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 Huang Xiaolong realized that his group was about to get torn apart by the golden light, therefore he signaled Gui Yi and Gui Er to kill Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang.

But suddenly a stretch of black waves of energy appeared at the horizon, and flooded towards the boundless golden light. 

In a split second, the black waves of energy collided with the boundless golden light.


The entire Xiao City shook, and fissures opened up the citys grounds.

Even the nearby mountain ranges quaked.

Buildings in the city crumbled one after another like dominoes, raising a thick curtain of dust. 

“Run quick!” An urgent voice sounded in Huang Xiaolongs ears.

Master Gui Yue!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered with ecstasy, he shouted to Feng Er and the others, “Go—!”

In an instant, a power wrapped around Huang Xiaolongs group, and the world seemed to have turned upside down.

It was Feng Er\'s godforce.

She had executed a space technique, sweeping everyone away from Xiao City.

When Huang Xiaolong could see once again, they were standing on a small hill that was miles outside Xiao City.

From there, they could still see the extreme golden light and the black energy roiling above Xiao City. 

The golden light and the black energy battled on, followed by an alarming aftershock that further destroyed the city below.

Huang Xiaolongs group felt the powerful energy fluctuations even from afar.

“Manor Lord, lets go.” Feng Er said to Huang     Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

After the little cows purple lightning detoxification, Master Gui Yues Poison of Thousand Corpses had completely been suppressed.

Even if his strength was slightly weaker than Xiao Familys Ancestor, it was still a negligible difference, and his Master Gui Yue could definitely retreat unharmed.

Hence, Huang Xiaolongs group sped away. 

Both Gui Yi and Gui Er were still dangling Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang by their necks.

Huang Xiaolongs group flew at the fastest speed non-stop until they reached the Stone Buddha City.

All of them heaved a sigh of relief upon entering the city, as the Stone Buddha City was Chen Familys territory.

The Xiao Family and Cheng Family had been at odds, hence Huang Xiaolong anticipated that Xiao Family would not dare to attack him in Stone Buddha City.

After renting a courtyard in Stone Buddha City, Huang Xiaolong asked Gui Yi and Gui Er to throw Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang on the floor.

He looked at them with a malicious glint in his eyes.

A cold shiver ran down Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fangs spine as they looked at Huang Xiaolongs malicious gaze.

“Y--you, I-Im Xiao Familys Young Lord, you dare to hurt me!” Xiao Zhangyu roared at Huang Xiaolong, trying to threaten Huang Xiaolong.

“En, I know you are Xiao Familys Young Lord, I also know your name is Xiao Zhangyu.” 

“Yo-u, you, what do you want to-to do” There was fear in Xiao Zhangyus eyes. 

“Heh, you will come to know very soon.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Moments later, Chang Fang saw his sworn brother Xiao Zhangyu rolling on the floor, screaming hoarsely in pain.

Chang Fang was scared after seeing Xiao Zhangyus face twisted by heart-wrenching pain.

Huang Xiaolong then looked over his shoulder at Chang Fang. 

“No, no, dont!” Chang Fang shook his head as he feebly pleaded. 

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate.

His finger tapped on Chang Fangs forehead, sending a yin energy into his body.

Then, he stood up, leaving Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Feng rolling and screaming on the floor. 

For the time being, Huang Xiaolong wasnt going to kill them. 

He had yet to leave the Clear Spirit World, leaving them alive would have some kind of use.

Huang Xiaolong put Gui Yi on guard duty to keep watch on Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang, while he and the rest went to the inner courtyard.

Inside his room, he took out the Pill Blending Tower.

Huang Xiaolong felt excited dented and cracked body of the Pill Blending Tower.

It was as tall as two adult men standing on top of one another.

Finally, the day when he could repair the Pill Blending Tower had arrived.

He took out all of the chaos spiritual liquid from his collection as well as the three pieces of chaos five-colored heaven refining stones.

He then turned to the little cow.

“Xiaoniū, the rest is up to you.” Huang Xiaolong said to the little cow, as he did not know the ancient secret technique repaired for repairing the Pill Blending Tower.

The little cow patted her chest and boasted, “Rest assured, Xiaolong, if I fail, you can punish me to drink one hundred years of wine!”

Huang Xiaolong gave her a kick and rolled his eyes, “You can dream of it because if you fail, you wont get a drop of wine for a hundreds of thousand years.”

The little cow smiled sheepishly as she insisted, “If I succeeded, I want to drink a hundred and thousand jugs of wine!”

“Huang Xiaolong glared at her, “Enough to drown you to death!”

Feng Er and the others laughed at their banter, as they watched from the side. 

The little cow went to stand in front of the Pill Blending Tower, and her smile narrowed.

She looked solemnly at the Pill Blending Tower in front of her, as she knew that it was a crucial matter to Huang Xiaolong.

Failure was not acceptable.

After adjusting her mind, the little cow slowly circulated the purple lightning force.

In the next moment, streaks of purple lightning flew out from her golden horns forming drops of purple lightning liquid, that wriggled and merged to form a strange diagram.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong released all the chaos spiritual liquids from their bottles.

A force formed at the center of this strange purple lightning diagram, and it slowly sucked in drops of chaos spiritual liquids.

Soon after, the chaos spiritual liquids disappeared into the diagram and merged at its center.

Everyone was holding their breath as they watched this. 

Huang Xiaolongs heart tightened nervously.

Combining two different kinds of chaos spiritual liquids was very easy and many people could do it, but combining more than a dozen chaos spiritual liquids of different elements… Huang Xiaolong had to admit that he couldnt do it.

A tiny mistake could cause these chaos spiritual liquids to explode, thus wasting all the money and efforts, up until that point.

Although, all the chaos spiritual liquids integrated quickly and smoothly as the little cow combined them.

Even so, after half an hour, only half of the chaos spiritual liquids were integrated.At this point in time, the purple lightning from the little cows body dimmed significantly.

Obviously, she had consumed a lot of her godforce to combine the chaos spiritual liquids.

If this were to continue, the little cows godforce would be depleted sooner, rendering her unable to integrate all the chaos spiritual liquids.

“All of you, send some godforce to me.” The little cow said to Feng Er, Gui Er, and Gui San.

Feng Er and the other two acted quickly, not daring to be a beat slow.

Each placed a hand on the little cows back and channeled their Ancestor God Realms godforce into her one by one.

In the blink of an eye, the little cows purple lightning shone even brighter than before.

Finally, resplendent lights burst out from the center of the purple lightning diagram as all the chaos spiritual liquids got integrated, after two hours.

Even so, the little cow remained careful.

Next, she had to melt the three pieces of chaos five-colored heaven refining stone and integrate it into the chaos spiritual liquids.

This was one of the crucial steps.

As the little cow carefully maintained the balance of the integrated chaos spiritual liquids, the ancient lightning character on her forehead flew out, letting purple lightning fall on three pieces of chaos five-colored heaven refining stones, hovering above them. 

Another two hours passed. 

The three chaos five-colored heaven refining stones liquid was finally integrated with the combined chaos spiritual liquids.

Seeing this, the little cow beamed with delight and blew at them.

Every time she blew, a small drop of the integrated liquids entered the Pill Blending Tower, and there would be one crack missing from it. 

As more and more of this integrated liquid entered the Pill Blending Tower, the towers body grew smoother and shinier, and soon it was shining like a resplendent chaos five-colored heaven refining stone.

In the end, all of the integrated liquid had entered the Pill Blending Tower, and not a single crack was left on it.

Its crooked body was now enshrouded in luster and it stood as straight as a pillar propping up towards heaven. 

Great success! 

“This Niū is exhausted!” The little cow complained as she retrieved her godforce.

Purple lightning disappeared, and her tongue hung out from the side of her mouth.


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