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Similar to the time Huang Xiaolong broke through to Tenth Order God King Realm, the inextinguishable runes formed another layer around his three supreme godheads!

A year later, dense inextinguishable runes had completely covered all three of Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads, without leaving any gap in between, not even a dot of space.

When these inextinguishable runes finished covering Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads for the second time, a third layer of inextinguishable runes started forming around his three supreme godheads!

If the super forces monstrous geniuses outside were to witness this scene, they would be frightened to their deaths.

Generally speaking, even the most monstrous of geniuses, when breaking through to Heavenly Monarch Realm, their godhead would only be covered by one layer of inextinguishable runes!

There was absolutely no chance of a second layer!

But Huang Xiaolong did it!

On top of that, not only there was a second layer of inextinguishable runes, there was going to be a third layer as well!

Furthermore, the majority of emperor rank godhead geniuses only had inextinguishable runes covering half to sixty percent of their godheads when advancing to Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Even a top-grade emperor rank godhead genius, at most, could cover eighty percent of his godhead in inextinguishable runes!

Some supreme godhead geniuses could cover eighty to ninety percent of their godheads!

But Huang Xiaolongs inextinguishable runes covered his three supreme godheads in their entirety—a hundred percent! Every time!

When breaking through to Heavenly Monarch Realm, the more inextinguishable runes the cultivator had, the stronger and indestructible their godhead would be.

Like Huang Xiaolong, who had inextinguishable runes covering his godheads a hundred percent, his godheads sturdiness would reach a heaven-defying level.

Another six months passed by.

After the third layer of inextinguishable runes completely covered Huang Xiaolongs supreme godheads, new inextinguishable runes appeared again, spreading outwards for the fourth time!

The fourth layer!

If Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, and the others waiting outside the City of Eternity knew what was happening to Huang Xiaolong, they would likely shake in fright.

Three months later, the fourth layer of inextinguishable runes had completely covered Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads!

Then, the fifth layer started!

The fifth layer only took a little over a month!

Then… the sixth layer!

The seventh, eight, and ninth!

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong used the black lights energy to temper his True Dragon Physique and godheads repeatedly.

When the inextinguishable runes completed the tenth layer over Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads, suddenly, a pillar of destructive power shot out from his godheads.

The light pillar tore through void, shattering layers of space, shaking the whole inheritance space.

Similar to the time Huang Xiaolong hadtamed the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool earlier, the entire inheritance space was shaking and swaying violently.

In truth, this time, the movements were more intense than the time Huang Xiaolong had refined the chaos Black Tortoise Lightning Pool.

Rays of inextinguishable light, exuding eternally inextinguishable aura filled the entire inheritance space.

Asura King Jin Yuan and the others were alarmed by the situation.

“This… this is the inextinguishable aura Master has broken through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm!” Demon King Fan Hui exclaimed in shock and delight.

“What a terrifying inextinguishable aura, how is it so! Even when the Massacring Gods Gates Song Litao broke through the Heavenly Monarch Realm, there wasnt such an intense inextinguishable aura, wasnt it” Tai Yues shock was obvious in his voice.

The Massacring Gods Gates Song Litao was acknowledged as the Asura Worlds number one genius! There were rumors that Song Litao might have a king of supreme godhead.

It was said when Song Litao had advanced to the Heavenly Monarch Realm, inextinguishable runes had covered his godhead a hundred percent, and this news had sent a great wave of shock through Hells three worlds.

After all, there had only been two other people in Hell who had inextinguishable runes covered their godheads a hundred percent.

One of them was the Lord of Hell, and the other was the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestor.

Now, there was even a rumor circulating Hells three worlds that Song Litao would definitely surpass Emperor Realm in the future!

“I believed that the master has at least two king of supreme godheads, and both king of supreme godheads are a hundred percent covered by inextinguishable runes, hence, the inextinguishable aura is so strong! More intense than that of Song Litaos!” Wan Yutian expressed his assumptions aloud calmly, but inwardly, he was greatly shaken.

“Even if the master really has two king of supreme godheads, and both are a hundred percent covered by inextinguishable runes, the inextinguishable aura still wont be this intense.” Tai Yue shook his head in disagreement.

His attention was fixed on the dazzling rays of inextinguishable light above the City of Eternity.

“Old Yue, you mean…!” Tai Yues words brought a possibility to Jin Yuans mind, and his expression grew solemn.

Fan Hui and Wan Yutian also thought of that legend and their faces were just as solemn.

“Yes, there is a legend as old as time, it claims some immemorial monstrous geniuses have inextinguishable runes covering their godheads twice when breaking through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm, even thrice!” Tai Yues eyes gleamed as he went on, “When our old master broke through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm, it was likely his godhead was covered twice by inextinguishable runes.

The same was true with the King of Grandmist, Ancient Heavenly Emperor, the Devil Worlds Archdevil Lord.”

Jin Yuan gulped audibly as he ventured, “If master has two king of supreme godheads that are covered twice by inextinguishable runes, that… that… thats simply out of this world, isnt it!”

The other three nodded their heads unanimously.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong who had broken through to Heavenly Monarch Realm was standing in high air.

The black light flooded into his body at a frightening speed yet he remained calm, devouring the black light akin to a giant whale drinking water.

His three supreme godheads resembled inextinguishable radiant suns.

Since the inheritance space was created by the Lord of Hell himself, it was extremely stable.

If it wasnt for the extreme stability of inheritance space, the inextinguishable aura from Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough to Heavenly Monarch Realm would have alerted the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes outside periphery, maybe even the whole Mohe Plane.

Watching the increasingly glaring inextinguishable light above the City of Eternity, Jin Yuan and the other three were agape.

“Inextinguishable runes covering the godhead twice, really can pierce a hole in the sky!” Demon King Fan Hui muttered under his breath.

“Masters extinguishable runes wouldnt have covered his godheads three times, would they” Asura King Jin Yuan hesitated.

The others were dazed by his words.

Three times!

Impossible, right

But, deep down, the four of them had an inclination that there was this possibility!

Inside theworld within the inheritance hall, as Huang Xiaolong was able to absorb the black light at a faster speed after advancing to Heavenly Monarch Realm, his strength rose at a startling speed.

It didnt take long for his cultivation to reach the peak early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, then went on to the mid-First Order, and the peak mid-First Order!

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation reached the late-First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm before the speed of his progress slowed down, even so, the speed was unheard of.

Three years later, his cultivation had reached the peak late-First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

By this point, the dazzling rays from the inextinguishable runes covering Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads had reached every corner of the inheritance space.

Nothing could eclipse their brightness.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong who was absorbing the black light quivered as his cultivation broke the barrier and stepped into early Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

In the same instant, when Huang Xiaolong broke through to early Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, the inextinguishable runes light intensified, akin to a piercing light blade.

“Unprecedented, absolutely unprecedented!” Demon King Fan Hui mumbled repeatedly under his breath.

A decade went by.

Out of nowhere, a black light appeared above the Green Flame Mountain Range, alarming the entire Mohe Planes experts.

All of them had an inexplicable feeling that something was taken away from the world.

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