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“Brother Guo Jin, since Huang Xiaolong killed our Young Lord Guo Jun, we mustnt let him die comfortably!” One of the Guo Familys Grand Elders said, as he was very angry even at the thought of Huang Xiaolong. 

“Thats right ah, Lord Sea God Feng Yingying wont have Huang Xiaolong die so easily, right If it was up to me, I would have captured Huang Xiaolong, and let our Guo Family punish him according to every rule in our family by making him suffer all the unbearable pain, and torture him to death.

Only that will allow us to vent our anger!” Another Guo Familys Grand Elders chimed in.

Other Guo Familys Ancestors also shouted similar things.

In short, Huang Xiaolong didnt deserve to die comfortably, and they needed to put through every torture they could think of.

One of the Grand Elders even suggested hanging Huang Xiaolong above the Sea Gods sacrificial altar and having the sea tribes disciples urinate on them, and stoned him.

Just as everyone in the hall was clamoring how to torture Huang Xiaolong to his death, a Guo Familys Elder walked in and reported to Guo Jin, “Grand Elder Guo Jin, a disciple from the outer post has reported of spotting Huang Xiaolong above Sky Heart Island!”

“Huang Xiaolong!”

Everyone blanked momentarily.

Guo Jins brows were locked tightly, there was doubt in his eyes, “Are you sure its Huang Xiaolong”

Shouldnt Huang Xiaolong be in Lord Sea God Feng Yingyings custody at this moment Why would Huang Xiaolong appear in the Sky Heart Island area    

The Sky Heart Island is not far away from the Sea God City, less than fifty thousand li distance.

“Absolutely true.” The Guo Familys Elder confirmed respectfully, “It is indeed, Huang Xiaolong.”

“Who else is with him” Guo Jin asked solemnly.

“Other than Huang Xiaolong, there is his mount, a small azure cow; an ordinary-looking elephant, as well as one woman and two men.

They are likely Huang Xiaolongs subordinates.” Guo Familys Elder reported honestly.

Guo Jin was clearly relieved when he heard that.

Still, he asked again to make sure, “Golden Brow and Blood Knife did not come”

“No, we did not see Golden Brow!” The Elder affirmed again.


Guo Jin was completely at ease now.

“Strange, why would Huang Xiaolong appear in our sea tribes territory at this time” Another Guo Familys Grand Elder voiced his doubt aloud.

“Whats so strange about this is that Huang Xiaolong coincidentally is not at Fortune City, when Lord Sea God Feng Yingying is there, hence, he has escaped a calamity!” A Guo Familys Grand Elder stated confidently.

“The question is, why is he here at our sea tribes territory” Another Grand Elder reiterated the question.

Guo Jin wasnt very concerned.

He said, “Our sea tribe has many herbs and elixirs, and the disciples from the human race have often come looking for them in our territories.

Huang Xiaolong is probably one of such disciples, but since he has dared to step into the sea tribes territories, regardless of his intentions, he wont be able to go back!”

Guo Jin got up in a hurry.

There was a murderous gleam in his eyes as he said, “During the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony, we were cautious because of Golden Brows presence, but now our sea tribe has seven great God King Realm masters, no one can stop us!”

“Come, lets go capture Huang Xiaolong!” Guo Jin ordered.

Since the Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da and Patriarch Guo Shi were absent, all the Guo Familys affairs were temporarily being handled by Guo Jin.

Other Grand Elders had to obey Guo Jins order.

At Guo Jins order, all the Guo Familys Grand Elders stood up and complied loudly.

One of the Guo Familys Grand Elders laughed, “All of our Guo Familys Grand Elders are moving out just to capture Huang Xiaolong, I have to say its his honor!”

“Were free anyways, so we canwelcome him to the sea tribe!”

With laughter echoing in the air, a large group of Guo Familys Grand Elders flew out of the hall.


At this time, Guo Gang came from a distance.

He went up to Guo Jin and said, “Father, I have heard from the disciples that Huang Xiaolong has entered the sea tribes territories, and is currently at the Sky Heart Island! Please allow me to follow Father to capture Huang Xiaolong!”

Guo Jin hesitated, then nodded in agreement, “Alright, but, when we are capturing Huang Xiaolong, you cannot be blinded by hatred and kill Huang Xiaolong on impulse!”

Guo Gang promised, “Rest assured, Father!” Hatred crept up his face as he added, “I wont kill Huang Xiaolong so easily!”

Guo Jin nodded.

With that settled, everyone departed.

However, the group of Guo Familys Grand Elders did not expect to see Huang Xiaolongs group flying towards them just as they flew out from the Sea God City.

Like the Guo Familys Elder had reported, there was a common elephant, one woman and two men in Huang Xiaolongs group.

As the void devil beast Xu Baisheng was heavily injured by the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy, Huang Xiaolong had left him to heal at the Fortune Divine Kingdom.

Huang Xiaolong sneered when he spotted the Guo Familys Grand Elders flying out from the Sea God City.

Soon, Huang Xiaolongs group and the Guo Familys group were standing a hundred meters apart in the air.

Guo Jin looked at Huang Xiaolong with a bright smile on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, you still dared to come to Sea God City after killing our Guo Familys Young Lord Guo Jun!”

Huang Xiaolong shrugged nonchalantly as he said, “I merely killed Guo Jun, so why wouldnt I dare to come Ill tell you frankly, I have even killed your Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da and Patriarch Guo Shi.”

Even though Guo Da and Guo Shi were killed by Xu Baisheng, it was still Huang Xiaolong who had indirectly killed them.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong in Huang Xiaolong saying so.

The Guo Familys group blanked for a moment at Huang Xiaolongs words, then burst out into a sonorous laughter.

Guo Gang laughed so hard that he was bent over, with tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

After a while, Guo Jin was still laughing as he spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, you said youve killed our Ancestor and Patriarch Im afraid that you dont know that our Ancestor and Patriarch have already broken through to God King Realm—God King Realm! Do you understand! Do you know what a God King Realm master represents Immortality!”

“You say a mere Ancient God Realm like you killed our Ancestor and Patriarch I\'m going to die from laughing! Even your Master Golden Brow will not dare to utter such bluff! If you have the ability, come kill me! If you can kill me, I will believe you!

The Guo Familys group burst into another wave of laughter.

Huang Xiaolong was extremely calm as he looked at Xiang Xun and commanded, Kill him!

Xiang Xun complied respectfully.

In truth, he barely moved and merely moved his toe, and Guo Jin exploded to his death.

Starting from his head, arms, torso, and even his godhead.

Everything happened so fast that the rest of the Guo Family\'s group\'s laughter stopped abruptly, as they kept staring dumbly at Guo Jin\'s exploded remains.

This, is this an illusion! However, the splattered blood and flesh on the ground was vivid, and proof enough for what had just happened.

A long time later, Guo Gang screamed, angst stabbed his heart, “Father—!” He rushed madly at Huang Xiaolong.

“Im going to kill you!”

But, even before Guo Gang could close in on Huang Xiaolong, he was sent flying back by Huang Xiaolongs fist.

Guo Gang was embedded into the Sea God Citys city walls.


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