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Even Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and Zhao Leis faces turned sullen upon noticing the ember skull emblem on the young mans black brocade robe.

“Hes from the Fiend God Emperor Palace!” Chen Hao exclaimed next to Huang Xiaolong, and the shock in his eyes was obvious to all.

Fiend God Emperor Palace There was a moment of confusion in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Senior Brother, this Fiend God Emperor Palace is…” Huang Xiaolong asked Chen Hao.

‘It seems like he really needs to make time for a trip to the Fortune Emperor Palaces library to read up on the Divine Worlds Emperor Palace forces, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself at the same time.

Chen Hao took a deep breath before replying to Huang Xiaolong.

His voice was shaky as he spoke, “The Fiend God Emperor Palace ranks third among all the Emperor Palaces forces! No doubt, the Fiend God Emperor Palace is a powerful force, terrifying is a better word.

In the last billion years, they have orchestrated several bloodbaths, and each time, there would be an Emperor Palaces force annihilated because of the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Therefore, the Fiend God Emperor Palace is nicknamed as the God Slayer Emperor Palace.”

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

This Fiend God Emperor Palace actually ranks third!

Moreover, they orchestrated several bloodbaths, directly causing several Emperor Palaces annihilation!

“Especially more than twenty million years ago,” Chen Hao couldnt help adding, “That time, the Fiend God Emperor Palace had gathered more than a few Emperor Palaces forces with the goal of unifying all the Emperor Palaces, to become the overlord of all the Emperor Palaces! Those who had not surrendered were completely annihilated.

There was an Emperor Palace called Azure Wings Emperor Palace that resisted, and its tens of millions of disciples from top to bottom were all slaughtered.

In the end, even the Azure Wings Emperor Palaces branches disciples, Elders, Grand Elders were not spared.

Later on…” Chen Hao stopped, too agitated to continue.

“What happened later on” Huang Xiaolong urged him to continue.

Judging from the current situation though, the Fiend God Emperor Palace had clearly failed in their plan to unify all the Emperor Palaces forces, but still, Huang Xiaolong wanted to know what happened next.

Chen Hao calmed his agitated emotions slightly before he went on, “Later on, the Grandmist Emperor Palace acted, and only because of that the Fiend God Emperor Palace failed to achieve their goal.

Since then, the Fiend God Emperor Palace has been laying low.

I hadnt expected for a Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciple to appear again.” What he didnt say out loud was that a Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciple had actually appeared in their Fortune Emperor Palace!

Grandmist Emperor Palace

Hearing that, Huang Xiaolong sounded slightly excited as he asked, “Senior Brother, the Grandmist Emperor Palace is …”

“The Grandmist Emperor Palace ranks in the first place, second is the Brightness Emperor Palace, and third is the Fiend God Emperor Palace.” Chen Hao briefly summarized.

First place, Grandmist Emperor Palace!

Huang Xiaolong asked another question, “Senior Brother, the Grandmist Emperor Palaces Emperor is the Grandmist Emperor, is it Could he, perhaps, cultivate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium”

Chen Hao blanked for a moment, then nodded his head.

“The Grandmist Emperors cultivation technique is indeed called the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

This is not a secret, and the Grandmist Parasitic Medium is hailed as the Divine Worlds most powerful cultivation technique and it is unfathomable.

Unfortunately, in the entire Divine World, only two people have ever succeeded in cultivating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium—one is the Grandmist Emperor, and the other is the Grandmist Emperors Master, the venerable King of Grandmist.”

Speaking of the King of Grandmist, Chen Hao was full of reverence.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolongs heartbeat quickened.

Grandmist Emperor!

The King of Grandmist!

The Grandmist Parasitic Medium!


The question was, where did Xiaoniu get the Grandmist Parasitic Medium she had given him To top it off, What was his connection with the Grandmist Emperor or the King of Grandmist

“You are a disciple of the Fiend God Emperor Palace Our Fortune Emperor Palace did not send an invitation to the Fiend God Emperor Palace.” Fang Gan stated as he stood up slowly, his expression solemn as he looked at the black-robed young man.

Even though he was a mere God King Realm disciple, he had made the Fortune Emperor Fang Gan face him with such solemnity, so one could imagine the weight of the Fiend God Emperor Palace in Fang Gans mind.

In truth, Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei and other Emperors were just as solemn and tense as Fang Gan.

Anyone who knew about the Fiend God Emperor Palaces history, they would not underestimate any disciple from the Fiend God Emperor Palace, even if that disciple was merely of God King Realm cultivation.

The black-robed God King Realm young man showed no nervousness while facing Fang Gan, an Emperor Realm master.

He even smiled at Fang Gan as he said, “The Fortune Emperor Palaces apprenticeship ceremony is so grand, so of course our Fiend God Emperor Palace came to convey our good wishes.

Fortune Emperor Fang Gan does not welcome us” Even though the black-robed young man asked if he wasnt welcome, he continued walking into the hall, regardless of Fang Gans answer.

Watching this, Fang Gans face darkened.

The black-robed young man stepped all the way to the halls center and stopped.

He smiled brightly and said, “Earlier, Emperor Fang Gan had said that any Emperor Palaces newly recruited disciples can participate in the sparring challenge, am I right”

“What exactly do you want to say” Fang Gan stared fixedly at him.

“I am also a newly recruited disciple from the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

My bone-age is below ten thousand years, and I would like to exchange some pointers with this disciple from your Fortune Emperor Palace.” The black-robed young mans smile widened as he continued talking to Fang Gan while pointing a finger at Sun Shihai.

“Emperor Fang Gan, as an Emperor Realm master, you should walk the talk.”

Fang Gan frowned, as he could see that this black-robed young mans cultivation was also at the early Second Order God King Realm.

However, there was a strange energy within his body.

Not to mention, none of the present Emperors could distinguish what kind of Fiend God Emperor Palaces technique he had cultivated.

Nonetheless, his appearance gave them a very bad feeling.

“Sure.” Fang Gan answered sullenly.

After all, he had said those words, that too in front of so many people.

“And after the sparring” Zhou Chen questioned the black-robed young man in a heavy tone.

The black-robed young man flashed a grin at Zhou Chen but answered, “If I lose, I will give the Fortune Emperor Palace a chaos spiritual vein.” With a wave of his hand, a spatial artifact appeared before everyone, and floating inside its space was a glittering chaos spiritual vein over twenty thousand li long.

Though everyone was looking at the chaos spiritual vein through a spatial artifact, they could see that it was a high quality chaos spiritual vein, and they were startled by its rich spiritual energy.

The chaos spiritual veins appearance stirred everyone, and their greed lit up in an instant.

A low-grade chaos spiritual vein! Judging from the chaos spiritual veins size, it could produce at least ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones! Hearts quivered at the number.

Even Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and Chen Yirongs breathing quickened slightly.

“And if you win What do you want” Fang Gans gaze soon shifted away from the chaos spiritual vein and fixed on the black-robed young man.

“If I win, I want the Creation Emperor Palaces entire Fortune Holy Scripture!” The black-robed young mans laughter resounded through the Hall.

The Creation Holy Scripture, the Fortune Emperor Palaces supreme holy scripture—only the generations of Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor Realm masters were qualified to study and practice the Creation Holy Scripture.

Even Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong had merely cultivated the first half of the Creation Holy Scripture, but this black-robed young man was asking for the entire Creation Holy Scripture

“What—!” Fang Gan was enraged.

The air around Zhou Chen, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and the others turned volatile.

Pressure from various directions locked onto the black-robed young man.

It was apparent that they were ready to kill this black-robed young man on the spot, if he were to make any suspicious movements.

But right at this point, in the distant void, six terrifying pressures descended into the great hall, completely suppressing Zhou Chen, Li Shan, Chen Yirong and the rest.

Zhou Chens face ashened slightly.

All these six strange pressures were originating from high-level Emperor Realm masters, and each one was stronger than Zhou Chen!

Other Emperor Realm masters in the hall were alarmed as well.

The black-robed young man chuckled meaningfully as he watched Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and Li Shan, then said, “Pardon me, I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I did not come here alone.

There are six Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors accompanying me on this trip.”

He ignored the ugly expressions on Fang Gan and the others faces as he went on leisurely, “Honestly, Emperor Fang Gan need not feel angry, isnt it just a technique If the Fortune Emperor Palace is gone, you say, whats the use of keeping a techniques manual Dont you agree”

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