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Each person inside the examination hall had a different expression on their faces as they watched and waited for Huang Xiaolong, Fu Feiyu, and Peng Xiao to cross paths in the valley.

“Say, what do you think would happen when the three of them meet each other” Fang Gan had a smile on his face as he directed his question to Zhao Lei, Xu Wen, Zhang Dong, and the rest.

Gongsun Chi hesitated briefly before replying, “Fu Feiyu is probably no match against Huang Xiaolong, but Peng Xiao will be the final winner!”

Based on the strength Huang Xiaolong had displayed so far, he could probably defeat Fu Feiyu.

However, he was bound to suffer a defeat against Peng Xiao.

At the end of the day, Peng Xiao was a supreme godhead genius, who was fundamentally different from Fu Feiyu, moreover, Peng Xiaos cultivation had broken through to late-First Order God King Realm.

Everyone in the hall nodded, agreeing with Gongsun Chis statement.

But Zhao Lei seemed to be in a sulky mood, “Fu Feiyu is no match against Huang Xiaolong, I agree with this point, but I dont agree that the final winner would be Peng Xiao.”

Fang Gan couldnt hold back his laughter after hearing Zhao Leis words.

“Zhao Lei, I know you want to accept Huang Xiaolong as your disciple.

Therefore, in your heart, youre not willing to see Huang Xiaolong lose to Peng Xiao, but honestly, do you really think Huang Xiaolong has a chance against the late-First Order God King Realm genius Peng Xiao who has a supreme godhead”

Li Shan looked at Zhao Lei with a big grin and lured him, “Zhao Lei, why dont we make a small bet”

At the end of this rankings competition, Peng Xiao was going to be Li Shans personal disciple, yet Zhao Lei had said that the final winner might not be Peng Xiao, therefore, he naturally had an opinion about that.

Zhao Lei played along, smiling as he asked, “What stake is Ancestor Li Shan interested in betting”

The smile on Li Shans face widened as he said, “Just bet a hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones.

If Huang Xiaolong takes first place, you win, but if it is Peng Xiao, then I win.”

One hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Zhao Lei hesitated.

Even though he was the Fortune Emperor Palaces Chief of Hall Masters, one hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones was still a huge sum for him.

Not to mention, he wasnt really confident that Huang Xiaolong would be able to win against Peng Xiao.

The reason he had said what he said earlier was because he was a little peeved.

If Huang Xiaolong was defeated by Peng Xiao, wouldnt that mean he would lose one hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones for nothing

Detecting Zhao Leis hesitation, Li Shan chuckled.

“I know that youve obtained a certain ancient lightning cultivation dwelling.

Ive also heard that there is a piece of lightning dragon stone Maybe, you can use that dragon lightning stone as stage; if you win, Ill give you one hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones, whereas, if you lose, I only want that piece of lightning dragon stone.

It seems like Li Shans target had been that lightning dragon stone all along.

That piece of lightning dragon stone contained extremely pure lightning dragons lightning qi that could be used to temper ones body and godhead, amongst many other benefits to the cultivator.

It was not useful for Li Shan, but he was planning to give it to his disciple, Peng Xiao.

Afraid that Zhao Lei would opt out of the bet, Li Shan added, “Of course, if Huang Xiaolong fights Peng Xiao to a draw, then that will also be my loss.

How about that”

Zhao Lei gritted his teeth and made a decision, “Deal!”

Even if Huang Xiaolong was no match against Peng Xiao, he might be able to, just maybe, fight to a draw against Peng Xiao… right Zhao Lei pondered inwardly.

Seeing that Zhao Lei had agreed to the bet, Chen Yirong let out a sarcastic chuckle, then said, “Zhao Lei, you are probably going to lose that piece of lightning dragon stone.”

Although Li Shan also fancied Huang Xiaolong and had a slight intention to accept Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name, he had to admit that he didnt think that Huang Xiaolong could be compared to Peng Xiao nor was he Peng Xiaos match.

At the end of the day, the facts that Peng Xiao was already a late-First Order God King Realm, and a supreme rank godhead genius with the Purple Phoenix Physique that favored his opinion about her; as amazing as Huang Xiaolongs battle strength was, the two of them were at two very different levels.

Everyone was watching the mirror jade with even more interest now.

A slight pang of regret sprouted in Zhao Leis heart at Chen Yirongs satire.

That lightning dragon stone was his precious baby, so he shouldnt have agreed to bet on an impulse.

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhao Lei, and others watched as Huang Xiaolong, Fu Feiyu, and Peng Xiao finally encountered each other in the air above the valley.

At this time, above a certain valley on the giant island, Huang Xiaolong, Fu Feiyu, and Peng Xiao finally met.

All three were a little caught off guard as no one had expected it to happen.

A second later, Fu Feiyus gaze was locked onto Huang Xiaolong and he erupted in laughter.

His laughter sounded a little insane, icy, and distorted.

Whereas, Huang Xiaolong remained calm, but the purple-haired Peng Xiao was watching Huang Xiaolong with interest, as if she wanted to see through the secret Huang Xiaolong was hiding in his body.

“Huang Xiaolong, what benefit did you give Liu Qin” Fu Feiyu spoke first.

“To have him give you all of his Fortune Divine Fruits”

Huang Xiaolong snickered after listening to Fu Feiyus question, “How many spirit stones do you want I still have one million top grade-nine spirit stones.” He deliberately opened his spatial ring to give full view to Fu Feiyu.

Spiritual energy rushed out like waves, embracing Fu Feiyu and Peng Xiao in an ocean of spiritual energy.

Both Fu Feiyu and Peng Xiao looked at the one million top grade-nine spirit stones in amazement.

One million! Top grade-nine spirit stones!

A shiver ran down Fu Feiyus body.

In comparison to this, the five hundred and sixty million low grade-seven spirit stones residence that Huang Xiaolong had bought in Brimming Snow City had only cost less than twenty thousand top grade-nine spirit stones in exchange value.

Yet, there were one million top grade-nine spirit stones in front of them!

Fu Feiyu and Peng Xiaos reactions were understandable.

Even the Fortune Emperor Palaces Elders, Grand Elders, and even Hall Masters like Zhang Dong, Gongsun Chi, and the rest were dumbfounded.

“Looks like this kid is also a big pocket ah.

Whoever gets him as their disciple, his Master definitely wont fall into poverty.” Fang Gan laughed heartily.

In truth, his heart had missed a beat.

Everyone also laughed at Fang Gans little joke.

Above the valley, after some internal struggle, Fu Feiyu finally managed to tear his gaze away from the one million top grade-nine spirit stones and looked at Huang Xiaolong with a mocking sneer.

“Im surprised, really, you actually dared to violate the Fortune Emperor Palaces rankings competitions rules, you cheated! Now, even if I capture you and abolish your cultivation, the Fortune Emperor Palace would not penalize me!”

Fu Feiyu turned towards Peng Xiao with an amiable smile.

“Senior Sister Peng Xiao, Ill capture Huang Xiaolong, and then we can equally divide his Fortune Divine Fruits and top grade-nine spirit stones between the two of us, okay”

Peng Xiaos delicate eyebrows creased into furrows.

She shook her head at Fu Feiyus suggestion but did not voice out her opinion.

Fu Feiyu was surprised that Peng Xiao had actually refused his offer, but his composure did not falter as he said, “Since Senior Sister Peng Xiao has concerns, let me capture Huang Xiaolong first! We can equally divide his things after that!” Fu Feiyus momentum soared as he leaped towards Huang Xiaolong.

His arms extended out as they enlarged, akin to a golden peng [1] spreading its wings.

Then, his fingers bent into claws, swiping at Huang Xiaolong.

His two giant claws cast a shadow over the land below.

Huang Xiaolong sneered as he watched Fu Feiyu leaping forward.

Huang Xiaolong shot forward, bypassed Fu Feiyus claws, and arrived right in front of Fu Feiyu in the blink of an eye.

Looking at Fu Feiyus flabbergasted face, a blinding golden light enshrouded Huang Xiaolongs fist as he swung it at full force.

Fu Feiyu felt pain in his eyes from the glaring light.

In the next second, he felt a tremendous impact collide with his throat, followed by the sounds of breaking bones.

Blood rose up Fu Feiyus throat and spurted out from his mouth uncontrollably.

[1] Peng or Dapeng (大鵬) is a giant bird that transforms from a Kun, a giant fish in Chinese Mythology.

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