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Fang Xuanxuan looked at Huang Xiaolong doubtfully.

Though Huang Xiaolong had shown part of his financial strength during the bid for the Flaming White Phoenix Divine Fruits, she was doubtful that he would get a residence in Brimming Snow City with a couple of million low grade-seven spirit stones.

Moreover, residences in Brimming Snow City were scarce to begin with, so the cheaper ones had already been bought by others long ago.

The only remaining options were priced five hundred million and above.

Five hundred million!

Even she would have a hard time taking out so much money.

Seeing Fang Xuanxuans reaction, Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao was even more certain that this Fortune Emperor Palaces branch disciple wouldnt be able to afford a residence in Brimming Snow City.

He raised his hand, summoning one of the Silver Fox Commerces staff.

“Young Lord Chen, do you have any requests” The Silver Fox Commerces staff inquired respectfully when he approached.

Chen Zhao pointed at Huang Xiaolong and said, “This person wants to purchase a residence in Brimming Snow City.

The Silver Fox Commerce still has a few residences for sale right Introduce those residences to him.”

Chen Zhao was looking at Huang Xiaolong with a gleam of ridicule in his eyes.

He was looking forward to see Huang Xiaolongs response.

The Silver Fox Commerce staff approached Huang Xiaolong after Chen Zhaos explanation, and asked with a polite smile, “Is this Young Master interested in acquiring a residence in Brimming Snow City Our Silver Fox Commerce still has six residences on our list, so may I ask if Young Master has any specific requirements”

Though the Silver Fox Commerce staffs attitude towards Huang Xiaolong was considered polite, it was still a lot less respectful compared to his attitude towards Chen Zhao.

Then again, this was expected as Chen Zhao was the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Emperors Disciple.

“Among these six residences, which one is the cheapest How much is it” Huang Xiaolong asked the Silver Fox Commerce staff.

In Huang Xiaolongs opinion, even though there were only six residences left, it was not necessary to choose the most expensive one.

He just wanted a comfortable place to rest for now.

He could always purchase a better residence the next time when he brought Li Lu, Yao Chi, and Shi Xiaofei to the Brimming Snow City.

More importantly, he didnt want to expose too much of his wealth in front of Chen Zhao, Li Qunhao, Fang Xuanxuan, and the other strangers.

There were no changes in Chen Zhaos expressions after Huang Xiaolong asked for the cheapest residence, but he sneered coldly inwardly.

The Silver Fox Commerce staff replied to Huang Xiaolong, “Most of the cheapest residences that are the farthest from the city center are already being sold.

Among the remaining six residences, the cheapest residence is five hundred and sixty million low grade-seven spirit stones.”

Chen Zhao put on a shocked expression and exclaimed, “Five hundred and sixty million low grade-seven spirit stones Thats so expensive.” He turned to the staff and said, “Can you give him a discount for my sake” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Hes a Fortune Emperor Palaces branch disciple, and also someone Miss Fang knows.”

The Silver Fox Commerce staff was full of smiles as he respectfully replied to Chen Zhao, “Since Young Lord Chen has made a personal request, and Miss Fang knows him, we can offer him a two percent discount.”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy sneered sarcastically at Huang Xiaolong, “Kid, hear that The Silver Fox Commerce is willing to give you a two percent discount because of our Emperors Disciples personal request.

It is helping you save more than ten million, quickly come over and thank our Emperors Disciple!”

Li Qunhao looked at Xiang Xun who was standing beside Huang Xiaolong with intense hatred.

Xiang Xuns strength had suppressed him when he had faced him the last time.If his Junior Brother Li Yajie hadnt appeared in time to save him during their last encounter, he would have lost his life at Xiang Xuns hands.

He hated Xiang Xun, but hated Huang Xiaolong even more.

But Chen Zhao smiled amiably and said, “Its just a small matter.” Then added, “If you dont have enough spirit stones, I can temporarily loan you five hundred million low grade-seven spirit stones.”

Temporarily loan five hundred million!

Fang Xuanxuan stood quietly, completely blending in with the spectating crowd.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Chen Zhaosgenerous expression.

He completely ignored both Chen Zhao and Li Qunhao as he said to the Silver Fox Commerce staff, “No need for the two percent discount, take me to see the residence instead.”

Everyone was stupefied.

But the staff looked at Huang Xiaolong with a troubled face and said, “This, this Young Master, according to our commerce houses regulations, one must pay half price as a deposit first to view the residences.”

In truth, the Silver Fox Commerce did not have such regulations, but the staff had noticed that Huang Xiaolong and the Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao didnt see eye to eye.

Therefore, he made up such a rule to avoid getting in trouble with Chen Zhao.

Half the price as deposit Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a mocking sneer.

However, he did not take out the silver fox token yet.

Instead, he waved his hand and a pile of spirit stones fell thumping on the floor.

Heavy rumbling noises echoed in the hall as abundant spiritual energy permeated inside it.

Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.

“That residence is five hundred and sixty million low grade-seven spirit stones, right According to the exchange rate, thats 19,930 plus top grade-nine spirit stones.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at the pile of spirit stones and stated, “There are 19,940 top grade-nine spirit stones here, take the extra spirit stones as your tip.”

Chen Zhao, Li Qunhao, Fang Xuanxuan, and even the two old women behind Fang Xuanxuan were astonished as they stared at the pile of top grade-nine spirit stones exuding startling spiritual energy.

Top grade-nine spirit stones...

Cultivators rarely took out such high quality spirit stones for transactions.

Even someone of Chen Zhao and Fang Xuanxuans status were reluctant to use them.

“Have someone check these spirit stones.

If there is no problem, then, lets go view the residence.” Huang Xiaolong calmly said to the Silver Fox Commerce staff, ignoring the reactions on Chen Zhao and Fang Xuanxuans side.

The Silver Fox Commerce staff came to his senses.

His attitude towards Huang Xiaolong changed immediately, and he became much more respectful.

“Young Master, kindly wait for a moment, I will go get our superior.” He turned and scurried off.

At this time, Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao turned to look at Li Qunhao, clearly asking Li Qunhao if Huang Xiaolong was really a meagre Fortune Emperor Palaces branch disciple

Li Qunhao was shocked and helpless, it had never crossed his mind that Huang Xiaolong could have so many top grade-nine spirit stones.

Soon, the Silver Fox Commerce staff returned and there was a middle-aged man behind him.

The first thing Huang Xiaolong noticed was that this middle-aged mans arms were thick and muscular, and he was excluding a white-jade luster.

Huang Xiaolong guessed that he might have practiced some kind of physique tempering technique.

When the middle-aged man arrived, he first greeted Chen Zhao and Fang Xuanxuan, and then beamed at Huang Xiaolong.

“I am the Silver Fox Commerce branchs Supervisor Liang Yuan.

We have finished verifying Young Masters top grade-nine spirit stones, please allow me to show Young Master the residence.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Wait!” The Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao suddenly stopped them.

Everyones attention fell on Chen Zhao.

“Liang Yuan, that residence, I want it!” Chen Zhao said to Ling Yuan.

With a wave of his hand, a spatial ring appeared in the air, showing hills of low grade-seven spirit stones.

He went on, “There are five hundred and seventy million low grade-seven spirit stones inside this spatial ring.”

Liang Yuan was taken by surprise due to Chen Zhaos offer, and was troubled by his demand.

According to the rules, Huang Xiaolong had paid for the residence, so the residence naturally belonged to him.

On the other hand Chen Zhaos identity was making him hesitate.

After all, Chen Zhao was not just some general Emperors Disciple, not to mention, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and their Silver Fox Commerces higher echelons were on good terms.

Another sneer rose up on Huang Xiaolongs face as he saw this.

He took out Bei Xiaomeis token and threw it at Liang Yuan, and said, “If you cannot make the decision, then ask your branch chief to come out.”

Liang Yuan was inwardly displeased at Huang Xiaolongs words big time, but when he saw the silver fox token, his face tightened in horror.

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