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“Zhu Feng, what is the meaning of this” Xu Baisheng demanded coldly.

Zhu Feng gave a short and mirthless laugh.

“A few days ago, several convicts escaped from the Crimson Crescent Citys dungeon.

We suspect that your Edge of the World Manor is harboring escaped convicts, so we need to enter and search the manor.”

Feng Ers face sank at Zhu Fengs slander, but she responded calmly, “If you want to search the Edge of the World Manor, but what happens if you dont find anything”

Zhu Fengs gaze shifted to Feng Ers alluring but frosty face, and his eyes lit up.

He smirked and said, “If we dont find anything, then that must be because you lot helped them escape, so all of you would have to make a trip to the dungeon for questioning.”

Zhu Fengs smirk turned into a triumphant laughter.

Other Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples also joined in and laughed with Zhu Feng.

Xiang Xun stared coldly at Zhu Feng and said, “According to the Fortune Emperor Palaces regulations, you must have a search warrant to search residences.”

“Search warrant” Zhu Feng laughed even louder.

He pointed at the middle-aged man in front of him, and ridiculed, “Do you know who he is He is Senior Brother Han Tongfei.

He is our Fortune Emperor Palaces Enforcement Halls Grand Elder Han Liangs grandson.

Do you think, with our Senior Brother Han Tongfeis identity, we would need a search warrant to search your manor”

The middle-aged man, Hang Tongfei, nodded his head proudly and spoke with authority, “The Enforcement Hall will search whichever residence it wants to search.

I advise you that resistance is futile...

If you dare to resist in Crimson Crescent City, the Fortune Emperor Palaces territory!” He harrumphed coldly to emphasize his meaning.

Zhu Feng was roaring happily in his heart at the way the situation was developing.

He had obtained a good result in the last batch of recruited disciples rankings competition, and had smoothly gained a place in the top one thousand rankings.

He Fang and Chen Xuguang with whom he had associated earlier had promised to recommend him to their Master to take him as a personal disciple.

He Fang and Chen Xuguangs Master was the Enforcement Halls Elder Wu Zongpeng.

And through He Fang and Chen Xuguang, Zhu Feng had met the Enforcement Halls Grand Elder Han Liangs grandson, Han Tongfei.

This time, he, Han Tongei, and several others had come to Crimson Crescent City to play, but who wouldve thought that they would run into the little cow, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others.

And this situation was brought about by Zhu Fengs deliberate incitement in Han Tongfeis ears.

Zhu Feng reminded Han Tongfei, “Senior Brother Tongfei, that elephant is very powerful, at least a Seventh Order God King Realm, so we have to be careful.”

Han Tongfeis gaze fell on Xiang Xun, and he snickered with disdain, “Is Seventh Order God King Realm very powerful In fact, seventh Order God King Realm is less than a fart in our Fortune Emperor Palace.

Anyone of our core disciples could easily pinch him to death! Therefore, if you know whats good for you, better not resist!”

A cold light glinted in Xiang Xuns eyes as black flames danced on the surface of his skin.

The little cow patted Xiang Xun with her hoof as she said lazily, “Wait for Xiaolong to return before making any move.

Ive already contacted him, and hes already on his way.

He will reach Crimson Crescent City in an hour or two.”

Xiang Xun was startled but complied quickly, and converged his surging godforce.

The little cow did not conceal her words deliberately, thus Zhu Feng, Han Tongfei, and the others also heard her.

Zhu Feng became excited, “So, Huang Xiaolong went to participate in this batchs rankings competition.” As an afterthought, he said to Han Tongfei, “Senior Brother Tongfei, that Huang Xiaolong is quite a talented one.

If his rankings competitions result is not bad, would it bring us any trouble”

Remembering Huang Xiaolongs terrifying talent, Zhu Feng began to worry about his actions.

Han Tongfei asked, “What is Huang Xiaolongs godhead”

“His is the high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead.” Zhu Feng answered honestly, “However, Huang Xiaolongs battle power is extraordinary, and it probably has the strength of a Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm.”

Zhu Feng wasnt very clear about Huang Xiaolongs cultivation progress over the years, so based on the strength and cultivation speed Huang Xiaolong had exposed in the past, he estimated that Huang Xiaolongs current cultivation was most likely at Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm.

Thirty to forty years ago, Zhu Feng had seen Huang Xiaolongs strength when he had battled the Lord Sea God Feng Yingying, when she led a group of sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs back from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong had defeated Feng Yingying who was already a Second order Ancestor God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was merely a First Order Ancestor God Realm at that time, thus, based on Huang Xiaolongs frightening cultivation speed, he has probably broken through to Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm by now, right

Han Tongfei didnt put Zhu Fengs words to heart at all, and said, “Merely a high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead disciple.

With that level of Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm strength, even if he really made it into the top one thousand rankings in the competition, he would never be among the top three hundred, thus, he would not be fancied by any Grand Elder as a personal disciple.

As for the Elders, as long as I mention this matter to them, they wont accept Huang Xiaolong as a disciple for my sake.”

At that time, Huang Xiaolong will be nothing more than a common Fortune Emperor Palaces outer sect disciple, so what waves could he raise

Delight rose to Zhu Fengs face.

He grinned widely and flattered, “Senior Brother Tongfei is right, I am worrying needlessly.”

As Zhu Feng and Han Tongfei had been spending their time outside recently, neither of them had heard any news related to the last batchs disciples competition.

With that, Han Tongfei waved his arm as he ordered the Fortune Emperor Palaces Enforcement Halls disciples, “Search!”

The surrounding Enforcement Halls disciples complied respectfully and rushed towards the Edge of the World Manor.

Right at this moment, the Edge of the World Manor emitted a bright light that soared to the sky as rings of defensive formations were activated, protecting the manor at its center.

The Enforcement Halls disciples halted and stopped rushing in.

Han Tongfei sneered watching this.

“You lot dared to resist! Into the formation and attack, break in and arrest all of them!”

The Enforcement Halls disciples all flew in midair, and spread out in an orderly manner, forming a strange diagram.

A mysterious power surged out from the center of the diagram as more than a dozen disciples attacked simultaneously.

The Edge of the World Manors defensive formations light barrier swayed and shook under this impact.

But the defensive light barrier quickly stabilized as Xiang Xun and Xu Baisheng channeled their godforce into the formations core.

Han Tongfei snorted at their effort and ordered the Enforcement Halls disciples to continue to attack.

At the same time, a flying ship was accelerating towards the Crimson Crescent City on the horizon.

This was none other than the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

Inside the Dragon Shark Flying Ships control hall, Huang Xiaolongs gaze was extremely frosty.

He has already learned about what had happened at the Crimson Crescent City from the little cows messages.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had directly taken out the Dragon Shark Flying Ship not worrying about the consequences.

With the Dragon Shark Flying Ships speed, he could reach the Crimson Crescent City in an hours time.

With top grade-nine spirit stones fueling the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong was already seeing the Crimson Crescent Citys outline.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship stopped high in the air above the Crimson Crescent City.

Huang Xiaolong stepped outside and put the flying ship into the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space.

One stride forward, and he appeared right above the Edge of the World Manor in the next second.

Under the Enforcement Hall disciples constant joint attacks, the Edge of the World Manors defensive light barrier had dimmed greatly.

If this were to continue, the manors defenses would break in half an hour or so.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was locked onto Zhu Feng and Han Tongfei.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Zhu Feng screamed as he saw Huang Xiaolongs figure appearing in front of them.

He was elated to finally see him.

Upon Huang Xiaolongs returned, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others quickly stepped out from the light barrier.

“This old cow would have gotten disassembled by them if you kid hadnt come back right now.” The little cow complained to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong retorted without any mercy, “Even if that would have happened, no one would have wanted your old bones.”

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