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While they waited outside, another five years went by.

Huang Xiaolong had been sitting on top of the giant black lightning tortoise for a total of eight years.

Compared to eight years ago, the black lightning sea was roiling in thousand zhang tall waves, dense black streaks of lightning crackling from every imaginable direction.

Each wave of black lightning seawave could instantly kill a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert!

However, these black lightning seawaves that were more than sufficient to kill a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert struck Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars bodies, but none of them moved an inch.

They were akin to four enduring reefs, letting black lightning seawaves hit them day in day out.

A ten thousand zhang long blue dragon coiled in the air above Huang Xiaolongs head, exuding a majestic dragon might.

Dragons roar rumbled in the sky, low and indistinctive, as if it came from faraway ancient times.

During these eight years of devouring the black tortoises lightning power, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had risen from Ninth Order God King Realm to Tenth Order God King Realm! Not only that, he had reached the peak of early Tenth Order God King Realm.

The black tortoises lightning power continuously tempered every inch of Huang Xiaolongs body, as well as his three avatars.

Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique was firmer yet also much more flexible compared to eight years ago.

Not only that, it was even more perfect.

His three supreme godheads emitted radiant rays that pierced through the sky as mysterious symbols appeared on the surface of his three supreme godheads.

These symbols seemed to be heavens law, the everlasting heaven and earth, exuding an indestructible aura.

These were inextinguishable runes!

When a God King Realm expert breaks through to the Tenth Order God King Realm Realm, inextinguishable runes would appear on the surface of his godhead.

When the inextinguishable runes completely covered the surface of ones godhead, the godhead would finish its evolution and the cultivator would break through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm!

When breaking through from Ancient God Realm to God King Realm, it was an evolution of the flesh to achieve the God Kings immortal body.

And breaking through from God King Realm to Heavenly Monarch Realm involved the evolution of the godhead—a Heavenly Monarch Realms indestructible godhead.

An immortal body and an indestructible godhead was immortality!

Thus, a Heavenly Monarch Realm cultivator with an immortal body and indestructible godhead could withstand the cruelty of time, living through an unimaginable lifespan.

Then again, ones innate talent determined the achievements of Heavenly Monarch Realms immortal body and indestructible godhead.

When Huang Xiaolong was advancing to God King Realm, his True Dragon Physique had triggered countless shadows of immortal bodies that further enhanced the evolution of Huang Xiaolongs physical body towards the perfect immortal body.

As inextinguishable runes continued to fill the surfaces of Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads, his momentum rose accordingly.

As if stimulated, endless high waves splashed from the black lightning sea, hitting Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars.

Another eight years went by.

Suddenly, the entire City of Eternity shook violently like it was about to crumble.

A terrifying black lightning pillar shot to the sky, blanketing the entire inheritance space in a thick veil of darkness.

This despairing, neverending darkness swallowed all light in this piece of heaven and earth.

Jin Yuan, Tai Yue, Fan Hui, and Wan Yutian who had been waiting outside the City of Eternity were alarmed by the sudden situation.

Even with their high cultivation realm, they were unable to see through the darkness that befell them.

On this piece of land, this terrifying black pillar of lightning was all that was left in this world.

The giant black tortoise on top of the black lightning pillar let out a sharp, heaven-shattering scream, penetrating Jin Yuan, and the others soul.

“Something happened at the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool!” Asura King Jin Yuan exclaimed, but all four peoples faces tightened nervously.

“Its master! Did master go to tame the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool instead!” Demon King Fan Hui shouted anxiously.

“That…! Is master on the verge of success! Otherwise, why would that chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool have such a reaction!” said Tai Yue.

His voice rumbled in the darkness.

While Jin Yuans group of four were still in shock, the black lightning pillar pierced a hole through the ninth heaven!

The entire inheritance space shook incessantly, seemingly on the verge of collapse, unable to withstand the terrifying burst of power from the black lightning pillar.

Jin Yuan and the others ashened at this sight.

The chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pools power had greatly exceeded their estimation.

This inheritance space was created by the old master with insurmountable godforce.

It was extremely stable that the average force could not impact it in the slightest, yet this space was about to collapse because of the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool\'s power!

While the four were flustered in the darkness, wondering if they should do something to stabilise the space, the black lightning pillar shrunk out of sight in the blink of an eye.

Even the giant black tortoise was nowhere to be seen.

The darkness that had swallowed everything was lifted and light returned.

The four exchanged a silly glance among themselves, stupefied by the sudden change.

“Master, has he succeeded in taming that chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool” Asura King Jin Yuan voiced his doubt in disbelief.

“I dont know, may-maybe…” Wan Yutian stuttered.

None of them had ever come across this situation.

Though judging from the manifestation just now, Huang Xiaolong most likely had succeeded in obtaining the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool, as hard to believe as it was.

Initially, they had estimated that it would take Huang Xiaolong several hundred years to refine the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool!

But now, what It has taken him a little over a decade!

A little over a decade! It was no wonder the four of them found it hard to believe.

At this time, somewhere on the north side of the City of Eternity, Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air.

All the overbearing darkness from earlier had disappeared between his eyebrows.

Tiny ribbons of lightning glimmered from between his brows, spreading to his limbs, roiling outwards in the four directions.

A giant black tortoise appeared above Huang Xiaolong.

The black lightning symbols on its shell sparkled intermittently, forming layers of light barrier that enshrouded Huang Xiaolong.

With a casual strike of his palm, Huang Xiaolong could create a terrifying storm of lightning.

Feeling the lightning storms overbearing destructive power, Huang Xiaolong bellowed with vigor.

He pushed the lightning storm forward, hitting the distant sky and opening a giant hole.

Violent wind blades, rocks and trees flew out in various directions from the aftershock.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction seeing this result.

He had merely preliminarily refined the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool, but the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pools power was many times more powerful than the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool that he had complete control of.

Now, he had obtained two of the nine chaos lightning pools, and after breaking through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm, he would be able to refine the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pools core formation, and completely control the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool.

At that time, he would be able to merge the power of both chaos lightning pools, amplifying their power to a great degree.

“Next, its time I accept the Lord of Hells inheritance!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with excitement as he muttered to himself.

In these sixteen years, he had already broken through to late-Tenth Order God King Realm!

Based on his current strength, and his three supreme godheads, Huang Xiaolong was quite confident that he was strong enough to accept the Lord of Hells inheritance.

Huang Xiaolong then channeled his godforce into the Netherworld Kings Jade, using it to sense the location of the Lord of Hells inheritance.

Moments later, he sped away towards the southside of the City of Eternity.

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong stood in front of a big palace.

This big palace was built with the same material the Netherworld Kings Jade was made of, a very rare grandmist jade stone.

The surface of the walls reflected a subtle black light.

Looking at the tightly shut palace doors, Huang Xiaolong took out the Netherworld Kings Jade, and circulated his supreme darkness godforce into it.

The Netherworld Kings Jade shone brightly, enveloping the entire palace, and the tightly shut palace doors slowly opened.

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