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As for the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele, Huang Xiaolong planned to look for it after entering the Fortune Gates headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong had gotten a rough location for the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele while refining its upper half.

But since it was a rough estimation of the location, he knew that it would prove to be a time consuming and difficult process to search for the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

Moreover, the place called Floating Twilight Land where the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele was located was a perilous land.

At Huang Xiaolongs current strength, rushing there recklessly would only mean death.

In recent years, Huang Xiaolong had gotten more broken memories from the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell as his cultivation had risen.

He had learnt from these memories that the Ancient Heavenly Emperors priceless treasure, the Ancient Heavenly Court had fallen into the depths of Devil Abyss!

Thus, Huang Xiaolong had half given up on getting his hands on the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Or at least, he couldnt think about it until his cultivation were to exceed the God King Realm because even a high-level God King Realm master couldnt guarantee his own life in the depths of the Devil Abyss.

Several months later...

An enormous flying ship was tearing through vast starry Divine World space as it flew forward at an alarming speed.

Though the enormous flying ships speed was shocking, it was not at all raising any ripples through space.

This enormous flying ship was none other than Huang Xiaolongs Giant Shark Flying Ship.

The Giant Shark Flying Ship was akin to an ancient giant shark swimming in the sea as it cruised through space, and it was emitting a soft blue light pattern like water ripples.

These soft blue light patterns were only visible within the radius of several hundred meters.

The head of the Giant Shark Flying Ship was actually a spacious hall, and at the center of the hall was the flying ships control as well as the flying ships defensive and attack formations.

Divine elephant Xiang Xun and void devil beast Xu Baisheng were managing the controls of the flying ship, and the Giant Shark Flying Ship was flying ahead smoothly despite the speed.

A top grade chaos flying ship like the Giant Shark Flying Ship consumed a significant amount of spirit stones every day, and it needs at least grade seven spirit stone to activate it.

However, Huang Xiaolong had an abundance of grade seven spirit stones, as he had acquired a huge number of them from the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure, Sand Waves Sects treasury, as well as the sea tribes twelve families treasuries..

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was able to condense high grade seven spirit stones after advancing to Ancestor God Realm, thus he was even less worried about lacking grade seven spirit stones. 

On both sides of the Giant Shark Flying Ship were various cultivation rooms.

Every cultivation room was about ten square meters, each room was inscribed with the sea tribes spiritual energy gathering formation.

This spiritual energy gathering formation was quite sophisticated, and even Huang Xiaolong felt that the effects of cultivating within these cultivation rooms was three to four times faster.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Feng Er, and the rest were cultivating inside these cultivation rooms.

Huang Xiaolong was inside room number one and sat cross-legged at the center of the cultivation rooms spiritual energy gathering formation.

He used a grade seven spirit stone to activate the spiritual energy gathering formation, and the spiritual energy roiled in from all four directions.

At the moment, the shrunken Sea God Tower was hovering in front of him.

Vigorous surges if pure energy was rushing out from the Sea God Tower and entering Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

This vigorous and pure energy was coming from a Sea God\'s spirit inside the Sea God Tower. 

In the last several months, Huang Xiaolong had been refining and absorbing the Sea God\'s spirits\' energy day in and day out.

His cultivation had risen to peak late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm.

Even though the Sea God\'s spirits\' energy were vigorous and pure, it was only a trickle compared to the abundant darkness element spiritual energy inside the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

Thus, the speed of Huang Xiaolong\'s cultivation was slower than before, and it was going to take him quite some time to breakthrough to Third Order Ancestor God Realm.

Since the Sea God Tower now belonged to Huang Xiaolong, he could use the Sea God Tower\'s core formation to suppress those Sea Gods spirits when refining them without having to worry about any backlash.

There were over thirty Sea God\'s spirits inside the Sea God Tower.

Amongst them, there were seven Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, and Huang Xiaolong had refined three out of the seven in the last few months.

He planned to refine all seven Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm\'s Sea Gods spirits, before refining the God King Realm Sea Gods spirits.

However, refining God King Realm strength was a little more troublesome, and he would need Xiang Xun to assist him.


Half a year went by...

Inside cultivation room number one, a dazzling light burst out from Huang Xiaolong\'s body, and air blasts from his surging godforce shook the whole room.

Then, a faint crisp breaking sound came from Huang Xiaolong\'s inner body.

Huang Xiaolong\'s peak late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm godforce gestated for two hours before calming down.

All his supreme godheads\' godforce returned to his body in a flash and disappeared.

Huang Xiaolong stood up a moment later, brimming with energy.

His body was enshrouded in a burst of light.

He punched out, and the force of his fists passed through the walls of the Giant Shark Flying Ship, forming a tsunami of energy surpassing ten thousand li radius.

Huang Xiaolong could faintly hear the sounds of howling winds.

After refining six Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm Sea God\'s spirits\', he had finally broken through to early Third Order Ancestor God Realm!

Shortly after, as Huang Xiaolong stepped out from cultivation room number one, he saw the little cow, Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and Gui San waiting for him at the spacious corridor.

Huang Xiaolong knew his breakthrough had alerted them.

I\'m fine, just coincidentally broke through to early Third Order Ancestor God Realm.” Huang Xiaolong explained in a short sentence.

Congratulations in honor of Master\'s breakthrough to Third Order Ancestor God Realm!

Congratulations in honor of Manor Lord\'s breakthrough to Third Order Ancestor God Realm!

The little cow, Xiang Xun, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others were happy at Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough and quickly stepped forward to congratulate him.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Where have we reached now Close to the High Martial World”

He estimated he had already been in seclusion for about a year now.

Xiang Xun respectfully replied, “Well be arriving soon, about five to six days more.

Huang Xiaolong nodded while sighing inwardly, it\'s really good having a top grade chaos spiritual flying ship ah.

It would probably take him several hundred years to reach the High Martial World if he were to fly himself there.

Huang Xiaolong walked up the corridor, heading towards the control hall at the head of the giant shark as he asked Xiang Xun and void devil beast Xu Baisheng, “How many spirit stones we have used so far”

The two answered, “Close to thirty thousand grade seven spirit stones!”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, “Thirty thousand!”

Huang Xiaolong then smiled wryly.

Even though he didn\'t mind spending this amount of grade seven spirit stones, a top grade chaos flying ship\'s spirit stones consumption was a little alarming.

Based on this, the flying ship needed a hundred grade seven spirit stones a day on average

Grade seven spirit stones were hard to come by for the Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate, the sea tribe, Wangu Clan, and even the force like the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan.

All of these clans treated each of these grade seven spirit stones like it was a precious treasure, and they were extremely reluctant to use them.

Whereas he was burning through them like wood everyday.

Huang Xiaolong reached the control hall at the head of the Giant Shark Flying Ship.

On the front wall he saw a flickering screen that was a map of the Divine World.

This map was a common feature on most top grade chaos spiritual flying ships, showing the position of the flying ship, the destination, how many days until they arrive at the destination, and several world surfaces in the immediate surroundings.

Huang Xiaolong saw that the map was indicating there were five days and a little over three hours before they reached the High Martial World.

Suddenly, the Giant Shark Flying Ship shook and swayed.

Everyone on board dazed. Was something attacking their flying ship


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