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Chapter 1437: Huang Xiaolong’s Strength


Huang Xiaolong chuckled nonchalantly at Blood Knife Ancestor’s words, “Second Master, don’t worry, use your full strength.

My True Dragon Physique is not so fragile.”

Blood Knife Ancestor looked at Golden Brow Ancestor and snorted, “Listen to what he’s saying—he’s planning to use his True Dragon Physique to withstand my blood knife.”

Golden Brow Ancestor frowned slightly when he heard that Huang Xiaolong was planning to use his True Dragon Physique to counter Blood Knife Ancestor’s blood knife.

He advised Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, your Second Master’s blood knife is not weak, so it’s better you put on the Golden Divine Armor I gave you.”

Although Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique’s defenses were strong, according to Golden Brow Ancestor’s judgement, it wasn't enough to withstand Blood Knife Ancestor’s blood knife.

Huang Xiaolong could only nod his head and agree, “Okay.” A golden light flickered as a golden divine armor appeared over his torso.

Right at this time, a blood red light soared from Blood Knife Ancestor’s body, and his momentum accelerated as he executed his Great Blood Knife Technique.

The boundless waves of blood qi surging out from Blood Knife Ancestor’s body seemed corporeal, blocking out everything else in a cloak of violent and chilling coldness.

When Blood Knife Ancestor’s momentum reached the peak, he made his move.

“Little guy, watch out!”

Since he was worried that Huang Xiaolong would be injured by his attack, Blood Knife Ancestor cautioned him.

Then, rays of blood-red knife qi shot out from the boundless waves of blood knife qi.

These rays of blood-red knife qi were akin to radiant red suns that eclipsed all other colors in the world.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and the rest spectating from the distance were shocked by Blood Knife Ancestor’s momentum.

When the overwhelming rays of blood qi were about to submerge Huang Xiaolong, he raised his palm and lightly slapped in front of him.

The bright rays of blood knife qi dispersed like dazzling fireworks.

But Huang Xiaolong’s palm force did not stop there, and it rushed on towards Blood Knife Ancestor.

Blood Knife Ancestor was akin to a small bird that was being swept away by a hurricane, tumbling into the air and being plummeted down with a boom.

Blood Knife Ancestor shattered a mountain peak, and rocks and gravel flew out in various directions.

Golden Brow Ancestor who had been previously worried that Huang Xiaolong would be injured by Blood Knife Ancestor, blanked as his gaze fell upon Blood Knife Ancesto ramongst the rubbles.

In the distance, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi were all dumbfounded.

Only the little cow was calm, as if everything was as it should be.

Clearly, she had expected this to be the outcome of this sparring match.

A while later, Blood Knife Ancestor flew out from the rubbles, and ascended in the air until he was at the same height as Huang Xiaolong.

He glanced at Huang Xiaolong while patting the dust off his robe.

He laughed as he scolded, “My mother, you kid nearly took your Master’s life.

Couldn’t you have mercy on your Master, and how could you attack your Master so ruthlessly!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly.

His attack had been lighter than light, he hadn't even used any godforce, and merely a one-third of his True Dragon Physique’s physical strength.

However, he was surprised that Blood Knife Ancestor, who was a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm master, was not able to withstand even one-third of the strength of his physical attack.

Not to mention, he had even held back some force at the end.

At this time, Golden Brow Ancestor, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others came to their senses and stared at Huang Xiaolong with weird expressions on their faces.

“Early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm!” Golden Brow Ancestor exclaimed.

That’s right, after Huang Xiaolong had refined the Netherworld King’s Jade’s second restriction, his cultivation had advanced from the mid-Eighth Order to early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

To top it off, through the Netherworld King’s Jade’s darkness element energy tempering, even Huang Xiaolong had not been able to accurately determine the current strength of his True Dragon Physique.

However, this small exchange with Blood Knife Ancestor gave Huang Xiaolong an estimation of his strength.

Going forward, Huang Xiaolong could battle head-on against a First Order God King Realm without even using his three supreme godhead’s godforce, purely relying on his physical force.

Considering this, if he were to use his three supreme godheads’ godforce, the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s power, and the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, Huang Xiaolong would be able defeat an average early Second Order God King Realm master.

Noticing the astonished gazes on him, Huang Xiaolong smiled shyly and explained, “In truth, early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm is nothing much, right”

Everyone nearly stumbled while standing.

Early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm is nothing much

Especially, Blood Knife Ancestor who was sent crashing into a mountain moments ago had the biggest reaction.

“Are you actually saying that an early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm is nothing much Nothing much! This old man was sent flying, how dare you say it’s nothing much!”

Early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm cultivation may be ‘nothing much’ to most people, but Huang Xiaolong’s early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm battle power greatly skewed the general norm about the early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm cultivators!

More importantly, how long had it been since Huang Xiaolong had returned from the Royal Buddha Great Worlds At that time, he was still a peak late-Sixth Order Ancestor God Realm! Now, he was already an early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm!

Not even thirteen years!

Hence, Blood Knife Ancestor’s exaggerated reaction was understandable.

Blood Knife Ancestor had been cultivating for several hundred thousand years, but was still stuck at the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, whereas Huang Xiaolong, his darling disciple, had exceeded his achievements in merely several decades.

When Blood Knife Ancestor calmed down, Huang Xiaolong grinned as he said, “Second Master, are your injuries alright Can you hold on How about another round”

The Netherworld King’s Jade was a big deal, therefore, after giving it a careful thought, Huang Xiaolong had decided against telling Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor about the relationship between his speedy progress in cultivation and the Netherworld King’s Jade.

Blood Knife Ancestor’s eyes widened fiercely hearing that Huang Xiaolong actually wanted to go for another round, and he scolded, “Go scram your eggs, you think I’m a fool You kid are so monstrous now, so wouldn’t it be like looking for abuse to go another round with you”

Everyone laughed hearing Blood Knife Ancestor’s scolding.

“Xiaolong, come, I will spar a little with you.” Golden Brow Ancestor suppressed the astonishment in his heart and said smilingly.

As his Big Master, he was truly anxious to know how Huang Xiaolong’s true battle power compared with his own strength.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and agreed.

Then, Golden Brow Ancestor fully released his momentum, and his godhead’s godforce circulated to the limit as his palm slammed down on Huang Xiaolong.

Dazzling crepuscular rays of golden light burst from his palm.

Learning from Blood Knife Ancestor’s miserable loss from earlier, Golden Brow Ancestor used his most powerful attack from the Metal Canon Domain.

Huang Xiaolong rushed forward instead of dodging, closing the distance in a single leap with his fist clenched and punched forth.

R-r-umble! The two clashed into each other.

Even though Golden Brow Ancestor had executed the most powerful attack within the Metal Canon Domain, Huang Xiaolong had merely resorted to his physical strength, but still Golden Brow Ancestor staggered back, losing his balance due to the impact.

Huang Xiaolong’s second punch ensued.

A dozen seconds later, Golden Brow Ancestor was screaming stop at the top of his lungs, clearly indicating that he was not sparring anymore.

The others were astonished once again by this result.

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the rest could see that Huang Xiaolong had not used a shred of godforce during this whole time.

Instead, he had purely relied on his body to defeat the peak early First Order God King Realm Golden Brow Ancestor.

In the vast Divine World, none of them had ever heard of an early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm who had defeated a peak early First Order God King Realm master with just his physical strength, in countless years.

While everyone was still immersed in their astonishment, the little cow rubbed her belly and mumbled, “Have you finally finished fighting My tummy’s hungry.”

Everyone was speechless...


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