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Huang Xiaolong quickly threw the little cow a few chaos spiritual healing pills, after seeing her extreme exhaustion.

The little cow opened her mouth unpretentiously and swallowed all the healing pills in one go, and then began adjusting her condition on the spot.

Feng Er, Gui Er, and Gui San had merely used a small portion of their godforce, therefore, they did not need any adjustment or rest.

Huang Xiaolong hastened towards the Pill Blending Tower with a spring in his step, and a big smile spread across his face.

He couldnt resist touching the tower its body as he looked at the resplendent Pill Blending Tower.

It was entirely different from before.

Before it was repaired, the Pill Blending Towers body was filled with marks, cracks, and almost desolate coldness.

Now, the Pill Blending Tower was warm under his palms, and there was a mysterious power circulating in the tower that made him feel comfortable. 

He circled around at Pill Blending Tower once, then he sat down cross-legged in front of it.

He squeezed out a drop of blood essence from his finger and flicked it onto the Pill Blending Tower.

He first refined his blood essence according to the ancient technique taught to him by the little cow, followed by a strand of his soul force, and then he refined the Pill Blending Tower for the second time.

It took Huang Xiaolong half a month to finish two-time refinement of the Pill Blending Tower.

This had definitely exceeded his estimation.

However, after he had completely refined the Pill Blending Tower, Huang Xiaolong discovered that there were actually thirteen floors inside it.

Thirteen floors! All thirteen floors that contained liberal number of divine pills!

Huang Xiaolong turned into a streak of sword light in a flicker, and appeared on the first floor of Pill Blending Towers.

The first floor of Pill Blending Tower was a hundred li hall.

There were numerous herbs, elixirs and divine pills piled up its corner.

However, a large number of these herbs, elixirs and divine pills were shattered into powders.

It looked like when the Pill Blending Tower had suffered damages in the past, the herbs, elixirs and divine pills inside its space were also damaged along with it.

Still, Huang Xiaolong managed to find a few shiny aureate divine pills amongst the pile of powdered herbs and divine pellets.

Although he didnt know the nature of these pills, he was sure that they were chaos spiritual pills, judging by their startling aura.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently searched through all thirteen floor one by one.

To his pleasant surprise, he actually found more than a hundred high quality and grade divine pills of various kinds.

Each divine pill had very little impurities.

By the time Huang Xiaolong came out from the Pill Blending Tower, the little cow had already stood up.

Her eyes widened in shock when she saw the divine pills in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

“Heaven Phoenixs Eye Divine Pill!” 

“Impuissant Soul Returning Divine Pill!”

“Bright Star Heavenly Dragon Sacred Pill!”

The little cow cried out the name of the divine pills one after another.

Her voice quivered in shock, while she named them.

These divine pills were very hard to come by even during the Chaos Era.

She had only seen some of these divine pills, but had never consumed them.

‘As expected. Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly when as he saw the little cows excited face.

Earlier, he had guessed these were not the average chaos spiritual pills.

The little cow finished naming all the chaos spiritual pills in Huang Xiaolongs hand, a while later.

She was close to drooling as she stared at them without blinking. 

She trotted towards Huang Xiaolong with her tail swinging beautifully, and called Huang Xiaolong in an amorous tone, “Mas~ter!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, as he already knew what this old cow wanted. 

“Just say it, which one do you want” Huang Xiaolong asked crisply.

After all, it was the little cow who repaired the Pill Blending Tower, in a true sense.

Not to mention these chaos spiritual pills were a stroke of good luck.

“Heaven Phoenixs Eye Divine Pill!”

“Bright Star Heavenly Dragon Sacred Pill!”

“Five Kings of Earth Beast Pill!” 

The little cow did not stand on ceremony, and named more than a dozen chaos spiritual pills.

The corner of Huang Xiaolongs lips twitched as he picked out a dozen chaos spiritual pills and gave it to the little cow. 

The little cow happily received the pills from Huang Xiaolong, and in return, she gave him a big, wet lick on his face.

She turned and entered a room to refine the chaos spiritual pills, while leaving the wordsThank you, Master. in the air.

Huang Xiaolong rubbed his face with his hand with a fervor, trying to get rid of the stains the little cow had left on his face.

A chill filled his heart from the little cows stain.

Feng Er and the rest watched as they stood in the distance, and felt like laughing, but managed to keep a straight face.

Huang Xiaolong turned back towards the Pill Blending Tower helplessly.

He opened his right palm, and connected his thoughts with the Pill Blending.

A second later, the Pill Blending Tower rose into the air and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

As the Pill Blending Tower flew towards Huang Xiaolong, it shrunk rapidly until it was only a cute, one-foot-tall delicate tower on Huang Xiaolongs palm.

It was adorable no matter which angle you look at the tower.

The current Pill Blending Tower reminded Huang Xiaolong of the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li Jing from the old myths of his past life.

The Pill Blending Tower in his hand was a little similar to that pagoda. 

Huang Xiaolong put away the remaining chaos spiritual pills, as was in no hurry to cultivate like the little cow.

Instead, he took out all the herbs and elixirs that he had prepared, and then activated the Pill Blending Tower.

All of the herbs and elixirs were sucked into the tower.

The Pill Blending Tower churned, crushing the herbs and elixirs, and refining their essences into pellets!

Huang Xiaolong laughed loudly when several lustrous green pellets rolled out from the Pill Blending Towers mouth.

The Pill Blending Tower had refined the divine pills, just like the little cow had said!

But Huang Xiaolong soon discovered a problem.

The Pill Blending Tower required an uninterrupted flow of pure spiritual energy to support it in order to refine pills. 

Pure spiritual energy

Huang Xiaolong extended his hand into the air, in order to condense the grade six spirit stones with the rich spiritual energy from the depths of the void.

He had no need to worry about supporting the Pill Blending Towers spiritual energy consumption, as he could condense spirit stones from spiritual energy. 

It didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong to condense ten thousand grade six spirit stones.

He then placed all of them at the center of the Pill Blending Towers grand formation.

When Huang Xiaolong was a hundred percent certain that the Pill Blending Tower could refine any kind of pills, after half a days worth of attempts, he was finally confidant to take out the five chaos spiritual herbs: Golden Radiant Needle Mushroom, Blue Flaming Heart Fruit, Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus, Enigmatic Yang Thistle, Deep Sea Crystal, and other herbs that he had collected over the years to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill.

With this pill he would finally be able to cure Yao Chis Heart Devil Blood Curse.

Without blinking, Huang Xiaolong stared apprehensively at the Pill Blending Tower after it had swallowed all the precious herbs into it.

Half a day had passed, when all of a sudden, the Pill Blending Tower emitted a brilliant light as a dozen beautiful golden pills flew out from its mouth.

The Reverse Incarnation Pill was successfully refined! 

Huang Xiaolong clenched the Reverse Incarnation Pills tightly in his hand; not only these pills could cure Yao Chis Heart Devil Blood Curse, but these pills could also cure similar magic curses and blood curses.

After this, Huang Xiaolong stayed in Stone Buddha City to refine all the chaos spiritual pills he had found in the Pill Blending Tower. 

One year passed by, since Huang Xiaolong had entered seclusion.

During this one year, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had risen from peak early Seventh Order to peak mid-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, extremely close to advancing to late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

A year later, Huang Xiaolong stepped outside his room, and immediately noticed an entirely different air around the little cow.

Obviously, her strength had also improved significantly during this period.

The void devil beast Xu Baishengs speed of recovering his strength was even more shocking, as he had reached the peak of early Sixth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Feng Er and the others were startled by this speed.

On the other hand, this one year had been like a worst nightmare for Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang.

When Huang Xiaolong saw them again, he almost couldnt recognize the both of them.

They were nothing more than a dirty layer of skin over bones, and they gave off a nauseating stench.

Only a handful of people would dare to stay so long in Stone Buddha City after kidnapping Xiao Zhangyu and Chang Fang, like Huang Xiaolong had done.

‘Its time to return to the Vientiane World. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

There was less than a year left to the sea tribes God of the Sea Grand Ceremony.


Li Jing (李靖): Originally a high-ranking Shang officer, Li Jing defected to the Zhou forces and became one of Zhou Wu Wangs leading generals.

His greatest joy in life, and burden, was his rebellious third son Nezha.

Once, he had severed his relationship with him.

For the purpose of controlling Nezha, Li was given a magical pagoda that could instantly imprison most of the beings.

Readers familiar with other Asian mythologies will immediately note Lis resemblance to the Buddhist Guardian Bishamon.

Li Jing is also often referred to with his epithet of “Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King.”


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