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As the two had not bothered to conceal their voices as they conversed, the surrounding disciples heard every word of what they said.

All of their gazes fell upon Huang Xiaolong, immediately turning Huang Xiaolong into the center of attention.

“Senior Brother Lius words are right on point; such a disrespectful disciple needs to be taught a lesson.

But at the same time, Senior Brother Lius identity is too noble, and it will be his honor to get crushed by Senior Brother Lius pinky.

Instead, it would be a blasphemy to Senior Brother Lius finger! I, Ling Guangtong, am willing to teach this punk on Senior Brother Lius behalf!” One of the disciples stepped out and declared to Liu Qin, assuming that his strength was superior to Huang Xiaolong.

This disciples cultivation realm was at the peak of mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

“Thats right, Senior Brother Liu is too noble to personally deal with a mere peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm punk!”

“Anyone of us merely needs to throw one punch to waste this punk!”

Many other disciples joined in clamoring, sonorously agreeing with Ling Guangtong.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong had become an abhorrent sinner, provoking public rage.

Then again, these disciples were not wrong.

The difference between the status of a God King Realm cultivator and an Ancestor God Realm cultivator were equivalent to the difference between heaven and earth itself.

God King Realm masters were many times nobler than Ancestor God Realm cultivators.

God King Realm masters were venerated existences in any world surfaces.

Moreover, in these disciples minds, it was already certain that Liu Qin was going to get accepted as a personal disciple by a Hall Master by the end of the rankings competition, based on his talent and strength.

Huang Xiaolong watched indifferently as he made a mental note of all these disciples faces.

He had no clue about the names of these disciples branches, but that wasnt important at all.

He only needed to remember their faces for next days rankings competition.

Liu Qin watched the angry clamoring disciples, and suddenly decided that it was enough.

So he shook his head and said, “Were here at the Supreme Harmony Hall, and our Fortune Emperor Palaces rules have always been strict.

Naturally, we cannot break our Fortune Emperor Palaces rules because of a mere peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Everything should be resolved in the rankings competition tomorrow.”

“Right, right, its exactly as Senior Brother Liu said.

Were being too brash!”

“Senior Brother Lius broad-mindedness far exceeds ours.”

“Thats right, whats Senior Brother Lius identity We can hardly catch up with him.

I say, with Senior Brother Lius talent and strength, he would surely get accepted as a personal disciple by a Hall Master after the end of the rankings competition!”

The disciples around Liu Qins side flattered him unabashedly.


Right at this time, a harrumph rumbled like thunder in everyones ears, nearly shattering their eardrums.

When the disciples looked at the source in fury, they realized it was Fu Feiyu.

Their furious expressions immediately turned into flattering smiles once more.

They watched as Fu Feiyu walked towards Huang Xiaolong, and smiled affably as he said, “Is your name Huang Xiaolong My name is Fu Feiyu.

I have heard that during the enrollment assessment, it showed that your bone-age is below one thousand years.”

What was with that tone of familiarity, as if Huang Xiaolong and he had known each other for a long time

Even though Elder Bai had forbade Luo Yun from spreading Huang Xiaolongs assessment results, there were too many disciples present at that time, thus Huang Xiaolongs matter had still circulated.

Though not many people knew about it, Fu Feiyu was one of the people who knew about it.

The other disciples who werent aware of this information were shocked by Fu Feiyus words.

Several of them looked at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

Bone-age below one thousand years!

This… Was this even possible!

Huang Xiaolong raised his head, looking straight at Fu Feiyu and asked, “Is something the matter”

Is something… the matter

All the disciples looked at Huang Xiaolong with widened eyes.

Doesnt Huang Xiaolong know that it was Fu Feiyu who was standing in front of him That Fu Feiyu is a mid-First Order God King Realm master and he would definitely be accepted as a personal disciple by a Hall Master Huang Xiaolong actually dared to speak to Fu Feiyu in that manner

Fu Feiyu stiffened unnoticeably as he too hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to respond in this manner after introducing himself.

Huang Xiaolong had actually asked him if there was something of matter...

Liu Qin erupted in laughter as he came to Fu Feiyus side.

“I say, Brother Fu, youre sticking your face to another persons cold butt.

He doesnt seem to appreciate your kindness ah.”

Fu Feiyus face darkened with sullenness.

He didnt have a good impression about the girly guy Liu Qin, but now, he regarded Huang Xiaolong even below Liu Qin.

Huang Xiaolong, a mere peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple, had the guts to disregard him in public This was equivalent to slapping his face!

But Fu Feiyus expression recovered swiftly.

He said to Liu Qin, “Liu Qin, lets make a bet.

How about it”

Liu Qin followed up with a smile, “Bet what What are the takes”

Fu Feiyu pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

“Bet whos luck is better; lets see who could find this kid during the rankings competition and defeat him.”

Liu Qin giggled with a hand over his mouth.

“Compete our luck My luck has always been good.

Alright then, Ill bet with you...

How many spirit stones”

“Hmm, how about one million low grade-seven spirit stones” Fu Feiyu suggested generously.

One million low grade-seven spirit stones was not a small amount.

Lu Qin chuckled coquettishly.

“Deal! One million low grade-seven spirit stones it is.”

With that, Huang Xiaolong became the target of their bet.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly.

Due to Liu Qin and Fu Feiyus obvious dislike towards Huang Xiaolong, the other disciples within close proximity to Huang Xiaolong hurried away, putting a distance between them, as they were clearly afraid of getting implicated if they lingered around him unnecessarily.

Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu subsequently chose the center of the square as their meditation spots, surrounded by a group of disciples like stars embracing the moon as they waited for the next day to arrive.

The night was quiet with the occasional soft breeze blowing through the square.

Soon, dawn crept up from the horizon.

At the first ray of light, a group of Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples flew out from the Supreme Harmony Hall, and the leader was none other than Luo Yun.

And following right behind Luo Yun was the purple-haired female disciple, Peng Xiao!

All of the other disciples waiting in the courtyard were surprised to see Peng Xiao fly out together with the Fortune Emperor Palaces inner sect disciples group, but they all soon understood the reason.

As a supreme godhead genius, Peng Xiaos status was naturally different from them.

Almost all of the male disciples eyes were stuck on Peng Xiao, from awe to worship.

Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu were no exception to this.

From the distance, Peng Xiao suddenly looked at Huang Xiaolong and nodded lightly.

Could that be considered as a greeting

Many disciples noticed this little gesture and were astonished by it.

Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu also glanced in Huang Xiaolongs direction, jealousy flickering across their eyes.

Moments later, Peng Xiao, Luo Yun, and other inner sect disciples descended on the square.

Luo Yun looked around the square and began with a smile, “Everyone is here.

My name is Luo Yun, Junior Brothers, you can call me Senior Brother Luo Yun.

I will be soon activating the transmission array to send everyone to the rankings competition venue today.

Before that, I will announce the rankings competitions rules.”

“In truth, the rankings competitions rules are very simple.

This is a spiritual fruit cultivated through a secret method of our Fortune Emperor Palace.

Its called Fortune Divine Fruit.” As Luo Yun said that, he took out a fruit and showed it to everyone as he went on, “Consuming this Fortune Divine Fruit not only can help raise ones strength, but it also brings many other benefits.

I will be giving each of you one Fortune Divine Fruit, and when all of you arrive at the competition venue, you can start snatching the fruit from other disciples.

The more Fortune Divine Fruit you snatch, the higher will be your rank.

On top of that, all the Fortune Divine Fruits that you would have managed to snatch will be rewarded to you.”

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