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“You, you, let go of me!” The Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple shouted furiously as he continued to struggle.

Huang Xiaolong released his grip and pushed out with his palm.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple flew backwards, knocking into his peers standing behind him.

In an instant, more people were knocked into the air.

Li Zhi and Wang Yu\'s faces tightened gloomily.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple had an innate herculean strength, as he had cultivated an ancient body tempering technique that had further strengthened his flesh.

Even though he was a peak late-Eighth Order Ancient God Realm, his strength was comparable to an average Ninth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator; yet he was sent flying with a slight push from Huang Xiaolong\'s palm!

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolong was a mere late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm!

How could his battle power be so strong!

Huang Xiaolong then walked towards Li Zhi and Wang Yu with an indifferent expression.

Panic rose in Li Zhi and Wang Yus hearts.

“God Hunter Soul Freezing Spear!”

A long blood-colored spear suddenly flew straight at Huang Xiaolongs forehead from behind Li Zhi. 

This blood-colored long spear seemed to contain frightening magic.

It seemed like Huang Xiaolong had momentarily lost his soul as he looked at the blood-colored symbols on the spears body, and stood blankly rooted in his spot.

But he swiftly regained his consciousness as the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell in his soul emitted a bright silver light.

However, the blood-colored long spear was ten meters from Huang Xiaolongs forehead by then.

Li Zhi, Wang Yu, and the others were watching closely as the spear was close to piercing through Huang Xiaolongs head, but out of nowhere, a streak of purple lightning zapped across the air and struck the blood spear.

The blood symbols on the long spear dimmed immediately, like fire under the water, as they were bombarded by the purple lightning.

Almost at the same time, a scream rang in the air.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple couldnt stand the pain and released his grip on the long spear. Clank! The long spear fell on the street.

Naturally, the purple lightning had come from the little cow.

The person who had tried to assassinate Huang Xiaolong was an inconspicuous and thin Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple.

He was hidden among the crowd and actually had escaped Huang Xiaolongs notice.

However, this was because this disciple had cultivated an ancient breath convergence technique.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed as he looked at that Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple.

Late-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm!

His gaze then fell onto the blood-colored long spear on the ground.

It was actually a mid-grade chaos spiritual divine artifact, an artifact from the ancient times.

In fact, even if the blood-colored long spear would have pierced Huang Xiaolongs forehead, it wouldnt have injured him.

The terrifying defenses of his current True Dragon Physique would definitely not allow a late-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm disciples strength to harm Huang Xiaolong, even if he had used a mid-grade chaos spiritual artifact.

When the blood-colored long spear fell to the ground, the Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples hand reached out towards the long spear, as he tried to collect it back.

But suddenly, the sky darkened with a rumbling thunder as purple lightning struck down, and split the Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple.

The little cow\'s butt swayed left and right as she trotted over and picked up the blood-colored long spear.

The Blood Gorefiend Tribes blood symbols.” The little cow recognized that the blood-colored symbols engraved on the long spear belonged to Hells Blood Gorefiend Tribe.

The disciple that was struck flying by the little cows purple lightning stammered, “You, y-ou know-w about the Blood Gorefiend Tribe”

In truth, he had picked up this Blood Soul Spear when he was training in a devil land.

When he had refined the Blood Soul Spear, he had learned some information about the Blood Gorefiend Tribe from the broken memories of the spears previous owner.

“Nonsense!” The little cow rolled her eyes, “Years ago, the Blood Gorefiend Tribes Ancestor Xue Huanqing had once invited me for a drink.”

Her words rendered the group of Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and Black Region Worlds Fortune Gates disciples dumbfounded.

In truth, they had no idea at all about the Blood Gorefiend Tribes Ancestor.

Even the Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple who had gotten the Blood Soul Spear knew nothing about the spears original owner.

Then again, even if they knew they would just pretend to not believe in the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong continued to walk towards Li Zhi and Wang Yu.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Wang Yu shouted, but Huang Xiaolongs fist had already landed on his chest, exiting from his back.

A violent force from Huang Xiaolongs fist entered his body, wrecking havoc inside.

The others could hear the muffled noises of bones breaking.

Wang Yu let out a blood-curdling scream.

Huang Xiaolong was not going to have any mercy on Wang Yu during this encounter between them, therefore, he had punched a hole through his chest.

There was no chance for Wang Yu to fully recover in the future.

“Where is Sun Yi Where is Fang Chu” Huang Xiaolong asked coldly.

Wang Yu glared at Huang Xiaolong with scarlet eyes, he roared hoarsely with hatred and fury, “Huang Xiaolong, I vow, Im going to kill you!”

Huang Xiaolong swung his fist out again, sending Wang Yu flying in the air.

This time, Wang Yus torso exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.

“Wang Yu!” Li Ting screamed.

She finally reacted, and her face was completely pale.

“Kill him, kill Huang Xiaolong!” Li Zhi bellowed.

Huang Xiaolongs fist swung to the side, punching straight at Li Zhis throat.

Li Zhis throat shattered as his body flew back.

“Senior Brother Li Zhi!”

“Younger brother!”

Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples and Li Ting cried out.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was approaching Wang Yu to scour his soul, the ground shook as uniformed footsteps sounded in everyones ears from afar.

Moments later, a group of sea tribes patrol appeared in front of them.

After seeing Wang Yu and Li Zhis miserable state, the sea tribes patrolling disciples faces ashen, as they could recognize the Golden Phoenix Pavilions core disciple Li Zhis robe.

The Golden Phoenix Pavilion had good relations with Feng Family, Wu Family, Ouyang Family, and Ying Family, twelve of the prominent sea tribes families.

And this time, the Golden Phoenix Pavilion were important guests invited to attend the God of the Sea Ceremony.

But now, the Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples were heavily injured in Sea God City!

“Whats going on here” Suddenly, a loud voice demanded.

Guo Gang appeared with a group of Guo Familys guards.

“Young Master Guo Gang!” The sea tribes patrolling disciples quickly saluted upon seeing Guo Gang.

Guo Gangs gaze swept across, starting from Li Zhi, Wang Yu, and others to Huang Xiaolong.

An enchanting smile rose on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, we meet again.”

Huang Xiaolong remained cold and indifferent, and did not say anything.

Guo Gangs face sank as he said, “According to Sea God Citys rules, there is a light and a heavy punishment for anyone fighting in the city.

The light punishment is to cut off both arms, whereas, the heavy punishment includes beheading, soul extraction, refinement into a phantom, and suppression under the Sea God Tower forever!”

Huang Xiaolong continued to watch Guo Gang coldly, while he still maintained his silence.

“Are young going to cut off your arms by yourself, or you want us to help you” Guo Gang sneered.

Huang Xiaolongs expression made him extremely displeased,Did Huang Xiaolong think that he wouldnt dare to touch him

Huang Xiaolong ignored Guo Gang.

He turned to the little cow and said, “You will get warm up your muscles in a bit.”

The little cows tail swung happily as she said, “I was just thinking that I needed to train my leg muscles.” She flexed her front legs, and then the hind legs.

Since Huang Xiaolong was ignoring him, a hint of redness shone in Guo Gangs eyes, “Attack, first break their dog legs, followed by their arms, and then send them to the Sea God Tower!”

Immediately, the sea tribes patrolling disciples lunged towards Huang Xiaolong and the little cow in order to attack them...


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