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Sentence him to death immediately!

When they heard what Jia Ding said, all of the other ancestors looked at each other in shock.

By the time they were done, Huang Xiaolong had already made his way to Ren Wokuang.

Huang Peng didnt know what was going on and he turned to Ancestor Chu Yunnan beside him and said, “Yunnan, just take him down first.”

Chu Yunnan was a mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm cultivator! He was barely weaker than Huang Peng, and he was the second strongest person in the Asura Gate.

Even though Huang Peng could see that Tai Yue was extremely strong, he felt that Chu Yunnan was more than enough to take him down.

However, he felt that Huang Xiaolongs identity was a little problematic and he decided to take him down before interrogating him.

It wouldnt be too late to kill Huang Xiaolong after doing some simple investigations.

“Yes, patriarch.” Chu Yunnan nodded his head and his body blurred.

He appeared before Huang Xiaolong.

When everyone saw that Chu Yunnan was personally making a move, they broke out into a huge clamor.

Xu Junhua, Wang Liugong, and even Deng Feizhi felt their jaws drop in shock.

Their bodies subconsciously straightened themselves and they stared at Chu Yunnan who was about to make a move.

Even though they were all high staged Emperors, Chu Yunnan could be considered a senior to all of them.

After all, his status in the Hell Asura World was one of the highest.

It was of no doubt that Chu Yunnan was extremely strong.

Even though he was at the mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, ordinary cultivators at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm would definitely not be his match.

Chu Yunnan had once defeated two Emperors at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

One of them was Ancestor Zhao Fu from the seventh ranked Withered Bones Sect.

Zhao Fus name had blazed through the Hell Asura World for hundreds of millions of years.

The number of Emperor Realm experts who had died at his hands numbered in the tens, and there were even rumors that he had killed more than a hundred Emperor Realm experts throughout his life.

The other expert was Ancestor Li Xueyao who was from the third ranked, Misty Palace.

Li Xueyaos reputation was even better than Zhao Fus but despite that, none of them were able to win when fighting against Chu Yunnan.

When Chu Yunnan appeared before Huang Xiaolong, he didnt bother wasting time.

“Are you going to surrender, or are you going to force me to make a move”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned cold and he ignored Chu Yunnan.

He simply continued to walk towards Ren Wokuang.

Chu Yunnans face sank.

In his hundreds of millions of years of existence, this was the first time someone had blatantly ignored him.

“Impudence!” A cold gaze flashed through his eyes and he reached towards Huang Xiaolong.

His right hand formed a fist as he sent a punch flying towards Tai Yue.

When Tai Yue noticed Chu Yunnans attack, his lips curled upwards and he simply returned the gesture with a punch of his own.

Even though he knew that Tai Yue was pretty strong, Chu Yunnan didnt bother taking special attention of him.

At least, he didnt care about it until Tai Yues fist collided on his own.

When he felt the power of extermination contained in Tai Yues fist, his expression changed.

His attention turned to Tai Yue and he no longer bothered with Huang Xiaolong.

Circulating all the godforce in his body, he unleashed his full strength against Tai Yues punch.

The moment their attacks collided, a burst of darkness enveloped the surroundings and the howls of resentful spirits could be heard echoing through the air.

“This is the Divine Darkness Palm! Isnt this one of the strongest skills the Asura Gate has to offer”

“I heard that the Divine Darkness Fist was created by the founding ancestor of the Asura Gate by observing the Divine Tree of Darkness! When one reaches the pinnacle of the move, a single move would be able to cover a plane with darkness!”

“In the past, Senior Chu Yunnan was able to defeat both Zhao Fu and Li Xueyao with this very move!”

Just as everyone was staring with their mouths agape, Tai Yues fist simply smashed through Chu Yunnans palm.


The mountain seemed to shake and countless rays of light shot out into the surroundings.

The darkness shattered and the sky seemed to return to its usual color.

Everyone saw Chu Yunnan flying through the air as he was blasted away by Tai Yues palm.

He slammed heavily into another mountain peak in the distance.

In the next second, the mountain peak shattered and crumbled into dust.

Everyone stared in shock.

“WHAT!” Huang Peng and the other ancestors recovered from their shock and screamed with a face full of disbelief.

Chu Yunnan was defeated with a single punch!

He wasnt just defeated… he was thoroughly destroyed.


Everyone turned to Tai Yue and their expression betrayed their shock and amazement.

When Tai Yue looked at Chu Yunnan who had smashed through a mountain peak, he chuckled, “Youre no match for me.

Even that little brat, Huang Peng, wouldnt be able to take a few of my punches.”

He wasnt boasting.

In fact, other than the Massacring Gods Gates old ancestor and the Palace Master of the Misty Palace, none of them would be able to fight against him evenly.

He had the divine physique of a Desolate Giant to begin with and he was basically unstoppable.

Even someone like Demon King Fan Hui, who was also at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, wouldnt dare to meet Tai Yues fist with his own.

If a peak existence in the Hell Asura World didnt dare to fight against Tai Yue head on, it was no wonder Chu Yunnan was blasted away.

“May I know seniors identity” Huang Peng felt his heart tremble for a second and he stood up from his seat.

The pressure Tai Yue gave off was too strong and Huang Pengs face turned solemn.

Several other figures flashed and Demon King Fan Hui and other two appeared behind Huang Xiaolong as well.

“Our identity is of no importance here.” Fan Hui revealed a slight smirk and he continued, “Huang Peng, even if you have more potential than Liu Shiwei, you wont be able to fight against any of us here.”

“How do you know my master!” Huang Peng exclaimed in shock when he heard Liu Shiweis name.

All the ancestors present at the venue sucked in a cold breath and even the Emperor Realm experts attending the ceremony were shocked.

Liu Shiwei was precisely Huang Pengs master, and he was the previous patriarch of the Asura Gate.

In the past, he had joined hands with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to fight against the Divine World and had fallen at the hands of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

Fan Hui and the three others merely stared at Huang Peng without giving a reply.

As they spoke to each other, Huang Xiaolong appeared before Ren Wokuang.

The two disciples who were in charge ofescorting him took several steps backwards in shock.

Ren Wokuang felt a little bewildered when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Even after searching through all his memories, he failed to think of an Asura noble acquaintance he had, who had such an amazing identity.

When he saw Chu Yunnan flying away with a single fist from Tai Yue, he felt extremely shocked in his heart.

From what he knew, Chu Yunnan was the second strongest fighter in the Asura Gate.

He was an untouchable existence according to Ren Wokuang and never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that Chu Yunnan wouldnt be able to hold up for even half a second when fighting with the subordinate of the young man before him.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong who was moving closer and closer to him, Ren Wokuang felt a sense of trepidation in his heart.

Is this guy here for me! Did he make a mistake and get the wrong guy!

Just as his thoughts were running wild, Huang Xiaolong stood before him with his arms stretched out.

A mysterious energy entered his body from Huang Xiaolongs outstretched arms and he suddenly realized that all the restrictions on his body were broken!

“Senior, you are…” Ren Wokuang couldnt hide his curiosity any longer and he asked.

Huang Xiaolong didnt give a reply, but a light flashed in his palm and the Blades of Asura appeared in his hand.

“Blades of Asura!”

The moment Ren Wokuang yelled out the name of the blade, Huang Xiaolong was sure he had found the right person.

“You… Why do you have my Blades of Asura!” Ren Wokuang blanked out for a moment before snapping back to his senses.

A smile slowly formed on Huang Xiaolongs face and he explained, “I found this Blades of Asura in a valley located in the Snow Wind Continent in the lower world.

Oh, the Snow Wind Continent is located on the Martial Spirit World.”

Lower World! Martial Spirit World! Snow Wind Continent!

Ren Wokuang turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of disbelief etched on his face

Doesnt this mean that this young man is...

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