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Five days later, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship stopped above the ruins.

At a glance, one could not see where the ruins ended.

Despite being mottled with time, and long weeds growing everywhere, the outline of the buildings in the ruins were huge.

It was not hard to imagine their glory once upon a time, and the imperious nature of its inhabitants.

“These are the desolate Black Dragon Clans ruins! The scale of the buildings here are bigger than my Grandmist Emperor Palace, but now, we cant even find a complete building anymore.” Jiang Hong sounded melancholic.

The desolate Black Dragon Clans annihilation gave Jiang Hong a feeling of helplessness and sympathy.

The Black Dragon Clan that once rivaled the Grandmist Emperor Palace had actually reached such an ending in less than a hundred million years.

What would become of the Grandmist Emperor Palace a hundred million years later…

If he was gone, the Grandmist Emperor Palace would likely go the way the Black Dragon Clan did, deteriorate, then be swallowed away by time.

The flying ship cruised slowly above the ruins.

Aboard the ship was heavy silence.

It was as if everyone felt the despair and loneliness of these ruins, seemingly reminiscing the Black Dragon Clans glory at its peak.

On the broken walls, they could still see carvings of the glorious, olden days, and most of the theme revolved around dragons.

These carvings of dragons were detailed and life-like.

Dragons were proud by nature, watching sentient life forms from high above.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the ruins while he inwardly activated his True Dragon Physique bloodline to see if he could sense any reaction in the proximity.

Since many experts had already searched these Black Dragon Clans ruins, searching with his divine sense would be futile.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong thought of sensing the treasures based on his True Dragon Physiques bloodline.

Perhaps his True Dragon Physiques bloodline could sense something.

Five to six hours later, Huang Xiaolong who had been circulating his True Dragon Physiques bloodlines power could sense nothing.

But Huang Xiaolong wasnt disappointed.

The Black Dragon Clans ruins were very big.

At the current speed of the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, it would take them two days to fly a complete circle.

Right now, they had merely traveled through one-eighth of the ruins.

Soon, two days passed by.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship stopped somewhere above the ruins.

“Kiddo Huang, how is it” After the Dragon Shark Flying Ship completed a round of the ruins, the little cow asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “My True Dragon Physiques bloodline power did not sense anything.” His tone carried a hint of disappointment.

If it was other treasures, he wouldn\'t have minded it so much.

However, the Black Dragon Clans three treasures, whether it was the Black Dragon Divine Armor, Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, or the Black Dragon Throne, any one of them was extremely useful for Huang Xiaolong.

After paying his respects to his Master the King of Grandmist at the Grandmist Lands, he was going to set off to Hells Asura World.

Having the Black Dragon Divine Armor would have added another powerful layer of protection to himself.

Moreover, the Black Dragon Throne, a top-grade grandmist flight artifact, was extremely convenient whether it was for hurrying to some place or running away.

The Black Dragon Throne was a must-have tool away from home.

Though the others had foreseen this result, Huang Xiaolongs answer still brought a wave of disappointment.

“Senior Brother, lets go see Master.” Huang Xiaolong was quick to recover his composure and said to Jiang Hong.

“Alright then.” Jiang Hong replied.

He then comforted Huang Xiaolong.

“Junior Brother, dont feel discouraged.

Our search this time is a little rushed, its not unusual that we did not find anything.

When Junior Brother has the time in the future, Junior Brother can spend more time searching for it.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded heavily, “It is as Senior Brother says.”

They were a little rushed this time.

Huang Xiaolong decided to first pay his respects to his Master the King of Grandmist, and come to look for the Black Dragon Clans treasures again before going to Hells Asura World.

With this decided, the group left the desolate Black Dragon Clans world surface, and continued onwards to the Grandmist Lands.

Two days later, a flying ship reached a glistening galaxy after speeding out from the desolate world surface.

Looking at the bright galaxy in front of them, there was an inexplicable feeling of arriving in heaven from hell, within everyone.

This bright galaxy was the exact opposite of the black galaxy and the desolate world surface they had passed through before.

The contrasts were too obvious, especially the absence of icy darkness.

“This is the Grandmist Galaxy.” The little cow stated.

“This Grandmist Galaxy is created by Old Man Grandmist himself, and the Grandmist Lands is hidden in the depths of this Grandmist Galaxy.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were astounded.

“This galaxy is created by my Master” Huang Xiaolong repeated with obvious disbelief.

Creating an orderly galaxy… What concept of strength was that!

Huang Xiaolong did not dare to even begin thinking about it.

At the very least, this cognition had never appeared to him or the people around him before this.

The little cow harrumphed watching Huang Xiaolongs reaction, “Creating a galaxy is no big deal, if this old cow has the patience, in a hundred million years, I could create a galaxy too.”

Jiang Hong interjected, “A long time ago, this Grandmist Galaxy was all darkness, and there were icy windstorms everywhere, like the Black Polar Galaxy we saw earlier.

However, Master fancied this places heaven and earth force, so he transformed this galaxy.”

Although Jiang Hong did not speak in detail, everyone could imagine the vast power the King of Grandmist must have used to transform this galaxy.

“Heaven and earth force” Huang Xiaolong caught onto something.

The little cow added, “You have yet to touch the heaven and earth force at your current realm.

Wait until you reach the same level as your Senior Brother Kiddo Grandmist and once you surpass the Emperor Realm, you will know naturally.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled sheepishly, and stopped wondering what the heaven and earth force was.

After all, that was too far from him.

Forget about surpassing the Emperor Realm, even advancing to the Emperor Realm was still a long way away for Huang Xiaolong.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship continued flying towards the Grandmist Galaxy moments later.

The moment the flying ship entered the Grandmist Galaxy, everyone onboard felt an indescribably comfortable and gentle energy caressing their bodies.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered.

This energy bore similarities to the grandmist force, though not entirely.

“All these starlite stones are collected by Master from various places.” Jiang Hong pointed at the various sizes of floating stones in space.

These starlite stones were emitting a faint glow, gathering in large numbers, they looked very pretty.

“Dont look down on these starlite stones, as each one of these millions of starlite stones were specifically and personally picked by Old Man Grandmist from amongst millions other starlite stones.

Each of these starlite stones contain robust life energy and starlight power, as well as grandmist arrays inscribed by Old Man Grandmist himself.

Each type of grandmist arrays are powerful enough to kill a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert if he dares to trespass recklessly into the Grandmist Galaxy when activated!” The little cow explained.

The others stiffened after hearing her explanation.

“Kiddo Grandmist, you still havent informed your Master that were coming over, right” Suddenly, the little cow asked Jiang Hong.

Jiang Hong smiled a wry smile as he reassured, “Since Senior Azure Cow wants to surprise Master, of course, I havent told Master anything.”

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