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“You… are Huang Xiaolong!” The two Blood Imperial Sects disciples blurted out in unison.

What could they do! Huang Xiaolongs strength had far exceeded their expectations, and this was making them suspicious.

They had to feel suspicious.

The little cow interrupted with a wicked chuckled and said, “Of course hes not Huang Xiaolong.”

The two Blood Imperial Sects disciples were stunned, and then they visibly heaved a sigh of relief.

As they had expected, this young man was not Huang Xiaolong! On second thought, the investigation that they had conducted could not possibly have any error.

But before they could feel relief, the little cow was already in front of the two disciples, and she kicked them with a swift motion of her legs as she said, “Hes your Uncle Huang!”

Two figures flew backwards like cooked shrimps, shattering several thick ancient trees as they fell back.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow slowly approached the two Blood Imperial Sects disciples, once again.

Some time passed before the two Blood Imperial Sects disciples managed to struggle up from the ground.

They were utterly shocked and horrified as they looked at the little cow.

If they still hadnt realized that the black-haired young man in front of them was actually Huang Xiaolong, then they needed to bang their heads on a tree and go straight to hell.

“Speak, who hired you” Huang Xiaolong demanded as he stopped in front of the two disciples.

His face was cold and indifferent.

One of them snorted coldly and threatened in return, “Huang Xiaolong, we are disciples of Scarlet One Worlds Blood Imperial Sect.

Even the Void Sky Worlds Golden Phoenix Pavilion, or Yama Gates do not dare to offend the Blood Imperial Sect.

Youd do better to let us go right now.”

The Blood Imperial Sect was mysterious and unpredictable, and well-versed in assassination technique.

Therefore, the Blood Imperial Sect was a great headache for many super forces in the surrounding neighboring world surfaces, and due to this, even the Golden Phoenix Pavilion or Yama Gates would not clash with the Blood Imperial Sect if they could.

Thus, this Blood Imperial Sects disciple was not bluffing.

But, it was unfortunate for these two Blood Imperial Sects disciples that the person standing in front of them was Huang Xiaolong, instead a Golden Phoenix Pavilion or Yama Gates disciple.

Huang Xiaolongs fist punched, directly shattered the Blood Imperial Sect disciples chest.

His fingers unclenched into a palm, slashing across the disciples head like a blade.

The disciples head fell off his shoulders, and rolled far away on the ground.

The disciples eyes were wide open, as if he did not believe this was how he was about to die.

Huang Xiaolong then coldly turned to the other Blood Imperial Sects disciple.

By this point, the Blood Imperial Sects disciple was deathly pale due to fear.

Not many could stay calm when death was staring at you in the eyes.

“I-Ill s-say.” As he saw that Huang Xiaolong was looking at him, his throat felt parched, and his words came out scratchy.

“No need.” Huang Xiaolong said coldly.

‘No need When the Blood Imperial Sects disciple reacted, he was held up by his neck. 

Huang Xiaolong then quickly scoured the memories of the Blood Imperial Sects disciple.

He then casually flicked his fingers and a ray of sword qi flew out and penetrated through the forehead of the Blood Imperial Sects disciple.

“The sea tribes Guo Family!” Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth as cold gleams of light flickered across his eyes.

From the disciples scoured memories, Huang Xiaolong had learned that the party who had hired the assassins was none other than the sea tribes Guo Family.

However, the one who had hired them was not Guo Gang, but Guo Gangs father, Guo Jin! One of five Ten Thousand Elephant Mountains City Castellans, Guo Jin!

Although he didnt know whether this was Guo Jins own intention, or the entire Guo Familys intention.

Though this was not important for Huang Xiaolong at that moment.

After he would finish conquering the Vientiane Worlds human forces, the first one on his extermination list would be the sea tribes Guo Family.

He picked up the two Blood Imperial Sect disciples spatial rings with a wave of his hand.

Then with a flick of his finger, two streams of azure dragon divine fire fell on the two bodies, incinerating them to ashes.


Early the next day, Huang Xiaolongs group left the Green Cloud Island.

However, he had Gui San stationed at the Barbarian God Sect to guard the Barbarian God Sect.

This was as a precaution, in case Guo Family hired the Blood Imperial Sect to attack again in the future.

It was ten days later when Huang Xiaolongs group arrived at the Fortune Mainland.

Huang Xiaolong sighed inwardly as he stood on the Fortune Mainland once more.

The journey to the Clear Spirit World seemed like a dream now.

When he had first left the Fortune Mainland, it had never crossed his mind that not only he would get the chaos five-colored heaven refining stones, and be able to repair the Pill Blending Tower, but also would become the new Ghost Manors Lord, and obtain the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure!”

More importantly, his cultivation had broken through to late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

Even though he didnt have the slightest confidence to battle the sea tribes number one genius Feng Yingying five years ago, today, he was looking forward to the battle with more confidence.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong appeared at Grand Elder Li Chaoshengs cultivation palace.

Since he had successfully refined the Reverse Incarnation Pill, he went looking for Yao Chi the moment he returned to the Fortune Gate to cure her Heart Devil Blood Curse.

But Huang Xiaolong ended up disappointed.

Li Chaosheng informed Huang Xiaolong that Yao Chi had taken up a task and was outside of the Fortune Gate for the past four to five months.

Li Chaosheng wasnt certain when she would return.

Just as Huang Xiaolong turned around to leave, a disciple ran inside flustered, as he exclaimed to Li Chaosheng, “Master, Junior Sister Yao Chis in trouble!”

In trouble!

Huang Xiaolong and Li Chaosheng both jumped up from their seats.

“What happened!” Li Chaosheng asked anxiously.

“On the way back from completing their task, Junior Sister Yao Chis group was attacked by the sea tribes.

Although, Junior Sister Yao Chis group managed to escape, all of them were injured.


Senior Sister Chen Feng was killed!” The disciple did not dare to hide anything, and informed all the details in as few sentences as possible.

Li Chaoshengs face sank.

He turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “Brother Huang, we will go take a look together.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes were frosty as he nodded at Li Chaosheng.

When Huang Xiaolong and Li Chaosheng arrived at the main hall, they saw Yao Chi and several Fortune Gates female disciples lying injured on warm jade beds.

Their breaths were extremely weak.

Space rippled, and Huang Xiaolong had arrived at Yao Chis side almost instantaneously.

Pain stabbed at his heart as he looked at Yao Chis pale face.

Huang Xiaolong gently opened Yao Chis mouth as he took out a chaos spiritual Vitality Sacred Pill and fed it to Yao Chi.

He circulated his godforce to help Yao Chi refine the Vitality Sacred Pills medicinal energy, while healing her injuries and nourishing her body. 

A while later, Yao Chis pale face regained some color.

Seeing this result, Huang Xiaolongs shoulders relaxed as he stopped circulating his godforce.

He took out a few more of the Vitality Sacred Pill and gave them to the other injured disciples.

The disciple with the comparatively lightest injuries were the first to wake up.

“Was it the sea tribes Guo Family” Huang Xiaolong asked a female disciple.

The female disciple knew Huang Xiaolong, hence, she did not hesitate and reply to him respectfully, “This disciple is not sure, but it was mainly the Blue Lion Tribe, Nine-headed Bird Tribe, and the Sky Wings Tribe.”

Li Chaosheng spoke, “Others might not be aware of this, but I know that the Blue Lion Tribe, Nine-headed Bird Tribe, and Sky Wings Tribe are all forces under the sea tribes Guo Family.

No doubt it is the Guo Family!” He looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Brother Huang, how did you know it would be the sea tribes Guo Family”

Huang Xiaolong explained, “During the last Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle at the Golden Wheel City, there was a conflict between me and Guo Gang.” He then briefly informed Li Chaosheng that the Guo Family had hired the Blood Imperial Sect to attack the Barbarian God Sect, Golden Dragon Gate, and others.

“Blood Imperial Sect!” Li Chaosheng exclaimed in shock at Huang Xiaolongs information.

Then his expression became solemn as he cautioned Huang Xiaolong, “Brother Huang, if it is the Blood Imperial Sect, you must be careful! Its best you report this matter to Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as his gaze turned icy for a second.

‘Blood Imperial Sect They better know when to retreat, or else…!

Even with Huang Xiaolongs Vitality Sacred Pill, it took Yao Chi two days to regain her consciousness.

When she saw a blurry figure of Huang Xiaolong upon slightly opening her eyes, she mumbled softly, “Xiaolong Am I dreaming”

Pain stung Huang Xiaolongs heart as he watched Yao Chis feebleness.

He held her small hand tightly as he reassured her gently, “Youre not dreaming.” 


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