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Chapter 149: This is Like Scratching an Itch for Me

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong took the full force of Lin Han’s Great Moonlight Fist Style, yet he remained standing as stable as a mountain.

The attack did not affect him in the slightest.

Chen Caixiu was stunned.

Chen Xiaojing was stunned.

On the main platform, both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were also stunned.

The ones watching Huang Xiaolong and Lin Han’s battle were stunned speechless at the scene.

He was fine after taking an attack from the Great Moonlight Fist Style by an early Tenth Order warrior like Lin Han!

From some distance away, the smile on Zhou Teng’s face vanished immediately as his face sank.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the stunned Lin Han as he used one hand to brush the spot where Lin Han’s fist struck as if he was patting clean some dust.

“Great Moonlight Fist Style This mediocre power” Huang Xiaolong’s aloof voice criticized, “Bring out the strength you use to drink milk.

That punch just now was like scratching an itch.”

Scratching an itch!

“Wow~~!” The crowd was awestruck.

What did Huang Xiaolong say Lin Han was an early Tenth Order, yet his Great Moonlight Fist Style attack was like scratching an itch for him

This was too incredibly monstrous!

The female fans who were disappointed earlier had their spirits rejuvenated and started declaring their love at the top of their lungs once again.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re so cool~~!”

“Huang Xiaolong, I love you to death!! Kyaaah~~!”

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re too manly, I vow never to marry anyone but you!”

The female students’ passionate confessions attacked Huang Xiaolong like tidal waves, one higher than the other.

On the main platform, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu exchanged a look and smiled dryly.

“This kid, I didn’t realize he had broken through to the Tenth Order; he really made us worried for nothing!” Sun Zhang said as he watched Huang Xiaolong.

Xiong Chu laughed agreeably, “Yes ah, moreover, isn’t his defense a little too tough But, can you tell the real extent of his strength”

Sun Zhang shook his head, “I can’t.”

Although Sun Zhang was a Xiantian realm expert, he couldn’t determine Huang Xiaolong’s real level of strength.

Lin Han’s face grew increasingly distorted as he stood on the stage hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words and the frenzied screams from the surrounding female students.

Angered and embarrassed, Lin Han stared furiously at Huang Xiaolong.

This little punk actually said he was scratching an itch Wasn’t this humiliating him Naked humiliation!

“Huang Xiaolong, I admit your defense is strong, but I don’t believe your attack is just was strong!” Lin Han roared, and a blinding light flashed behind him as a black stele reaching several meters appeared, exuding a chilly and eerie aura.

This was Lin Han’s martial spirit.

Looking at Lin Han’s martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong could not help but shake his head with a wry smile.

Lin Han’s martial spirit was called Black Stele, a tool type of martial spirit, but it reminded Huang Xiaolong of a tombstone instead.

Lin Han noticed Huang Xiaolong was shaking his head and smiling when he called out his martial spirit, the anger in his heart started to burn stronger.

He soul transformed immediately, and black light shrouded his body as a layer of black metal emerged on the surface of his skin.

In the next moment, Lin Han leaped up and appeared right above Huang Xiaolong’s head, and his body spun like a spinning tombstone, pressing down on Huang Xiaolong.

“Thousand Jin Sealing Force!

This was Lin Han’s martial spirit’s innate ability– pressuring down on the target like a monumental mountain capable of crushing everything beneath it into dust!

Under this pressure, even if it was an expert an order stronger than him like a mid-Tenth Order warrior, they would need to avoid being hit.

He didn’t believe Huang Xiaolong would stand still as he did before, taking this attack fully.

Huang Xiaolong watched Lin Han diving down at him from above with a calm face.

Then, his fingers clenched into a fist and struck upward, just a simple punch that collided head-on with Lin Han’s attack.

A deafening explosion reverberated in midair.

Before the shocked, spectating eyes of the crowd, Lin Han’s pathetic cry filled the air and his silhouette was seen flying away, crashing down ruthlessly even as the battle stage shook.

A cloud of dust flew up on the stage.

Gazes shifted dumbly onto the body lying motionless on the stage.

It ended just like this!

Lin Han called out his martial spirit, soul transformed, displayed his martial spirit’s ability, yet he still struck out and lost

The silence lasted more than a dozen breaths before the Holy Hall erupted in an unprecedented, noisy bedlam.

“Lin Han lost!!”

“He went down with just one punch!”

“What is this Huang Xiaolong’s true strength This is too scary!”

The crowd fell into crazed discussions, and some of the female students’ fanatic screams increased several pitches higher.

The majority of them were speculating about Huang Xiaolong’s real strength.

Below the stage, Chen Xiaojing stared at the motionless Lin Han on the stage and shook his head in bitterness.

Thinking back to his advice to Huang Xiaolong to challenge Lin Han next year, his old face turned red due to embarrassment.

The small group of male students that held resentment towards Huang Xiaolong had their mouths tightly shut.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were blooming seeing this result.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong grew up!

This year, Huang Xiaolong was once again the class’s first place!

The undefeated legend continued to live on!

Even after Huang Xiaolong walked down from the battle stage, the roaring discussions still continued.

From the distant spot, Zhou Teng’s eyes flickered as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

The pale-faced youth behind Zhou Teng scoffed, “I didn’t expect that Huang Xiaolong’s strength actually reached this level! With his strength, perhaps his goal is not as simple as taking the class’s first place!”

A portly young man said dismissively, “What Don’t say he dares to compete with Big Bro Zhou for the overall Academy champion spot”

The pale-faced youth wanted to say more, but Zhou Teng raised a hand to cut him short, “Enough, no need to say more.” A sharp aura burst out from his body, “This year, no matter who it is, if they dare to block my way to the overall Academy champion position− they must die!”


The killing intent in Zhou Teng’s eyes soared as he declared his stance.

The pale-faced youth and the students that stood behind Zhou Tong shuddered internally.

Every student of the inner courtyard knew that Zhou Teng does what he says, and since he had already said that whoever blocks his path to the overall Academy champion position must die, then, someone will surely lose his life!

Zhou Teng has never reneged on his word!

Soon, the results for the Third Year Third Class’s first place winners were announced.

Huang Xiaolong was Third Year Third Class’s first place, the first place of the Third Year Second Class’s was a fatty called Rongguang, and the Third Year First Class’s first place was Liu Meijun.

The Cosmic Star Academy has three great beauties: Li Lu, Chen Caixiu, and the remaining being Liu Meijun!

Li Lu was the cute and gentle type.

Chen Caixiu’s beauty carried a noble dignity.

Finally, the feeling Liu Meijun gave everyone was cold, icy elegance, and she was gorgeous like that of a snow lotus that blooms on top of a snowy mountain.

The third year’s competition was slightly different than the first and second years’.

In both earlier years, the winner of each class drew a stick to determine their turns while the third years’ class winners entered the stage at the same time in a knockout battle royale.

The last one standing would be the Third Year Champion.

The Third Year Champion was eligible to challenge an inner courtyard student should they be interested in competing for the overall Academy championship.

Huang Xiaolong, Rongguang, and Liu Meijun stood at three different points on the battle stage, creating a triangle formation.

The battle had yet to begin, but the flowing undercurrents on the stage were already clashing, and muffled blasts and sparks constantly came from the stage.

The entirety of Holy Hall’s attention was concentrated on these three people.


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