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Soon after, Tong Jiang arrived at his Hall Master Chen Xindes cultivation palace and briefly reported the matter to Chen Xinde.

Chen Xindes eyes gradually turned cold as he listened to Tong Jiangs report.

“Hall Master, what do you think about this” Tong Jiang asked cautiously.

“Since the other side has a Seventh Order heavenly Monarch Realm mount, Ill make the trip personally.” said Chen Xinde.

Tong Jiang rejoiced at Chen Xindes decision.

He bowed slightly and thanked, “Many thanks Hall Master.

Hall Masters strength is at the pinnacle of Heavenly Monarch Realm, therefore, killing a mere Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm mount will be as easy as moving a finger.

It truly makes Tong Jiang apprehensive for alerting Hall Master to deal with such a small matter.”

Chen Xinde laughed nonchalantly.

“Its fine, Im quite idle lately, anyways.

I can go out for a breather.

Is that brat still in the vicinity of the Demonic Python City”


According to the scouts at the Demonic Python City, that kid is in a forest a little over ten thousand li from the Demonic Python City.

Interestingly, hes not running.” Tong Jiang answered.

Huang Xiaolongs actions were clearly not putting the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Demon Palace in their eyes.

The coldness in Chen Xindes eyes intensified when he heard Tong Jiangs words.

“Brazen! Come, were setting off to the Demonic Python City right at this instance!”

Chen Xinde jumped up from his seat in a fit of anger and stormed towards the door.

“Yes, Hall Master!” Tong Jiang followed after Chen Xinde.

Two figures flew out from the hall.

“But, Hall Master, I think that Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples identity is not so simple.” Tong Jiang said as he followed Chen Xinde.

A Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm mount is definitely not something a Fortune Emperor Palaces ordinary disciple can have.

Chen Xinde sneered, full of disdain.

“What Does our Martial Demon Emperor Palace need to look at a mere Fortune Emperor Palaces face when going about our business Even if that brat was a disciple of Fang Gan, he still would die just the same!”

“Yes, this subordinate is thinking too much.” Tong Jiang lowered his head.

“Did the Demonic Python City side ascertain that kids mounts strength is at Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm” Chen Xinde asked casually while on their way.

Tong Jiang understood what was weighing on his Hall Masters mind, thus, he replied respectfully, “Please rest assured Hall Master.

The Demonic Python Citys side has ascertained that the elephant mounts strength is merely at Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and its definitely not above Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

This is the image sent over from the Demonic Python City.” He took out a stone jade and handed it over to Chen Xinde as he spoke.

Chen Xinde accepted the stone jade and channeled his godforce into it.

In an instant, surreal images appeared above the stone jade, showing the scene where Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Xun had attacked He Lianfang, Ning Shaozhi, and Yang Cheng.

Chen Xindes worry was appeased after he finished watching the recorded images from the stone jade.

That big elephants strength was indeed between Seventh Order to Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

His earlier worries were superfluous.

There was nothing to worry as it was impossible for a Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple to have an Emperor Realm followers.

The Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor Realm masters could be counted on the fingers of his two hands.

Therefore, there werent any extra Emperor Realm masters who were so idle that they would follow by a mere disciples side.

“That big elephant is from Hells Ten Thousand Elephant Clan.” Chen Xinde sneered, then went on, “Hells Ten Thousand Elephant Clans clansmen is a treasure from head to toe, and this elephants soul is especially precious to cultivators like us who cultivate evil techniques.

Once I capture that elephant, refine him and absorb his soul, my strength will rise to another degree!”

Tong Jiang smiled a fawning smile and agreed, “At that time, Hall Master would be promoted as one of our Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Ten Hall Masters.

I congratulate Hall Master in advance!”

The Magic Shaman Emperor Palace had close to a hundred Hall Masters, and there were differences in status amongst the Hall Masters.

The stronger you were, the higher was your status, and the ten most powerful Hall Masters sat at the top of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces hall masters hierarchy.

Even though Chen Xindes current strength was at the peak of Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, he was still slightly weaker in comparison to the Ten Hall Masters.

“You will be heavily rewarded when I step into the position of Ten Hall Masters!” Chen Xinde laughed heartily as he said to Tong Jiang.

Tong Jiang joined him, laughing happily.

After leaving the hall, Chen Xinde took only a few people with him.

Other than Tong Jiang, there were two Grand Elders of his hall.

With that, the group headed to the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces transmission array and transferred directly to the Demonic Python City.

With the speed of the transmission array, from the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace to the Demonic Python City merely took an hour or so.

An hour later, Chen Xinde, Tong Jiang, and the other two stepped out from the Demonic Python Citys transmission array.

The Demonic Python Citys Mayor, He Clans Patriarch, and a group of experts were already waiting for them outside the transmission array.

When they saw Chen Xinde, Tong Jiang, and the other two Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Grand Elders, all of them quickly stepped forward and saluted.

“No need to waste time with those perfunctory words.

Is that brat still in the same forest” Chen Xinde cut off the Demonic Python Citys Mayor, He Clans Patriarch, and the group of experts before they could utter a sound.

“Yes, reporting to Hall Master Chen, that brat is there.” The Demonic Python Citys Mayor and He Clans Patriarch hurriedly affirmed.

“Are the people from the Martial Demon Emperor Palace here yet” Chen Xinde asked another question.

“Not yet.” The Demonic Python Citys Mayor answered.

Even better! Chen Xindes tension eased slightly.

Earlier, he was worried that the Martial Demon Emperor Palace would arrive earlier than him and snatched his prey.

If the Martial Demon Emperor Palaces group would have managed to capture that elephant before Chen Xinde, things would have gotten a little tricky.

“Lets go! Lead me there immediately!” Chen Xinde was already whistling away.

The Demonic Python Citys Mayor and He Clans Patriarch complied and hurried to the front, leading Chen Xinde and his group as they flew out from the Demonic Python City.

They went straight towards the forest where Huang Xiaolongs group was located.

It didnt take long before their destination came into their line of sights.

Chen Xinde accelerated forward.

At this time, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong had reached the most critical time of resolving Xiang Xuns petrification seals.

Although Jiang Hong was concentrating on resolving Xiang Xuns petrification seals, he was still aware of his surroundings, thus, he had already discovered Chen Xindes group advancing towards them.

However, Jiang Hongs actions did not stop.

In fact, the slapping movements of his hands on Xiang Xuns forehead increased in speed.

The purple light looked even more brilliant due to this, and suddenly, a loud cracking noise, the loudest so far, sounded from Xiang Xuns body.

Following these sounds dazzling black lights rushed out from his body like a great flood.

All the petrification seals inside Xiang Xuns body were completely resolved!

Jiang Hong sighed in relief as he removed his palms.

In truth, with his strength, it was easy to completely resolve Xiang Xuns petrification seals, however, Xiang Xuns petrification seals had been left inside him for too many million years that they had encroached Xiang Xuns godhead.

That had made it more troublesome to resolve the seals, otherwise, it would have taken him less than an hour to deal with all the petrification seals in Xiang Xuns body.

In fact, it would have been a matter of only a few seconds.

As he watching the dazzling rays of black light from Xiang Xuns body had intensified, Jiang Hong casually waved his hand, easily reconverging the black lights into Xiang Xuns body.

Due to this, Xiang Xuns recovery did not alert Chen Xindes group that was rushing towards them.

A moment after the black lights disappeared and Xiang Xuns momentum had returned to normal, whistling winds sounded as Chen Xindes group arrived above Huang Xiaolongs group.

Behind Chen Xinde were the two Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Grand Elders, then Tong Jiang, the Demonic Python Citys Mayor, He Clans Patriarch and the other experts.

Standing in midair, Chen Xinde peered at Huang Xiaolongs group in a condescending manner.

His gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong, the rest of the group, and it finally stopped on Xiang Xun.

Greed flickered in the depths of Chen Xindes eyes.

But Chen Xinde did not speak.

Instead, it was Tong Jiang, who was giving Huang Xiaolong a death stare, who spoke first, “You are that Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple He Lianfang was my disciple-in-name.

Youve got one of a guts to have killed He Lianfang despite knowing that hes our Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces disciple!”

“This is our Hall Master Chen Xinde.” Tong Jiangclarified Chen Xindes identity upon seeing Huang Xiaolong and his groups indifferent expressions.

The sneer on Tong Jiangs face deepened as he said, “Brat, you didnt see this coming, did you Our Hall Master came here personally.”

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