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A sharp gleam flickered in the depths of Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he watched a group of Two-headed Devil Dragons flying towards him.

With a twist of his body, he transformed into a primordial divine dragon and met with the first Two-headed Devil Dragon, head one.

A thunderous boom shook the tenth floor space as Huang Xiaolong collided with a Two-headed Devil Dragon.

The Two-headed Devil Dragon was smashed into the ground in the far distance.

Cracks and fissures zigzagged across the ground surface.

But the result stupefied Huang Xiaolong.

The Two-headed Devil Dragon flew out from the pit just a second later.

Not only it hadnt died, but it only had some insignificant wounds!

Grandmist divine beasts were indeed existences that were almost immortal!

There was a legend since the beginning of the desolate era that the divine beasts of grandmist level could not be killed.

Looks like this legend was not an exaggeration.

Huang Xiaolongs figure flickered into blur, arriving in front of the same Two-headed Devil Dragon almost instantaneously.

This time, golden, and white light burst out from his fist as he punched the Two-headed Devil Dragon.

White light was the Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads light godforce.

As the Devil Dragon possessed Hells darkness attribute power, the light godforce was the most suited to deal with it.

A loud boom ensued.

Huang Xiaolongs fist hit the softest part of the Two-headed Devil Dragons belly.

The combination of light supreme godforce and metal supreme godhead blast through the Two-headed Devil Dragons physical defenses.

Blood spurted out as its body was smashed into the ground below.

Muffled noises sound as Huang Xiaolongs light godforce purified the darkness power spewing out from the Two-headed Devil Dragons wounded belly.

The usual light godforce wouldn\'t be able to purify the Two-headed Devil Dragons darkness power, but supreme light godforce could.

As the darkness power around its wound was purified by Huang Xiaolongs supreme light godforce, the Two-headed Devil Dragon grunted miserably in extreme pain.

It was more painful than someone pouring chili water or salt over your wounds.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly ecstatic.

He dodged several Two-headed Devil Dragons attacks, and appeared above the injured Two-headed Devil Dragons side in a flicker.

Using his right hand as the blade, he slashed at it.

He wanted to resolve this Two-headed Devil Dragon in the next strike, or else, given a grandmist divine beasts amazing recovering ability, it would regain brimming vitality before he knew it.

Finally, roughly half an hour later, under Huang Xiaolongs palm strikes, the Two-headed Devil Dragon that was cut into countless pieces turned into a stream of Holy Mountains energy and rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong trembled.

This stream of Holy Mountains energy was greater than he had estimated.

The first day on the tenth floor passed by.

Huang Xiaolong managed to kill thirty-two Two-headed Devil Dragon.

“Thirty-two…” Feeling the vigorous energy within his body, Huang Xiaolong estimated that he could break through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm by the time he killed two to three thousand Two-headed Devil Dragons.

On the next day, Huang Xiaolong increased his killing speed, making extra effort to kill a Two-headed Devil Dragon in the shortest time, absorbing their energy in order to break through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm as soon as possible.

Two months went by.

On this day, after killing another Two-headed Devil Dragon and absorbing the Holy Mountains energy, suddenly, the vigorous energy in Huang Xiaolongs body roared like a tsunami, breaking the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm barrier with overwhelming might.

The energy coursed onwards, circulating through Huang Xiaolongs veins and meridians.

Huang Xiaolong threw his head back and roared to the sky, venting the euphoria he was feeling.

He had finally broken through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

After stepping into the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, there was a tremendous change in his strength.

Huang Xiaolong could already feel his True Dragon Physique evolving upon his breakthrough to Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

He was stronger, faster, and the inextinguishable aura from his body swept over heaven and earth.

Various godforce elements swirled outside of Huang Xiaolongs body, churning around him like a colorful energy whirlpool.

Within the several hundred li radius of this godforce whirlpool, the Two-headed Devil Dragons that tried to get close to Huang Xiaolong were sent tumbling back mercilessly.

Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker.

His speed was so fast that one could not even capture his afterimage.

A split second later, he was already in front of a Two-headed Devil Dragon, his fist struck the softest point of its belly and went right inside, nearly coming out from the back of the Two-headed Devil Dragon!

Although Huang Xiaolongs fist could break the Two-headed Devil Dragons physical defenses before breaking through to Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, it was merely a shallow wound.

But now, he could almost pierce a hole through its stomach.

A dozen minutes later, the Two-headed Devil Dragon died at Huang Xiaolongs hand, turning into a stream of Holy Mountains energy, and it entered Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong moved onto his next target without delay, soon killing another one.

By the end of the day, Huang Xiaolongs kill count was one hundred and three Two-headed Devil Dragons!

Three months later, Huang Xiaolong finished killing the remaining Two-headed Devil Dragons on the tenth floor.

Counting the previous two months, it took him a little over five months to clear the tenth floor.

It was slightly faster than his speed on the ninth floor.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged and began adjusting his condition.

When his godforce completely recovered half a day later, he looked at the entryway to the eleventh floor and hesitated slightly.

He had broken through to Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, so he could refine the Netherworld Kings Jades sixth restriction.

Should he refine the Netherworld Kings Jades sixth restriction before venturing into the eleventh floor

Shi Yinyu, Qin Huangzhong, Song Litao, and the others might not be able to catch up to him so fast even if he took the time to refine the Netherworld Kings Jades sixth restriction.

After some contemplation, Huang Xiaolong decided to wait until he cleared the eleventh floors obstacles.

It wouldnt be too late to refine the Netherworld Kings Jades sixth restriction then.

Now that he had broken through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, passing the eleventh floor had to be easy.

With that, Huang Xiaolong disappeared into the entryway in a flicker, arriving on the eleventh floor.

When three holy fruits appeared, Huang Xiaolong collected them with familiar ease and put them away.

He then looked towards the other end where the entryway to the twelfth floor was located.

However, in the next second, Huang Xiaolong stiffened on the spot.

In his path were phoenixes with blazing plumes and ice dragons that exuded bone-chilling cold air!

Grandmist divine beats, Fire Phoenixes and also Ice Dragons!

Not forgetting that these Fire Phoenixes and Ice Dragons were early Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and there were ten thousand of each kind.

Huang Xiaolong had the heart to cry right about now, no one plays like this… right

These were real phoenixes that can be reborn through nirvana nine times!

And Ice Dragons were one of few divine dragons with the highest battle power.

For real, this time, Huang Xiaolong estimated only those with king of supreme godhead had hope of passing this floor.

A minimal hope.

Outside the Holy Mountain, Tai Tue, Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, and Wan Yutian were looking worried and sullen.

They had just gotten the news that the experts sent by the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to kill them were more than they had estimated!

According to those peoples speed, the Massacring Gods Gates experts would be able to reach the Nethersea in a years time, and the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes experts were likely to arrive two years later.

“Tai Yue, should we summon the Golden Corpse Temple, Clear Heart Sect, Fumu Faction, Sacrificial City, Blood Sect Cult, and the Copper Ghost Cults experts to rush over” Jin Yuan asked.

The Massacring Gods Gate and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe had sent too many experts, making Jin Yuan and the others uneasy.

“But, without Masters order, we cannot decide this on our own.” Tai Yue hesitated.

Jin Yuan fell into heavy silence.

“Ayy, I wonder hows the Master doing now” Fan Hui sighed.

“Say, that mysterious genius on the eleventh floor, could it be our Master” Wan Yutian suddenly asked.

Tai Yue shook his head, a wry smile on his face as he responded, “I hope so too, but is it possible”

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