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Vast Cloud Sects Ancestor Li Qingwei shook his head as he said, “It is not that easy to breakthrough to God King Realm! Ive been stuck at peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm for more than ten thousand years, but still havent been able to break into that realm.

So, whats more special Deng Qishun, Cao Fang, and Li Ye that they would break through to God King Realm”

Vast Cloud Sect Chief Yang Shi agreed, “Ancestor is right, but the Sand Waves Sects three-day celebration banquet is truly baffling.”

“I had ordered you to check about the black light, any clues” Ancestor Li Qingwei asked while changing the subject.

Vast Cloud Sects Chief Yang Shi shook his head, “We could only determine that the source of the black light is located in the Wind Waves Desert.

We were unable to find the cause of the black light.

However, the black light disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Following that, the Sand Waves Sect celebrated for three days.

Could these two incidents be related”

Li Qingwei nodded in agreement.

“There is a possibility.

Send someone to observe them.

For the time being, delay the plan to attack the Sand Waves Sect.

Theres something strange going on about the Sand Waves Sect.”

“Understood.” Yang Shi complied.

Ten days came and went by.

In these ten days, Huang Xiaolong had remained inside one of the Sand Waves Sects palaces for cultivating in order to solidify his new realm foundation.

His three avatars had already broken through to First Order Ancient God Realm.

Inside the palace, Huang Xiaolong had sat inside the Blue Spectre Spring, allowing its springwater to enter his body, and also his three avatars.

Huang Xiaolong had soon discovered that the power and strength of his three avatars\' physical bodies had risen rapidly after being tempered with water from the Blue Specter Spring.

Huang Xiaolongs curiosity was stoked.

He summoned out the three avatars from his body.

The four sat around in a circle, forming a four-color spiritual energy gathering formation while cultivating according to the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Immediately, more energy from the Blue Spectre Spring rushed into Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars bodies.

Not only that, the spiritual energy from the surroundings rushed into the palace Huang Xiaolong.

The four divine fires chaos spiritual energy was rolling down vigorously from the void.

Even the speed of the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools chaos lightning qi had started circulating two times faster through his body.

After Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Ancestor God Realm, the chaos lightning qis circulating speed had risen, and now, it had doubled even further.

Huang Xiaolong was elated.

As expected, this was one of the great benefits from condensing his three avatars.

He wouldnt be able to form the four-color spiritual energy formation without his avatars, nor could he absorb energy at such a shocking speed by merely relying on his cultivation efforts alone.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked to find his three avatars strength was rising faster than him within this four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation! If this were to continue, it wont take long for his avatars cultivation to catch up to him!

One day and one night passed as Huang Xiaolong continued cultivating with his three avatars.

Huang Xiaolong woke up after one day and one night of cultivation, and had a new discovery.

The result of this one days cultivation was actually better than ten days of cultivation from earlier. 

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had estimated that he would take at least forty to fifty years to advance to Second Order Ancestor God Realm.

But now, he was confident that he could breakthrough to Second Order Ancestor God Realm within thirty years!

Thirty years!

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath, reassuring himself inwardly, this speed is not too bad.

There were still one hundred twenty years left until the next Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate Chiefs selection.

Judging from his current cultivation speed, Huang Xiaolong could definitely advance to high-level Ancestor God Realm in a hundred years.

“One hundred years…” Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself under his breath.

The little cows reminder about the Divine Worlds impending great catastrophe had been lingering at the back of his mind.

Therefore, he needed to improve his strength as much as possible before that time was upon them.

Huang Xiaolong then retrieved his three avatars into his body.

An idea came to his mind as he looked at the Blue Spectre Spring.

A golden light glimmered and flew out from between his eyebrows when he activated the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, and enshrouded the Blue Spectre Spring river with it.

In the blink of an eye, the Blue Spectre Spring was pulled into the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space.

It worked!

He was now able to control a portion of the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools formation since he had advanced to the Ancestor God Realm to pull other things inside.

However, he himself was unable to enter the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space; same was the case with his three avatars.

Huang Xiaolong was a little depressed due to this.

It seems that he would need to reach high-level Ancestor God Realm before being able to enter inside and control the chaos lightning spaces core formation.

Huang Xiaolong tried sending other things into the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space for a while.

In the end he concluded that items like the Blue Spectre Spring, herbs, pills, artifacts, and spirit stones could enter the space without problem.

Even more surprising was the improvement in the grades of these herbs, pills, artifacts, and spirit stones after being tempered by the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool!

For example,chaos spiritual pills improved from low-grade to top-grade when placed inside the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space for a month.

Whereas the divine artifacts attack and defense power rose after some period of tempering by the chaos lightning qi!

This finding made Huang Xiaolong even happier.

The chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool deserved its reputation, as one of the nine great chaos lighting pools!

Just this wonderful function was enough to make it an unparalleled treasure.

Huang Xiaolong toyed with the idea of purchasing some low-level spiritual herbs, chaos spiritual pills, and spirit stones in order to temper them for a period of time inside the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, and resell it at a price several times higher.

Not to mention with the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools ample space, he didnt even have to worry about running out of place to put those spiritual herbs, chaos spiritual pills, and spirit stones.

‘Its time to return to the Vientiane World. Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

‘I wonder how Li Lu is doing And, has Yao Chi broken through to Ancient God Realm A strong sense of longing washed over him suddenly.

Later that day, Huang Xiaolong summoned Deng Qishun, Li Ye, Zheng Guowen, and the rest of the Sand Waves Sects higher echelons.

He left Deng Qishun and Li Ye in charge of the sects affairs.

He ordered them to timely report him about difficult matters that would need his input.

After taking care of all the important matters, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er left the Sand Waves Sect.

They soon flew out of the Reverence World.

As everyone was now an Ancestor God Realm, the group traversed speedily across the vast Divine Worlds space by teleporting.

However, Huang Xiaolong was baffled. When had the little cow stepped into the Ancestor God Realm As the little cow had not volunteered to tell him, he didnt pry into her affairs.

Along the way, the group occasionally stopped to rest.

Roughly two weeks later, they were already back in the Vientiane World.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have believed they could return to the Vientiane World in such a short amount of time.

“Xiaolong, are we going back to the Fortune Gate first” The little cow asked once they were back in the Vientiane World.

Huang Xiaolong pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

“No, to the Ten Thousand Elephant Kingdom!”

Since his Grandmist Parasitic Medium cultivation had entered the second stage, he couldnt wait to resurrect that petrified divine elephant, and become the Master of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan!


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