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When Huang Xiaolong saw the number in Sun Shihais hand, Sun Shihais gaze also fell on the lot number in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

When he realized that they were holding the same number, a look of ecstasy instantly appeared on Sun Shihais face.

Brat, you can only blame the heavens now! Sun Shihai thought as he celebrated in his heart.

Who would have thought that Heaven was kind enough to give Sun Shihai a free pass to the Battle of the Heavenly Court!

Zhou Chen was still grumbling about how he wasnt able to rig the matches and felt extremely disappointed.

As fate would have it, they managed to pick each other as their opponent.

Huang Xiaolong, just wait and see, Ill let you have a taste of what I felt when I was defeated by Wang Yongsen!

It finally dawned on the rest that Huang Xiaolong and Sun Shihai were holding onto the same lot number and the atmosphere erupted.

Both Martial Uncle Huang and Martial Uncle Sun drew the same lot! Theyre definitely going to put up a good show for us in the next round!

The next battle will be a ferocious one! What will happen when a tiger meets a dragon”

B*ll**! Even though Martial Uncle Huang is extremely strong, he wont be able to hold out against Martial Uncle Suns overwhelming strength!” One of the disciples from the Snow Moon Hall sneered.

That\'s what I feel… Even though Martial Uncle Huangs display of strength was pretty awe inspiring, he wouldnt be able to put up much of a fight when challenging Martial Uncle Sun!”

The disciples at the bottom of the arena broke out into fervent discussions.

Everyone at the main table was riled up and all of them started to whisper into each others ears.

The moment Zhao Lei saw the matchup, he furrowed his brows.

Although Huang Xiaolong had just defeated Chen Longshi, another disciple of Snow Moon Hall, with a single finger, it was merely an opponent at the Sixth Order God King Realm.

Even though that meant that he had the combat prowess of a late-Sixth Order God King Realm expert, it was far from enough to be Sun Shihais opponent.

When Sun Shihai took the test, he revealed his combat strength comparable to a late-Sixth Order God King Realm expert.

He had to be holding himself back and there was a possibility he could fight head-to-head with an early-Seventh Order Realm cultivator!

It was extremely likely that that was the case!

After Zhou Chen recovered from his astonishment, he laughed, “I really didnt expect that Shihais opponent in the second round would be Huang Xiaolong! What a surprise! Supreme against supreme… I cant wait to watch this match!”

Zhou Chens relaxed tone and hearty laugh made it seem as though victory was already in his grasp.

Zhou Chen knew about the hidden strength in Sun Shihais body.

The moment he unleashes it, even someone like Zhou Chen would be shocked at the astonishing power.

He felt that even though Huang Xiaolong was surprisingly strong, he wouldnt be able to face Sun Shihai.

Fang Gan, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong were dumbfounded.

However, judging from the look on their faces, they felt that it was a pity for Huang Xiaolong to be facing Sun Shihai in the second round.

After all, the second round was the most important round in the selections.

Defeating their opponent guaranteed a spot in the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

Huang Xiaolong listened to the chatter around him, but an indifferent expression hung on his face.

His body blurred and he appeared on the sixth arena at the same time Sun Shihai did.

Sun Shihai was bursting with anticipation, ready to start the fight.

The second he appeared on the sixth arena, Sun Shihai released a sky-shaking roar and he released his aura without holding anything back.

A tremendous amount of blood-red light surged out of his body.

The aura he emitted felt wild and raw, as though he was releasing all the accumulated rage and resentment he was holding in his heart.

His whole body started to transform and blood-red scales covered every inch of his skin.

Golden strands of hair started to grow all over his body.

The golden hair shimmered in the light and Sun Shihai seemed to be covered in a layer of gold.

Despite the shocking transformation, he didnt stop there.

His body started to swell and his eyes turned completely red.

His already sharp teeth grew longer, and his transformed fangs made it seem as though two ancient blades were poking out of his mouth.

Astonishing strength! What a might Martial Uncle Suns Celestial Blood Ape Physique surpassed the sixth layer!

The aura Martial Uncle Sun is emitting can suppress even someone at the peak of the late-Sixth Order God King Realm.

Moreover, he has the Dragon Devouring Spear! Im afraid that even early-Seventh Order God King Realm cultivators wont be able to stand up to him!”

A commotion was starting to brew among some of the disciples in the audience.

At the main table, Li Shan sighed in admiration, Sun Shihai\'s Celestial Blood Ape Physique has surpassed the sixth layer and it seems as though his defense and strength have increased by ten folds…”

Chen Yirong shook his head and replied, It has probably increased more than that.

Moreover, the sixth layer of the Celestial Blood Ape Physique holds a secret.

Other than increasing his strength and defensive ability, he probably gained a unique innate skill.”

Some special physiques had the ability to awaken certain innate skills or techniques when the practitioner reached a certain level in their cultivation.

Any abilities they awakened would possess unimaginable might!

Huang Xiaolong watched Sun Shihais transformation in silence.

Celestial Blood Ape Physique at the sixth layer

A look of indifference flashed past Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He didnt need to wait for too long.

Sun Shihais transformation was completed in just a short while.

Sun Shihai puffed his chest out as if he was a fierce primordial ape.

The might he emitted caused several Seventh Order God King Realm disciples to stare at him in shock.

Huang Xiaolong, I bet that you didn\'t expect my Celestial Blood Ape Physique to reach the sixth layer! Sun Shihai chuckled coldly.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head slowly and replied, Why are you only at the sixth layer Shouldnt you be at the seventh layer Dont you think youre advancing a little too slow”

“What!” Everyone in the audience was taken aback.

At the main table, Zhou Chen broke into laughter and said to Yan Ying, Did you hear what he said! Hes complaining that the sixth layer of the Celestial Blood Ape Physique isnt enough to pose a challenge! Shouldnt he be aware of his own abilities before laughing at others!

Zhao Lei wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words.

Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao had just found Li Lu and Yao Chi when Huang Xiaolongs declaration entered their ears.

Fang Xuanxuan shook her head and tutted, This guy is really something else...

In the arena, after Sun Shihai recovered from the initial shock of Huang Xiaolongs comment, he burst out laughing.

A trace of killing intent leaked out from him and fury clouded his brain.

“Fine! Since you feel that the sixth layer of the Celestial Blood Ape Physique is too low for your liking, Ill allow you to see the hidden strength in my body!” As soon as the words left his lips, black light surrounded his body.

The black light was extremely mysterious but the power hidden in it even caused some of the elders in the Heavenly Monarch Realm to be taken aback.

Everyone was shocked speechless, including Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and Zhao Lei.

What is this! Fang Gan gasped in shock, Is this the power from an Archdevils bloodline!

What horrifying power! This power definitely came from an Archdevil powerhouse from the grandmist era!” Li Shan said with a trembling voice.

Sun Shihai is a descendant of an Archdevil powerhouse from the grandmist era! Chen Yirong yelled in shock.

The descendant of an Archdevil powerhouse from the grandmist era! With their Emperor Realm cultivation level, they were extremely clear about what that meant.

All the excitement and shock was explained with a single sentence.

Zhao Lei was shocked and his heart sank.

Initially, he was expecting Huang Xiaolong to create another miracle and defeat Sun Shihai.

After seeing Sun Shihais display of strength, he lost all hope.

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