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Chapter 1467: Accepting A Disciple, Worshiping A Master


While Huang Xiaolong and the others waited in the hall, the remaining disciples continued to drizzle in.

Soon, the spacious hall became slightly crowded.

The top one thousand disciples in every batch of rankings competition were going to attend the ceremony, and six batches of disciples meant there were at least six thousand disciples waiting inside the great hall at that moment.

First place winners from the other batches also reached the hall accordingly.

When these disciples arrived, all of them looked towards Huang Xiaolong almost immediately, and each of them had a different degree of awkwardness in their expressions.

Then again, feeling awkward was normal.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was just a peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple, but he had snatched the title of overall champion.

Although these disciples had heard that Huang Xiaolong had defeated Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu, they had not witnessed these feats with their own eyes, therefore, they remained doubtful of the rumors about Huang Xiaolong, feeling that there was a large part of exaggeration involved in these rumors.

Exaggeration about Huang Xiaolong’s monstrous talent as well as his battle power.

How talented could someone be who only has a high emperor rank godhead

Strong as Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique might be, but there needed to be a limit to exaggerating his battle power!

The first place winner of the fifth batch was a disciple called Chen Zitong, a mid-First Order God King Realm.

He stood not far from Huang Xiaolong.

He grinned widely and said, “Junior Brother Huang, I heard that Fu Feiyu couldn’t even take one move from you.

So when are you free to show us some of your power”

Fu Feiyu’s face darkened at Chen Zitong’s taunting words.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Chen Zitong from the side of his eyes, and then looked away as he said, “There will be such an opportunity in the future.”

Chen Zitong wanted to say more but all the disciples in the hall suddenly quieted.

He followed most of the surrounding disciples’ gazes and saw a group of Fortune Emperor Palace’s Elders and Grand Elders entering the hall.

All the disciples’ nerves tightened with nervousness.

Subsequently, the Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei, and other Fortune Emperor Palace’s Hall Masters Gongsun Chi, Xu Wen, Zhang Dong, and the rest appeared in the great hall.

The disciples became even more nervous.

Lastly, came the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Fortune Emperor Fang Gan, Ancestor Li Shan, Ancestor Zhou Chen, and Ancestor Chen Yirong.

The disciples were holding their breaths subconsciously, and they lowered their heads in respect.

After Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong stepped into the great hall, and all the disciples saluted respectfully.

“Greetings Sect Chief, several Ancestors, Chief of Hall Masters, Hall Masters, Grand Elders, and Elders!”

Their sonorous voices reverberated in the air.

Fang Gan smiled and nodded at the disciples, and had everyone rise to their feet.

After everyone stood up, Fang Gan took another look at the disciples in front of him and smiled heartily.

“The recruitment of our emperor rank godhead geniuses from the various Fortune Gate branches has given us a pleasant surprise; not only there are two supreme godhead geniuses, but geniuses with amazing talent and battle power have also appeared!”

Fang Gan’s mirthful gaze fell on Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao as he went on, “I believe most of you already know who these two supreme godhead geniuses are.

Correct, they are Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao.”

In that instant, Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao became the center of attention.

Even though Sun Shihai tried his best to appear calm, the attentive people could still see his excitement and happiness from his slightly trembling hands.

After a brief pause, Fang Gan’s gaze shifted to Huang Xiaolong as he continued, “However, unexpectedly the overall champion is neither Sun Shihai nor Peng Xiao, but a disciple from the Vientiane branch named Huang Xiaolong.”

Sun Shihai and the other disciples in the hall turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, each with their own thoughts.

“I and several Ancestors, as well as Zhao Lei have seen your performance in the rankings competition, and it was very good.” Fang Gan was generous with his praise.

“Thank you Sect Chief for your kind words of praise.” Huang Xiaolong responded calmly.

Only now did these other disciples realize that Huang Xiaolong’s rankings competition performance had alerted Fang Gan and the Ancestors.

Chen Yirong, Zhao Lei, and the others’ eyes contained a hint of mirth.

Fang Gan also praised a few other disciples, making them disciples feel proud in their hearts.

One of them was the fifth batch’s first place winner Chen Zitong.

Then, the Supreme Harmony Hall’s Hall Master Zhang Dong presented Huang Xiaolong, Sun Shihai, Chen Zitong, and other batches first place winners with their rewards.

As the overall champion, Huang Xiaolong’s rewards were naturally more than the others, even the Elders and Grand Elders couldn’t help but look at these rewards with envy.

Huang Xiaolong’s rewards consisted of ten thousand low-grade grandmist spiritual pills, ten thousand low grade-ten spirit stones, and a set of top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts that were actually an ancient super force’s treasure, named Dark Gold Divine Artifacts.

This set of top-grade chaos spiritual artifact’s quality was infinitely close to a low-grade grandmist spiritual artifact, from full body armor, a long spear, a pair of gloves, down to cloak.

But these rewards that even roused the envy of Elders and Grand Elders were nothing much in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He has a lot of low-grade grandmist spiritual pills, so ten thousand more or ten thousand less didn’t matter.

As for low grade-ten spirit stones, he himself would be able to condense them after breaking through to God King Realm.

And with his True Dragon Physique, he didn’t need any Dark Gold Divine Artifacts.

After the prize-giving ceremony ended, it was time for the higher echelons to select their disciples.

It started with Zhou Chen announcing that he would accept Sun Shihai as his disciple.

Following that, Li Shan announced that he would accept Peng Xiao as his disciple.

Subsequently, Chen Yirong and Zhao Lei both approached Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Yirong spoke first as he smiled at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, give me your hand.”

Huang Xiaolong calmly extended his hand without a word, as he knew that Chen Yirong wanted to examine his godhead.

Chen Yirong sent a small thread of godforce into Huang Xiaolong’s body through his hand.

A while later, he retrieved his godforce, and shook his head at Fang Gan, Li Shan, and Zhou Chen in disappointment.

Huang Xiaolong’s godhead was indeed the Five Elements Godhead.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’m willing to make an exception and accept you as my disciple-in-name, so are you willing to be my disciple” Chen Yirong asked, maintaining a smile on his face as he thought about Huang Xiaolong’s variant True Dragon Physique and amazing battle power.

He paused slightly before pointing at Zhao Lei who was standing next to him, and went on, “Besides me, Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei also has the intention of accepting you as his personal disciple.

Are you willing to worship me or Zhao Lei as Master”

Fu Feiyu and Liu Qin’s faces looked extremely fascinating as they listened closely to Chen Yirong’s words.

Ancestor Chen Yirong actually wanted to make an exception and accept Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name!

Other disciples who had not known about this beforehand were dumbfounded and jealous.

Just as everyone thought that Huang Xiaolong would select to worship Ancestor Chen Yirong as his Master, Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded in the quiet hall, “Ancestor Chen Yirong, this disciple wants to worship Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei as his Master.”

“What!” Everyone in the great hall was stupefied by Huang Xiaolong’s decision.

Even Chen Yirong had not expected this and he looked strangely at Huang Xiaolong.

Instead, Zhao Lei let out a hearty laughter after a brief moment of blankness, as if he had gotten a precious treasure.

He said to Chen Yirong, “Ancestor Chen Yirong, we had agreed to let Huang Xiaolong choose for himself.

In this case, Huang Xiaolong is my personal disciple from now on!”

Truthfully, it had never crossed his mind that Huang Xiaolong would choose him.

Chen Yirong smiled, though his smile was a little awkward, and said, “Naturally.” He had not accepted a disciple in a long time, but he had certainly not expected Huang Xiaolong to refuse his offer the one time he was willing to make an exception.

Fang Gan chuckled and turned to Zhao Lei, “Congratulations ah, Brother Zhao Lei.”

Zhao Lei was in a good mood as he laughed and responded, “Thank you, Sect Chief.

Congratulations are in order for all of us at Fortune Emperor Palace.”


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