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If the Fortune Emperor Palace is gone!

Whats the use of a cultivation manual

Threat—! A naked threat!

That too right in front of various Emperor Palaces masters, disciples, and young lords!

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and Zhao Leis faces turned even uglier at the black-robed young mans words.

But deep down in their hearts, they knew that the Fiend God Emperor Palace had the power to make good on their words.

The halls atmosphere became stagnant.

Suddenly, Fang Gan threw his head back and let out a hearty laughter.

A while later, he looked at the black-robed young man and said, “What Is Old Man Fiend God trying to go to war with my Fortune Emperor Palace I admit that the Fiend God Emperor Palace is strong, but my Fortune Emperor Palace is not a soft persimmon you can squish as you like! You guys want to play it that way, then fine, my Fortune Emperor Palace will play along too.” His domineering aura and valiance soared.

Old Man Fiend God was none other than the Fiend God Emperor.

Upon hearing Fang Gans referral to their Fiend God Emperor as Old Man Fiend God, the black-robed young mans brows furrowed, but they quickly smoothed as his face bloomed into a smile once more.

“Ive already heard that Emperor Fang Gans valiance is as high as the sky, excellent.

If I win, forget about the Creation Holy Scripture, I just want ten million Fortune Divine Fruits! However, I will only accept the highest grade of Fortune Divine Fruits!”

Ten million Fortune Divine Fruits!

And will only accept the highest grade

Gasps echoed through the great hall.

Even though that chaos spiritual vein was estimated to bring at least ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones, the price for ten million highest grade Fortune Divine Fruits was worth far more than that.

According to the black-robed young mans offer, didnt that mean the price for one Fortune Divine Fruit was equivalent to one low-grade chaos spirit stone Ten pieces of top grade-ten spirit stones And if converted to top grade-nine spirit stones, one only needed eight hundred top grade-nine spirit stones tobuy one of the highest grade Fortune Divine Fruit.

This price was obnoxiously low.

Fang Gan responded frostily, “I have to say that our Fortune Emperor Palace doesnt have so many Fortune Divine Fruits, and even if we do, I wouldnt agree.

If you win, our Fortune Emperor Palace agrees to give you one million Fortune Divine Fruits.”

The black-robed young mans eyebrows were scrunched together as if in thought.

A moment later, he raised up his three fingers and negotiated, “Three million Fortune Divine Fruits, thats the minimum I can accept!” Before Fang Gan could interject, the black-robed young mans tone changed and sounded a little taunting, “Emperor Fang Gan, I forgot to tell you earlier that a few days back, I happened to run into Miss Xuaner, so I invited her to be my guest at my residence.

I hope you wont think that I have been impolite because of this”

“What!” Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Zhao Lei, as well as the Fortune Emperor Palaces Grand Elders and Elders were shocked and outraged at the same time.

That came as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong and a light gleamed in his eyes as his thoughts turned.

No wonder he did not see Fang Xuanxuan attending the apprenticeship ceremony.

who would have thought that she was actually kidnapped by the Fiend God Emperor Palace

“You, what did you do to Xuaner” Fang Gans gaze and tone was chilling, and his reason seemed to be thinning with every word spoken.

It was only a few days ago that Fang Xuanxuan had left the Fortune Emperor Palace to visit Clear Snow City, then how did she end up in the hands of the enemy!

Well, Fang Gan and the Fortune Emperor Palaces higher echelons were to blame.

All of them took Fang Xuanxuans safety for granted, since she had the two elderly women protecting her at all times.

This was also the reason why no one had checked why she hadnt returned for the apprenticeship ceremony.

The black-robed young man waved his hand nonchalantly as he reassured, “Emperor Fang Gan need not worry, Miss Xuaner eats and sleeps well at my place, and not a hair on her is missing or harm.”

Fang Gan inhaled deeply to calm himself down.

Hesitation flickered back and forth on his face, but in the end, he nodded his head and agreed, “Fine, three million Fortune Divine Fruits, however, whether you win or lose, you must send Xuaner back to me!”

The smile on the black-robed young mans face widened, “Emperor Fang Gan need not remind me about this.

I am standing on my feet right now, but if I dont send back Miss Xuaner safe and sound, will I be able to ever leave this place in one piece”

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, and Zhao Lei exchanged a glance then nodded their heads in agreement.

Zhou Chen turned to look at Sun Shihai and said, “Shihai, fight with all youve got!”

This matter had gone beyond the issue of just the Fortune Emperor Palaces reputation.

Sun Shihai nodded respectfully and said with confidence, “Yes, rest assured Master.” The opponent was an early Second Order God King Realm like him, but he had the Dragon Devourer Spear, as well as his Celestial Blood Ape Physique.

He had ninety percent confidence that he would defeat his opponent.

Fang Gan looked at Sun Shihai and added, “If you win, the Fortune Emperor Palace will reward you with half of that low-grade chaos spiritual vein!”

Half of the low-grade chaos spiritual vein!

Hearing that, Sun Shihai was overjoyed and quickly complied, “Yes, please rest assured, Sect Chief! This disciple will spare no effort and will not disappoint Sect Chief!”

Recalling the battle strength Sun Shihai had shown earlier, easily defeating Zheng Ming and the other challengers, Fang Gans tensed expression loosened slightly.

He nodded at Sun Shihai.

Everyone backed away from the hall center to make space, and retreated back to their seats.

The black-robed young man and Sun Shihai stood facing each other with more than ten meters of distance between them.

Suddenly, the black-robed young man taunted, “Brat, remember my name, Wang Yongsen, otherwise, itd be a shame not to know who you lost to.”

Anger flitted across Sun Shihais eyes, but he laughed instead and enshrouded himself in a radiant blood colored light.

Sun Shihais body grew bigger at a shocking speed in front of everyones eyes.

On the surface of his body was a kind of a protective armor that was similar to scales, and his eyes turned scarlet.

In all previous challenges, Sun Shihai had never fully displayed the power of his Celestial Blood Ape Physiques bloodline, but now, he had completely released it.

Sun Shihais momentum was much stronger as compared to the time when he battled Zheng Ming and the others.

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the others felt more confident watching this.

After Sun Shihai had fully activated his Celestial Blood Ape Physiques bloodline, he roared and thrusted his spear towards the black-robed young man Wang Yongsen at an unbelievable speed.

The heaven devouring beast inscription on his Dragon Devourer Spear emitted a glaring light.

A surreal image of a heaven devouring beast floated in the air with its jaw wide open as if it was going to swallow Wang Yongsen in a gulp.

As Sun Shihais spear was close to piercing Wang Yongsens body, a black light surged out and enshrouded him.

A hellish shriek from Wang Yongsens body pierced the air, and in the next instant, everyone saw black devilish shadows appear around him.

These devilish black shadows formed a big ancient darkness element array, blocking Sun Shihais spear attack! On top of that, the heaven devouring beasts soul was repelled by the array and it reconverged back into the spear.

Sun Shihai was sent staggering backward just in the first collision.

Sun Shihai forcibly twisted his body, changing the direction of his movement in time, but the devilish black shadows pounced on him, eclipsing all light around him.

A curdling scream ensued and light returned in the next second before anyone could react.

Everyone looked over and saw Sun Shihai lying on the floor, barely breathing.

His was dyed in blood completely, and chunks of flesh were missing from his body, as if some horrifying creatures had feasted on him.

What! Everyone was aghast by the sight.

Sun Shihai lost! Lost so thoroughly!

“Shihai!” Zhou Chen appeared by Sun Shihais side in a flicker.

He consecutively hit Sun Shihais several acupoints, and fed him a pellet before heaving a sigh of relief.

However, the bite wounds on Sun Shihais body were still bleeding black colored blood.

Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, and the others glared furiously at the black-robed young man Wang Yongsen.

“Darkness Domain Devil Art!” Fang Gan exclaimed as he looked at the several devilish black shadows around Wang Yongsen.

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