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Chapter 170: Imperial City Battle (2)

Chen Bailu displayed an ugly expression as he came face to face with Xie Puti on the stage.

He did not expect to hit the ‘jackpot’ in the first round itself, but he was unwilling to walk away without a fight!

A brilliant glow of soft green light flickered, coming from Chen Bailu’s body, and behind him emerged a giant green serpent.

This giant green serpent had a thick circular body, yet the strangest thing was the pair of wings on its back.

It was a type of variant serpent martial spirit called Two-winged Flower Serpent.

Atop the serpent’s head grew a vivid red crown in the shape of a flower.

Chen Bailu soul transformed immediately after calling out his martial spirit in a blinding burst of green light.

Two long green wings erupted from his back and he suddenly let out a thunderous roar.

With a flap of the wings, he closed in on Xie Puti before one could even blink.

While people were closely observing the fight, they could see that Chen Bailu’s eyes were glowing a scarlet red as he attacked Xie Puti’s chest with a punch.

His fist whistled through the air, piercing towards Xie Puti while energy fluctuated violently and was accompanied by a strange green mist spewing out.

Chen Bailu’s attack came so fast and so suddenly that it startled those below the stage.

Watching as Xie Puti was about to be hit by Chen Bailu, many within the spectating crowd had their hearts tighten nervously.

But, right at that moment, Xie Puti’s figure blurred out of sight, disappearing right in front of Chen Bailu.

Finding that his fist fell on empty air, Chen Bailu froze.

“Your attack speed is too slow.” A cold cynical voice sounded behind Chen Bailu, shocking him greatly.

Just as he was about to turn around, a terrifying palm strike slammed onto his back, spreading a scorching temperature starting at his back and wantonly moving to the rest of his body as if it wanted to roast all of his internal organs.

Wailing in horrendous pain, Chen Bailu was knocked off the stage.

The people below the stage saw red flames dancing across every inch of Chen Bailu’s body when he landed on the square floor, incinerating every thread of his robe into ashes.

Gut-wrenching shrieks came from Chen Bailu’s throat as he twisted around on the floor.

The scene made the geniuses below the stage turn deathly pale.

This also included Yanggang, who currently wore a grave expression because he had arrogantly claimed he would defeat Xie Puti not too long ago.

At this point of time, several Duanren Empire guards rushed forward and poured buckets of ice onto Chen Bailu, but it seemed to enrage the red flames engulfing his body, making them burn more vigorously.

Moments later, the smell of charred meat filled the air, intensifying the fear inside each of the spectating geniuses.

Huang Xiaolong remained placid.

But, Cui Li who was sitting next to him spoke, “I didn’t expect that Xie Puti would be so savage and ruthless.

If I ever come across him, will I also be turned into a roast pig due to his phoenix fire” She was even showing a ‘terrified’ expression when she finished, both hands exaggeratedly patting her plump bosom.

At her constant patting motions, two proud peaks were pressed down, stretching the fabric of her clothes downward, clearly showing the bottom outline of two large, rounded breasts.

Such voluptuous breasts!

Loud sounds of saliva being swallowed was heard from nearby participating geniuses.

Savage Being roasted like a pig

Picking up Cui Li’s keywords, Huang Xiaolong secretly shook his head.

However, he remained mindful.

This Cui Li may seem gullible with her sweet, charming smile that resembled an angel, but he was certain her strength was not lacking at all.

At the very least, she was not as sweet as she projected herself to be on the surface—she was a powerful woman.

“Little brother Xiaolong, if I come across you on the stage, you must know to have pity on the weaker sex.

You must be gentle with me ohh~.” Cui Li’s tone suddenly changed, imploring in the softest voice.

Her sparkling eyes echoed the same sentiment as they gazed at Huang Xiaolong, especially when she was saying the words ‘be gentle.’

Excited sounds of saliva swallowing was heard once again.

Little brother Huang Xiaolong looked at Cui Li; this woman, bringing up nonsensical topics.

Frankly speaking, Huang Xiaolong was becoming annoyed with her.

But he could not figure out why there was this sudden ‘interest’ in him

Was it simply because he was a peak late-Tenth Order warrior at seventeen years of age

“Once on the stage, in my eyes, all are my opponents.” Huang Xiaolong looked away, giving an aloof answer.

The sweet smile on Cui Li’s face did not waver, and instead, it deepened, “Little brother Xiaolong, what kind of women do you like The soft and gentle type, or the cute and cheerful kind”

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

He did not answer or speak, totally ignoring the woman.

By this time, the first round of battles ended.

Xie Puti slowly walked down from the stage, returned to the same place and sat down.

With the first round of matches complete, the second round began with the people containing numbers eleven to twenty.

Round after round began and finished, and very soon, it came to Huang Xiaolong’s turn.

Number sixty-one to seventy had to battle it out on the stage.

Huang Xiaolong stood up from his seat and walked up slowly to stage number two.

Standing across from Huang Xiaolong was a young man about twenty-five years old.

He had extremely dark skin and a medium build, and was half a head shorter compared to Huang Xiaolong’s height of five foot nine.

Mo’er Kingdom, Bai Shou!

This person was Huang Xiaolong’s first opponent.

Perhaps it was due to Cui Li’s influence, but the majority of geniuses below the stage were watching the stage Huang Xiaolong was on.

Her eyes did not move away from Huang Xiaolong’s figure.

After finding out Huang Xiaolong broke through to peak late-Tenth Order at seventeen, her interest and curiosity towards him exceeded that of Xie Puti.

Her gut feeling said the little guy was not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

“This Bai Shou is a Xiantian First Order expert; in my opinion, Huang Xiaolong will be eliminated in the first round!”

“This Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit is a top grade twelve, Divine Black Dragon Heihei, if that is true, then he’s the first person in history to possess a superb talent martial spirit who’ll be eliminated in the first round, failing to enter Duanren Institute!”

Geniuses from various kingdoms began to ridicule and mock Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing these insults, Cui Li’s delicate brows creased slightly as she ‘glared’ sternly at those geniuses that uttered mocking words.

As a result, those geniuses were so ‘frightened’ that they quickly lowered their voices.

On the battle stage, Bai Shou stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, Bai Shou shook his head with a smile on his face, “I didn’t expect that my first opponent would be you.

You’re that Huang Xiaolong, right Summon your superb talent martial spirit, the Divine Black Dragon, and maybe after soul transforming you’ll be eligible to receive one attack from me!”

A Xiantian realm expert was truly different compared to a Houtian realm warrior, there existed an insurmountable wall.

Regardless of the fact that he possessed a superb talent martial spirit, in Bai Shou’s eyes, Huang Xiaolong could never be his opponent.

Huang Xiaolong remained calm, not a trace of anger could be heard in his voice as he said, “Against you, it’s not needed.”

Bai Shou was stunned for a second, then he broke out into laughter, “Since you do not value the chance I gave you, I shall not be merciful.” After he finished saying that, Bai Shou did not summon his martial spirit, but instead lightly took a step forward and his entire person seemed to drift towards Huang Xiaolong.

“This is a mid-Earth rank battle skill, Pursuing Wind Step!”

“This Pursuing Wind Step skill disappeared many years ago.

How does Bai Shou know that skill!”

“According to rumors, the Pursuing Wind Step is very strange, and its pattern of attack is unpredictable.

It’s almost impossible to defend against, and not many people can break this skill!”

Below the stage, gasps of surprise and exclamation resounded.

Cui Li’s heart tightened inexplicably.

A light flickered in Xie Puti’s eyes as he watched Bai Shou displaying the Pursuing Wind Step, whereas Yanggang sneered.

He was looking forward to seeing how Huang Xiaolong would receive the incoming attack from Bai Shou.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Shou had arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong.

“Ice Shattering Palm!”

A cruel light gleamed and flitted quickly in Bai Shou’s eyes as both palms aimed to strike at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

He wanted Huang Xiaolong to be defeated miserably in one move.

Thinking that he could cause the person before him who possessed a top grade twelve martial spirit to lose, excitement rushed through his veins.

At last, Bai Shou’s palm prints slammed onto Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Bang! A loud blast rang out on the stage.


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