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Inside the Massacring Gods Gates headquarters.

There were more than one hundred and fifty people sitting around each other, and all of them were in the Emperor Realm!

That was the true strength of the second strongest superpower in the Hell Asura World, the Massacring Gods Gate! Just the number of Emperors in their headquarters was more than one hundred and fifty people!

Sitting on the highest throne in the main hall, was an extremely ordinary looking old fellow from the Elf Race!

Dark Elves!

The dark elves were one of the larger races in Hell, and they had a natural body of darkness, enabling them to cultivate darkness arts with twice the result by using half the effort.

Just like the Undead Race, the dark elves were also one of the ancient races in the Hell Asura World.

Unlike the Undead Race who were known to be immortals, they were known as king of darkness!

Dark elves had agile bodies, and were extremely fast.

As long as their opponent wasnt stronger than them in terms of cultivation, out running them wouldnt be a problem.

This old darkness elf was the old ancestor of the Massacring Gods Gate, Chu Han! He was also the publicly acknowledged number one expert in the Hell Asura World!

“Four peak late-Tenth Order Emperors! Ten Unread Race late-Tenth Order Emperors! Chu Han sat on the throne and frowned slightly as he muttered to himself.

His small eyes flashed with black light occasionally.

In the main hall, all the ancestors from the Massacring Gods Gate held their breath as no one dared to speak up.

“Everyone here, how do you feel about the battle” After a long time, Chu Han raised his head and asked everyone.

“Old ancestor, in my opinion, those four peak late-Tenth Order Emperors should be those four Great Commanders from the Netherworld Kings Organization!” One of a middle-aged experts sitting below Chu Han said.

He was the sect master of the Massacring Gods Gate, Chu Gaofei, and he was a darkness elf just like Chu Han.

However, compared to the extremely normal looking Chu Han, Chu Gaofei exuded an aura of majesty.

Even though he was just sitting there, he gave off the feeling of a beast ready to pounce.

He didnt seem too much weaker than Fan Hui and Jin Yuan.

Chu Han nodded his head but kept his silence.

“The only thing I dont understand is why would the four Great Commanders of the Netherworld Kings Organization call a Heavenly Monarch their master” Chu Gaofei continued as an expression of doubt filled his eyes.

“Moreover, he also has ten Undead Race subordinates in the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm! Its impossible for them to actually be from the Undead Race, no Wasnt the Undead Race exterminated billions of years ago”

“What the sect master says is right, if that Heavenly Monarch is the master of the Netherworld Kings Organization, the heavens will switch places with the earth!” One of the ancestors below Gao Chufei, Ma Tong, said, “Moreover, in these tens of billions of years, I have never heard of a master in the Netherworld Kings Organization!”

Ma Tong was the third strongest expert in the Massacring Gods Gate.

Instead of coming from the Elf Race, he was from the Six-Winged Black Butterfly Race.

The Six-Winged Black Butterfly Race was also one of the ancient races.

“When we went over to the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe, were they the ones who obstructed our way” One of the ancestors suddenly thought of the possibility and a huge commotion broke out in the hall.

The army of one billion that they had sent to the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe was extremely powerful.

They were more than capable of exterminating the entire tribe themselves.

However, no one would have thought that their army of one billion would be decimated down to the last dog.

That definitely couldnt have been the work of the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe and in the entire Hell Asura World, there werent many who could annihilate an army of one billion sent out by the Massacring Gods Gate.

“The Mohe Plane and the Asura Gate headquarters are trillions of miles away from each other.

It shouldnt have been them, right” One of the ancestors expressed his suspicions.

Sitting on top of the throne, Chu Han suddenly said, “It seems impossible, but what if they have a peak-grade grandmist flying ship”

All the ancestors present were startled and gasped in shock.

Peak-grade grandmist flying ship!

“Old ancestor, this… is quite impossible, right Our Massacring Gods Gate have spent billions of years, countless chaos spiritual veins, grandmist artifacts, and are still unable to build a peak-grade spiritual grandmist flying ship, how can they possibly have one” Chu Gaofei exclaimed in shock.

Chu Hans eyes flickered, “Just because our Massacring Gods Gate doesnt have one, it doesnt mean that there isnt one in the three worlds of Hell.

Such a priceless treasure might also exist in the various surface worlds!”

Everyone from the Massacring Gods Gate looked at each other with a complicated expression.

“Old ancestors, then should we gather our army and attack the Devil Scorpion Tribe again” Chu Gaofei asked.

Chu Han smiled suddenly, “Continue gathering the army.

Instead of the Devil Scorpion Tribe, we have a better target!”

Not attacking the Devil Scorpion Tribe

Everyone was startled.

“We will be attacking the Asura Gates headquarters!” Chu Han said slowly.

Chu Gaofei was dumbfounded.

However, a brilliant light flashed through his eyes in the next instant.

“Yes, after the battle, Huang Peng and the rest were severely injured.

Even the Divine Tree of Darkness suffered significantly.

Right now, its the best time for us to swallow the Asura Gate.

The treasures in the treasury of the Asura Gate are at least a hundred times better than those in the Devil Scorpion Tribe!”

“We still have to thank that Asura noble.

Otherwise, well need to pay a heavy price if we want to conquer the Asura Gate! Hahaha! Thank the heavens for this opportunity!”

The ancestors in Massacring God Gate broke out in laughter.

A dark light flashed across Chu Hans eyes.

I have longed for that Divine Tree of Darkness for many years, and I also have a mysterious art that allows me to refine the tree.

The tree spirit will be easy to awaken once I refine the tree and once the Divine Tree of Darkness falls into my hands, it will be adding a pair of wings to the ferocious tiger that is the Massacring Gods Gate!

They were located a fair bit of distance away from the Asura Gate and they had to proceed with haste.


In a flash, more than two years passed since the heaven shaking battle at the Asura Gate.

In the past two years, the battle of the decade had spread across the entire Divine World, Buddha World, Demon World, Devil World, and even some other superpowers.

On this day, on a super divine plane called the Nirvana Plane, the Netherworld Kings Organizations flying ship appeared above it.

Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and the rest emerged from the ship.

“Master, this is the Nirvana Plane.

The Dark Sea isnt located too far away from this place and with our current speed, we will be able to arrive in a day.” Tai Yue explained.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and returned to the ship.

Tai Yue headed back and continued to stir the ship, and in the distance, Huang Xiaolong was able to see the flying ships belonging to various superpowers.

The Holy Mountain was about to be born, and all the forces from the three worlds of Hell had gathered here, and the Nirvana Plane was lively.

After standing still for a while, Huang Xiaolong said, Anyway, there are still more than four months before the birth of the Holy Mountain.

We might as well stay here in the meantime.”

“Yes, master.”

Immediately, the few of them flew towards one of the cities on the continent.

Originally, Huang Xiaolong had intended to bring his master, Ren Wokuang, to the Holy Mountain.

However, Wang Mengqin and Ren Wokuang had declined the invitation, so Huang Xiaolong had parted ways with them.

That parting had happened a year ago.

When they had separated, Huang Xiaolong had given his master a pile of spirit stones and countless spiritual pills.

It was enough for these things to last Ren Wokuang several thousands of years.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong had instructed Tai Yue to send people from the Netherworld Kings Organization to protect the two of them.

In addition, Huang Xiaolong had also entrusted his master with a token.

As long as the two of them wanted to, and as long as the two of them were willing, they could bring this token to the headquarters of the Heavens Extermination Sect to become the disciple of the sect master.

Even though the Heavens Extermination Sect was behind the Asura Gate in rank, it was still one of the top ten superpowers in the Hell Asura World.

It was also a subordinate of the Netherworld Kings Organization.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to see his master, it would be much more convenient for him to do so.

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