went to Xiao Tengs corpse, and collected his spatial ring.

He opened the spatial rings restrictions and looked inside; there were various precious items including mountain high herb elixirs, spirit stones, spirit fruits, divine pellets, and three palm-sized resplendent stones.

Chaos five-colored heaven refining stones!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up seeing these three chaos five-colored heaven refining stones.

As he had guessed, Xiao Teng carried them with him at all times.

Now, the final material he needed to repair the Pill Blending Tower was complete.

Inwardly, Huang Xiaolong sighed in relief.

Just then, sounds of whistling winds came from all four corners of Xiao City.

Xiao Familys Elders and Grand Elders had arrived to the scene.

However, no trace of panic could be seen on Huang Xiaolongs face as he put Xiao Tengs spatial ring into his own.

“Bring them both, were leaving!” Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the little cows back and sped off in a streak of light.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and others followed.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had reservations about killing Xiao Teng, but now, with Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang as his hostages, he would be able to leave.

He also wanted to see if the Xiao Family would give up on Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang just to kill him.

“You want to leave so easily after killing someone Stay back!” A voice reverberated in the air with a soul jarring power.

It was then followed by a sharp and fierce sword qi that flew flew across the air, straight at Huang Xiaolongs back.

This Elder had been closest to the Meteoric Soar Manor.

Moreover, he was a peak late-Third Order Ancestor God Realm master, just half a step from advancing to Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm!

As the sword qi was inches from splitting Huang Xiaolong into two halves, Feng Ers slender hand reached out and held the sword qi in her hand.

With that, she casually flicked her wrist and threw it back at the Elder with a much faster speed and greater power.

A soft humming filled the air and was soon drowned by a piercing scream from the Xiao Familys Elder.

At this point, no one could tell if he was still alive or dead, but Huang Xiaolongs group did not stop for a second.

A while later, more Xiao Familys Elders arrived and tried to block Huang Xiaolong from leaving, but all of them ended up like the first Elder who had tried to stop them.

One after another piercing screams filled the air as Feng Er deflected each of the Elders attacks back at them, with a casual flick of her slender wrist.

As Huang Xiaolongs group got further away, a thunderous bellow of fury shook Xiao City.

In the next second, a giant palm locked down on them as if the sky had darkened above them.

The power of this palm was many times stronger than any other attacks from the Xiao Familys Elders.

It was a Xiao Familys Grand Elder! A mid-level Ancestor God Realm master! Not a mere Fourth Order, but likely to be a Sixth Order, even late-Sixth Order Ancestor God Realm!”

But Feng Er merely tapped the air with her finger, and a finger force shot out like a tsunami, exploding into numerous bright and dazzling stars that pierced a hole through the giant palm that was attacking them.

The hole grew bigger as explosions continued, and light shone through it.

However, the power of Feng Ers finger force continued to blast a hole in the void, and soon a screaming figure plummeted down.

Clearly, this was the Xiao Familys Grand Elder who had attacked them just now.

Feng Er was calm and relaxed the whole time.

Every moment of hers was elegant, even when she was attacking.

She was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong was a little skeptical when Master Gui Yue had told him that Feng Er was almost as strong as Xiao Familys Ancestor.

Now, it was proven to be true.

Huang Xiaolongs group continued flying fast and the city gates was already in sight, when the atmosphere changed suddenly.

The clouds roiled, and strong wind blew as a glaring golden light shone down on the entire Xiao City.

A boundless overwhelming pressure appeared out of nowhere and pressed down on them.

All the people in Xiao City were terrified under this overwhelming pressure, as if it was the end of the world.

Even the high-level Ancestor God Realm masters were no exception to this.

‘This is…! Huang Xiaolongs heart missed a beat as he could feel the space around him being solidified.

He couldnt even wriggle a finger.

“Its the Xiao Familys Ancestor!” Feng Ers calm expression was finally replaced by solemness.

The commotion in Xiao City had forced the Xiao Family Ancestors to show up.

Given Feng Ers current strength, she was wary of only a handful of people, and Xiao Familys Ancestor was one of them.

Feng Er was still confident to face the Xiao Familys Patriarch, but the Xiao Familys Ancestor…!

Feng Er made her decision in a split second and ordered, “Gui Yi, you need to take the Manor Lord to his safety, until then, I will delay Xiao Familys Ancestor as long as possible!” A powerful black light rippled from her body.

Gui Yi and others acknowledged her order, but Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“No, we all leave together!” Then he shouted towards the void, “Xiao Familys Ancestor, Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang both are in my hands, are you willing to bury them with me”

But the golden light continued to fall.

It was filled with killing intent as it pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Xiao Familys Ancestor was willing to forfeit Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fangs lives just to kill Huang Xiaolong


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