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The Ten Thousand Elephant Kingdom was only a short distance away.

Therefore, instead of teleporting, they opted to fly.

With their current flying speed, it was only a matter of three or four days.

‘What is the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Ancestors strength Huang Xiaolong wondered as they were flying.

First Order Ancestor God Realm Second Order Perhaps, Third Order God King Realm!

Not forgetting, there was also the Ten Thousand Elephant Clans Patriarch What was his strength

In the past, the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan had deterred the sea tribe, and other super forces in the Vientiane World for so long that Huang Xiaolong was convinced that they had more than God King Realm masters!

This was merely Huang Xiaolongs guess.

As for the real situation, he would know in a few days!


While Huang Xiaolongs group was flying towards the Ten Thousand Elephant Kingdom, bursts of powerful energy fluctuations rushed out from the inside of an obscured mountain cave in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Affected by these powerful surges of energy, mountains cracked while boulders and gravel crashed to the ground. 

The nearby magic beasts, devils, and evil spirits fled the area in a hurry.

Those that were too slow exploded to their deaths.

“Hahaha, hahaha!” Laughter resounded through the mountain followed by an elated voice.

“I finally stepped into the God King Realm! The God King Realm! I am the king amongst gods!”

This voice belonged to the sea tribes Feng Familys Ancestor, Feng Jingxi.

The sea tribes Feng Familys Ancestor Feng Jingxi was enshrouded in an aquamarine light, and his body was exuding boundless power.

After their bloodlines talent was improved by Feng Yingying, the sea tribes strongest person, the Feng Familys Ancestor Feng Jingxi, had broken through to God King Realm!

While Feng Jingxin was laughing in euphoria due to his advancement to the God King Realm, powerful vibrations came from the distance, piercing a hole through the dense devil qi in the sky, and spread across the ten thousand li radius.

Subsequently, the Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da had broken through to the God King Realm after Feng Jinxi! Soon after Guo Da was Ma Familys Ancestor!

In a day, the sea tribe had three Ancestors who had stepped into the God King Realm!

Feng Yingying was over the moon due to these results.

The Sea Gods bloodlines power had far exceeded her expectations.

Three of the Ancestors had managed to break through to God King Realm speedily after their bloodlines were improved by her Sea Gods bloodlines power! Three Ancestors had broken through to God King Realm in one day!

At first, she had originally thought that it would take these Ancestors ten years or so to successfully breakthrough to the God King Realm.

But Feng Yingying was in a bliss as four more sea tribes Ancestors also broke through to the God King Realm in the consecutive days!

The sea tribes twelve prominent families Ancestors had broken through to the God King Realm!

Seven Great God King Realm masters! 

Feng Yingyings breathing quickened just thinking of this, adding a layer of charm to her allure.

“Lord Sea God, this subordinate suggests we immediately return to Vientiane World, and sweep the Fortune Gate, Wangu Clan, and Dark Elf Tribe to the ground.

Once thats done, we will rule the Vientiane World!” Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da suggested.

Their confidence was naturally boosted after they had stepped into the God King Realm.

“Thats right, Lord Sea God.

We should return and conquer the Vientiane World!” Feng Familys Ancestor Feng Jingxi supported the suggestion, and added, “Seven of us— great God King Realm masters, can not only conquer the Vientiane World, but also the Void Sky World!”

The rest of the seven Ancestors that had broken through to God King Realm voiced their agreement.

Feng Yingying looked at everyone and solemnly agreed, “Alright! Everyone get ready.

We set off in one hour to return to the Vientiane World! Our first target is the Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate!”

Although other Ancestors had not broken through to the God King Realm, with Feng Jingxi and other six God King Realm Ancestors were enough to conquer the Vientiane World.

An hour later, Feng Yingying led the group of sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs through the layers of devil qi and flew out of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield back to the Vientiane World.


After four days of flying, Huang Xiaolongs group had arrived at the Ten Thousand Elephant Kingdom. 

As the group had not used the transmission array, they descended down directly on the main road, not far from the city gates.

In front of the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal Citys gates, Huang Xiaolong looked at the ancient characters readingTen Thousand Elephant, and took a deep breath.

He then said to the rest of the group, “Lets go in.”

With that, the group walked steadily into the royal city.

This was Huang Xiaolongs third time in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City.

During the first time, he had passed through this city to participate in the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle.

The second time was when he had left the Vientiane World a couple of years ago.

He had specifically brought the little cow here to show her the petrified divine elephant.

Everytime he had been to this place, Huang Xiaolong had experienced a different feeling.

This time around, there was a strong sense to conquer in Huang Xiaolongs heart!

Walking along the streets of the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, Huang Xiaolong went straight to the square where the petrified divine elephant was located.

Their steps were steady and unhurried.

The petrified divine elephant had stood there for more than five billion years.

No expert would reach there ahead of Huang Xiaolong and resurrect the petrified divine elephant in a few hours time. 

As Huang Xiaolongs group was headed towards the petrified divine elephant square, further down the street, a group of people was talking and laughing merrily inside a restaurant.

A few in this group were Huang Xiaolongsold associates.

One of them was the sea tribes Guo Familys Guo Jun, and the other one was the Wangu Clans Wangu Ziyi.

There were several other young men who were exuding arrogance from the depths of their bones.

They were actually stronger than Guo Jun; they were First Order Ancestor God Realm masters!

Amongst these six people, a young man was sitting in the main seat.

He had a thin-face and was a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm.

Wangu Ziyi smiled flatteringly at the thin-faced young man and said, “Young Noble Xiang Li, I toast to you.”

The thin-faced young man nodded nonchalantly and raised his wine cup and sipped without a word.

Wangu Ziyis hand stiffened in midair as he laughed in embarrassment.

“In my opinion, Young Noble Xiang Li is the real Vientiane Worlds number one genius.

That Huang Xiaolong is but a fart.

In front of Young Noble Xiang Li, hes nothing but a **!” 

Xiang Li did not follow Wangu Ziyus flow of conversation, instead, he looked at Guo Jun, and said, “Say, Guo Jun, you have the eight-tailed Silver Whales bloodline.

And you are also a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master, yet, you failed to deal with that puny Seventh Order Ancient God Realm kid!”

After hearing Huang Xiaolongs name, Guo Juns face darkened slightly and his voice turned eerily cold as he said, “That kid is not that simple, you will know when you come across him.

The other several young men snorted at Guo Juns words.

“Not that simple Pity that kid is not around, or else, we would have taught him an unforgettable lesson!”

“How can he be compared to our Big brother Xiang Li”

The table was filled with laughter once more.

Clearly, they were looking down on Huang Xiaolong.

However, it seemed rightly so that these young men didnt have a high regard for Huang Xiaolong, since they believed that Huang Xiaolong was just a mere Ancient God Realm kid.

Since they were Ancestor God Realm masters, killing Huang Xiaolong was only a matter of one finger flick.

Suddenly, a Guo Familys disciple ran to their table in a flustered manner, but there was excitement shining in the guards eyes as he reported to Guo Jun, “Big brother Guo Jun, Huang, Huang Xiaolong! Huang Xiaolong is right here in the Royal City!”

“What!” All the people sitting at the table blanked for a second.

Guo Jun suddenly jumped up from his seat.

There was an intense killing intent in his eyes.

The thin-faced young man smiled meaningfully, and said, “In that case, lets go and take a look at this wonderful Huang Xiaolong you two have been talking about.” He too stood up from his seat.


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