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Chapter 171: Imperial City Battle (3)

Seeing both of Bai Shou’s palms directly strike Huang Xiaolong’s chest, a great commotion swept through the crowd below the stage.

“Haha, didn’t I just say this little brat would be sent packing in the first round itself!”

“The first person possessing a superb talent martial spirit that was disqualified and unfit to enter Duanren Institute.

This Huang Xiaolong is nothing but a humiliation to those who have superb talent martial spirits!”

Loud jeers and insults came from the geniuses watching the battle below.

Even Xie Puti was shaking his head in disappointment.

“It seems I overestimated Huang Xiaolong!”

At first, seeing Huang Xiaolong withstand his phoenix fire qi, Xie Puti had thought Huang Xiaolong was qualified to be his opponent, but now it proved he had just as much ‘qualification’ as those other wastrels!

The rest of them were right, Huang Xiaolong lost face for everyone that possessed a superb talent martial spirit!

Yanggang sat in his seat enjoying every moment as he watched Bai Shou’s two palms strike against Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

A radiant smile bloomed on his face.

As for Cui Li, there was confusion in her eyes as well as great disappointment.

She definitely did not expect for this man who intrigued her to be so weak and vulnerable!

Joy spread over Bai Shou when he felt his attack hit Huang Xiaolong.

He thought it would take some effort to finish off Huang Xiaolong because he assumed he was a troublesome opponent.

Huang Xiaolong possessed a superb talent martial spirit, unlike the average peak late-Tenth Order warriors after all.

The battle went much smoother than he had expected!

“Little punk, I’ve told you to summon your martial spirit, but you were too stubborn.

This is the result of overestimating your own abilities!” Bai Shou laughed aloud in an unrestrained manner, like that of a triumphant winner.

But then, his laughter suddenly got stuck in his throat!


He raised his head to look at Huang Xiaolong to see he was looking back at him with indifferent eyes and a calm expression.

He did not budge an inch!

“You!” Bai Shou was astonished, unable to accept what he saw.

While Bai Shou was still in shock, a powerful force burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Before this wave of overwhelming power, the palms which were pressed against Huang Xiaolong’s chest trembled forcefully, and Bai Shou was seen stumbling backward from the repelling force.


“What is happening!”

Noticing that Huang Xiaolong was actually fine after receiving a strong attack from Bai Shou- no, not only was he fine, he repelled Bai Shou instead!

Faces of astonishment filled the crowd as surprised gasps and exclamations rang out.

Geniuses below the stage jumped to their feet, their faces turning ugly due to the sudden turn of events.

Even the imperial guards who were watching were slightly amazed.

A wave of commotion swept the crowd.

Not only were the people on the main platform paying attention to battle number two, but Duan Wuhen was as well.

There was a hint of appreciation in Duan Wuhen’s eyes as he watched Huang Xiaolong.

Muttering to no one in particular, he said: “Imperial Father reminded me to pay more attention to this Huang Xiaolong.

It seems he is indeed more than meets the eye.”

Cheng Jian who was seated beside him smiled, “His Imperial Highness’s judgment has always been very accurate!”

Any fool could see by now that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was above a peak late-Tenth Order warrior.

Watching from below the stage, Xie Puti’s mouth was agape as the fire-red flames around him flickering wildly in vivid excitement, whereas Yanggang’s face became icy and gloomy.

Cui Li stared dazedly at Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette.

Her dainty cherry lips opened in the shape of an ‘O’, totally disregarding her image, and her generous bosom heaved up and down.

Just like that time in Cosmic Star Academy when Huang Xiaolong took on the full force of Lin Han’s Great Moonlight Fist, he remained as stable as a mountain.

It was as if nothing happened.

The expression of the crowd at this moment was the same look the Cosmic Star Academy’s students showed at that time.

Individuals that were watching the second battle stage were shocked by the sudden change.

Taking a double palm hit from a Xiantian realm expert, yet remaining unharmed!

After the initial shock subsided a little, the one word that emerged in everyone’s mind was: monstrous!

Huang Xiaolong repeated the same action he previously did after receiving a full force punch of Lin Han’s Great Moonlight Fist.

Raising a hand to pat away some non-existent dust on his chest, Huang Xiaolong looked at Bai Shou with indifference, “Ice Shattering Palm Bring out the force you usually use to drink milk.

That felt like scratching an itch for me!”

Bring out the force used to drink milk!

Scratching an itch!

After a brief moment of silence, Duanren Square once again exploded in a hoo-ha.

“So arrogant, too arrogant, this Huang Xiaolong dared to say Bai Shou was scratching an itch for him!”

Cui Li stood some distance away, her voluptuous chest heaving dramatically as she shivered with excitement.

Bai Shou looked extremely ugly up on the battle stage.

As the words from the crowd entered his ears, rage exploded in his eyes.

A blinding flash of black light shone from his body, revealing a human skeleton hovering in the air when the light vanished.

This skeleton belonged to the group of weapon martial spirits and was pitch black in color.

It had a structure similar to the human skeleton.

However, inside the skulls eye sockets, there were flames dancing around like will-o’-the-wisps.

This was Bai Shou’s martial spirit, a grade ten martial spirit that was one of the closest existences to a superb talent martial spirit, Black Skeleton.

However, Bai Shou did not soul transform immediately after summoning his martial spirit and instead gave an order to the black skeleton to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Shattering the void, that black skeleton appeared right above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

The two dancing flames in its eyes glowed brightly, turning into two flames that shot towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Simultaneously, its body and arms lengthened several folds, slamming down, aiming at Huang Xiaolong’s head.

While the skeleton was attacking, Bai Shou dashed out like the wind, approaching Huang Xiaolong from the front.


A murderous light flitted in his eyes as both palms once again struck out, whistling through the air and causing ripples to form in the surrounding space.

He had underestimated Huang Xiaolong earlier; thus with the first Ice Shattering Palm attack, he only used seventy percent of its power.

But now, his palms contained all of his might!

Below, the ruckus from the crowd desisted instantly, and all eyes were glued to the stage.

Huang Xiaolong made his move.

Raising his arms up, one palm struck against the fire beam coming from the skeleton while the other met directly with the two bony palms.

One palm from Huang Xiaolong dispersed the black skeleton’s fire, and at the same instance, the two long bony arms were broken due to the collision from Huang Xiaolong’s other palm, sending the black skeleton flying.

In that split second delay when dealing with the black skeleton, Bai Shou’s palm attack had reached Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

But when both palms struck Huang Xiaolong’s chest, the surface of his skin shone with a resplendent light, similar to shimmering crystals.

Boom! An explosive and deafening sound of two large forces colliding shook the air.

Bai Shou successfully hit Huang Xiaolong on the chest again with both of his palms.

A wave of glee ran through Bai Shou’s heart.

He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could withstand the power of this attack safely without any repercussion!

“This…is all the strength you have” Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded, cutting into his happiness.

Before Bai Shou could react, Huang Xiaolong attacked with an Ethereal Palm straight at Bai Shou’s chest.


Blood spurted from Bai Shou’s mouth as his body inverted and flew back, then crashed down onto the edge of the stage.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Next, the crowd erupted with astonishment and awe.

Outside the battle arena area, many spectators were manic with excitement.

The loud commotion attracted the attention of people watching battles that were taking place on other stages, quickly turning their heads in order to see what was happening.

Below the stage, Yanggang’s face darkened gloomily, a contrast to the burning thrill in Xie Puti’s eyes.

This Huang Xiaolong’s strength far exceeded his assumption.

A Xiantian First Order expert such as Bai Shou was defeated just like that!

He could easily guess that Bai Shou suffered a heavy injury from that palm strike, completely losing the power to battle further.

The result for this match was already determined!

Cui Li seemed unable to still the excitement coursing through her body and her eyes glittered like the night sky.

Her proud peaks looked like they were about to escape from their bindings any moment due to her vigorous breathing.

Nearby kingdom geniuses that noticed this could not shift their gaze away, their saliva on the verge of leaking out from the corner of their lips.

Amongst the crowd, Pang Yu and Dai Shanni, who both possessed a superb talent martial spirit stared at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief.

At this time, Bai Shou struggled into a standing position at the edge of the stage, wobbling unsteadily.

Wiping off blood at the corner of his lips, it was difficult to conceal the fear in his eyes as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

“I throw in the towel!” Climbing up from the ground, he shouted in panic without waiting for Huang Xiaolong to make another move.

Admitting defeat!

Without a doubt, this brought another wave of excitement across the crowd.

Huang Xiaolong walked off the stage after the judge announced that he won the match and returned to his seat.

On his way over, he ignored Cui Li’s exuberant stare as her eyes followed him with burning intensity.


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