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Chapter 1438: The Great Desolate Formation


Huang Xiaolong stayed at Vientiane World surface for another month, before he departed to the Fortune Gate headquarters.

During this time, Li Lu was still refining the Buddha Pellets and nefarious nightmare soul, and had yet to awaken.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had planned to leave after Li Lu had awakened, however, there was not much time left for the Fortune Gate headquarters’ recruitment deadline.

He had to leave to make it in time for the headquarters’ assessment.

Well, he could always come back after finishing the headquarters’ assessment. 

Huang Xiaolong naturally couldn’t avoid spending some quality time with Yao Chi before leaving.

Huang Xiaolong also gave her all of his top-grade chaos spiritual pills.

After all, he had a lot of spirit stones that would allow him to purchase what he would need on the way to the Fortune Gate headquarters.

Naturally, he also left some spirit stones for Yao Chi.

Yao Chi and Li Lu also had access to the sea tribe’s treasuries, and they could take whatever they wanted at any time, therefore, they didn’t lack spirit stones.

After leaving the Vientiane World, Huang Xiaolong made a small detour to the Clear Spirit World to visit the Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue, and completely cleared the Poison of Thousand Corpses from Gui Yue’s body with the chaos golden dragon lightning qi.

After Gui Yue’s Poison of Thousand Corpses was resolved, his cultivation that had been stuck at the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm for all these years, could surely advance to God King Realm before long.

The last time Huang Xiaolong had stopped by the Clear Spirit World to visit Gui Yue when he was on his way to the High Martial World.

During that time, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation was had reached the late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm, stupefying Gui Yue, but this time, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation gave Gui Yue a ‘fiercer’ shock—the Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm! Gui Yue was shocked and speechless.

After visiting his Master Gui Yue, Huang Xiaolong made another pit stop at the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate branch.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had abolished Wang Yu’s cultivation during his last visit, Guo Gang’s appearance had interrupted his plans of scouring Wang Yu’s memories for Sun Yi and Fang Chu’s whereabouts in the Divine World.

Everyday Huang Xiaolong went without killing Sun Yi and Fang Chu was akin to a thorn in his heart.

However, when Huang Xiaolong reached the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate branch, he found out that Wang Yu was expelled out of the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate branch, after he had abolished his cultivation.

From there, Wang Yu had gone missing, and no one knew his whereabouts.

Huang Xiaolong searched the Black Region World for several days but didn’t find any clues of Wang Yu’s whereabouts, so in the end, he gave up and continued onwards to the Fortune Gate headquarters.

Dealing with Sun Yi and Fang Chu had to be pushed back until after he had successfully entered the Fortune Gate headquarters.

He also planned to return to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield to open the Tianwu Treasure and look for grandmist aura, after becoming the Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple.

Though his Grandmist Parasitic Medium cultivation had improved over the years, the progress was too slow for his liking.

At this rate, who knew when he would reach the third stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium, hence, he still needed to rely on the grandmist aura.

If his luck was good, enabling him to find the purple grandmist aura, then it wouldn’t take long for his Grandmist Parasitic Medium to break through to the third stage.

After getting the Tianwu Treasure, he planned to head to the Floating Twilight Land to search for the Blood Eye Devil Stele’s lower half.

With the complete Blood Eye Devil Stele, he would be able to break through to the God King Realm by absorbing the darkness element energy within the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele!

After advancing to God King Realm, he would probably be able to refine the Netherworld King’s Jade’s third restriction.

At that time, he would be able to learn about the Lord of Hell’s heritage.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship was whizzing through the vast Divine World’s space at startling speed, passing by one planet after another.

As Huang Xiaolong had chosen to use the shortest route, they passed by many uninhabited planets along the way, thus the surrounding environment seemed despondent and lonely.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, he could already condense grade nine spirit stones, moreover, it was top grade-nine spirit stones.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship was a little faster than before fueled by top grade-nine spirit stones.

Based on the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s speed, Huang Xiaolong had estimated that they would arrive at the Fortune Emperor Palace in four and a half years’ time.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong stopped for a while when passing by bigger world surfaces occasionally, and bought top-grade chaos spiritual pills to his heart’s content.

Unfortunately, even though these big world surfaces had an abundance of top-grade chaos spiritual pills, Huang Xiaolong still hadn’t been able to find any grandmist grade spiritual pills, no matter where he asked.

It seemed like the little cow was right when she had mentioned that Huang Xiaolong could only find grandmist spiritual pills at the Heaven’s Avenue.

At some point in time... 

Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the cultivation room and began condensing grade-nine spirit stones. 

After reaching the Heavenly Court, these grade-nine spirit stones were going to come in handy when purchasing grandmist spiritual pills.

Therefore, there was no harm in condensing more spirit stones.

Inside the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong would occasionally spar with Xu Shi when he was feeling bored.

Xu Shi’s cultivation was at the mid-Second Order God King Realm, therefore, he was the best grinding stone for Huang Xiaolong’s current strength.

When battling Xu Shi, Huang Xiaolong could fully exert his full strength which allowed both of them to battle heartily.

Through his sparring battles with Xu Shi, Huang Xiaolong’s fighting skills kept improving further. 

Years passed...

By the fourth year of their journey, Huang Xiaolong’s strength had risen to peak early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, but he was still at a distance from advancing to mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Despite his three supreme godheads, True Dragon Physique, four divine fires, and the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space, his progress had slowed noticeably upon reaching the Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

For other emperor rank godhead geniuses, it was very common to cultivate for several thousand years, even several ten millennia for their cultivation to advance from early Tenth Order to peak early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong had three supreme godheads, and the ability to generate spirit stones to buy an endless supply of top-grade chaos spiritual pills.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong headed to the control hall at the front of the ship, after exiting the cultivation room.

“Master,” Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others greeted respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and asked, “Where are we right now”

“We are at the Pacific River World surface, and up ahead is the Brimming Snow World surface.” Xu Baisheng answered respectfully.

“The Brimming Snow World” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered.

He hadn’t expected to come across a world surface with the same name as Li Lu’s cultivation palace, back in the Fortune Divine Kingdom.

“Yes, this Brimming Snow World is a big world surface.

There is a Fortune Gate branch there.

Oh right, there is also a Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s branch.” Xiang Xun supplemented.

“We’ll stop to rest for a few days upon reaching the Brimming Snow Palace.” Huang Xiaolong contemplated for a moment and announced to his group.

Xian Xun, Xu Baisheng, and others complied respectfully.

Two days later, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship descended on the Brimming Snow World.

Huang Xiaolong and the others stepped out of the Dragon Shark Flying Ship and met with white snowflakes floating down from the sky.

The surrounding mountain range was all pure white, blanketed by snow.

Huang Xiaolong’s reached out to catch a falling snowflake.

Surprisingly, the snowflake didn’t feel icy.

Not only the snowflake, but their surroundings also felt warm instead.

“This Brimming Snow World was frigid cold to the extreme during the desolate era, but several Emperors of the desolate era joined hands and laid out a Great Desolate Formation which resulted in today’s Brimming Snow World.” The little cow explained.

Huang Xiaolong was a little shocked, as the Great Desolate Formation that was laid by those Emperors seemed overwhelmingly powerful—to actually change the nature of a world surface!

Not to mention, it had stayed intact for several billion years.

“Do you know why the Fortune Emperor Palace and Nine Dragons Emperor Palace have a branch here” The little cow suddenly asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was taken by surprise.

‘Was there some reason or a scheme behind this’

“Because, those emperors have left behind treasures inside that Desolate Grand Formation.” The little cow revealed.


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