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Di Jing really didnt care too much about Huang Xiaolong.

Even the Fiend God Emperor and the Brightness Emperor Palaces Young Master didnt enter his sight; not to mention, even the Grandmist Emperors Young Master, Li Junhua, wasnt an exception.

Then, who in the world was Huang Xiaolong to him!

Even though Huang Xiaolong also had a king of supreme godhead and had heaven-defying talent, it was nothing before him.

That was because he had the top-ranked king of supreme godhead and the number one divine physique!

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had cultivated for less than a thousand years.

He hadnt even reached the Heavenly Monarch Realm a hundred years back! Even if he had managed to enter the Heavenly Monarch Realm in the past one hundred years, he would, at the very most, be in the second or third order.


I remember that the top ten chambers of commerce would come together to organize the bets for the winner of the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

Are they doing it this time” Di Jing looked at everyone and asked.

“Replying to the Heavenly Prince, the bets have started.

Everyone has betted on you being first.

However, there is a huge competition for second place.

Other than the young masters of the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Brightness Emperor Palace, and the Grandmist Emperor Palace, some of them are betting on the Bladeless Emperor Palace or the Violet Flame Sword Sects Young Masters.” One of the marshals reported to Di Jing.

Di Jing said with indifference, “Since that is the case, I want to join in the fun as well.

Use my name to bet twenty million low-grade chaos spirit stones on my victory.”

Everyone was stunned.

Of course, they knew his intentions.

Since Huang Xiaolong had sworn to crush Di Jing under his feet, Di Jing wanted to force Huang Xiaolong to take out twenty million low-grade chaos spirit stones to bet on his own victory.

“Yes, Heavenly Prince.”

The news of Di Jing placing a bet of twenty million low-grade chaos spirit stones on his victory spread out like wildfire.

The news was just as earth-shattering as Huang Xiaolongs offer of ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones for a manor.

When Huang Xiaolong heard the news while drinking with Mo Xiao, he laughed.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Li Shan and said, “Li Shan, go and place a bet of forty million low-grade spirit stones on my victory after this.”


Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, Yan Kang, and the others felt their arms going soft, and the cup of wine in Zhao Leis hand smashed to the ground.

“Four… Forty million! Forty million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was betting on himself!

Zhao Lei even suspected that Huang Xiaolongs brain had rotted.

Zhao Lei wasnt the only person feeling this way; everyone else also felt like a bomb had gone off in their minds.

Even though Mo Xiao and Chen Kaiwen knew that Huang Xiaolong was a direct disciple of the King of Grandmist, they also knew that he had a king of supreme godhead.

Despite knowing that Huang Xiaolong cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, they didnt believe that he was Di Jings match.

Li Shan opened his mouth, but he didnt dare to speak.

Bei Xiaomei suddenly opened her mouth and put on an exaggerated expression, “No way! Uncle, are you really going to act so recklessly! Even if you managed to obtain some absolute treasure, you cant throw money away! How can you throw away forty million to bet on your win You know that you cant beat him.

Thats forty million youre talking about!”

“Just to prove a point, is it worth throwing away forty million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

“If you have nowhere else to spend your money, give it to me!”

Bei Xiaomeis words struck a chord in everyones heart.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he merely laughed.

“Of course, its worth it.

Its just forty million!”

Everyone fell silent.

When the banquet finally ended, Huang Xiaolong passed Li Shan exactly forty million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

However, when Huang Xiaolong took out the ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones for Mo Xiao, Mo Xiao refused to accept them.

Regardless of how Huang Xiaolong phrased it, Mo Xiao adamantly declined to touch the spirit stones.

Seeing as that was the case, Huang Xiaolong could only give it up.

It seemed as though he had accepted Mo Xiaos favor this time.

When the Martial Demon Emperor Palace members left the manor, they managed to look for another place to stay.

After all, several powers from the Floating Twilight Lands were participating in the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

When Mo Xiao arranged for half of his disciples to stay with the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace, the other half was split up and sent to other powers.

Before long, the news of Huang Xiaolong placing a bet of forty million on himself swept through the city.

The Heavenly Stage literally shook at the news.

While they were shocked that Huang Xiaolong could take out forty million low-grade chaos spirit stones, they felt that he was crazy!

In Manor 3, the Fiend God Emperor Palace members were stunned silly when they heard the news.

“Did Huang Xiaolong lose his marbles!”

Wang Yongsen chuckled, “Hes retarded.

How can someone like that think of challenging me It seems like his brain has degenerated to such a stage.

However, I never thought that he would have so many low-grade chaos spirit stones! The treasure he obtained must be precious.”

A greedy light flashed through Wang Yongsens eyes.

Feng Chan, the young master of the Fiend God Emperor Palace, frowned, and he said, “Even if Huang Xiaolong turned into a retard, he wouldnt dare to place such a bet on a whim.

He probably wouldnt place such a huge bet because of his reputation…”

Wang Yongsen laughed, “Senior Brother Feng is overthinking.

Do you think that he can defeat Heavenly Prince Di Jing”

Feng Chan shook his head and felt that it was indeed impossible for Huang Xiaolong to do so.

Even he had no intention of challenging Di Jing for the champions spot, much less Huang Xiaolong.

“When the battle commences, we have to locate Huang Xiaolong as soon as possible.

We cannot allow the treasure to land in someone elses hands.”

With the absolute treasure, the Fiend God Emperor Palaces plan with the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe would be accelerated by a whole lot.

“Senior brother Feng, please rest assured.”


Huang Xiaolong completely ignored the mockery and disdain from the outside world.

After Li Shan placed the bet, Huang Xiaolong returned to his room to enter secluded cultivation.

In an instant, two months passed.

In two months, Huang Xiaolong practically spent all his time cultivating.

Even the ladies didnt dare to disturb him.

He only stopped when it was two days before the start of the battle.

Two days were all he needed to head over to the location of the battle from Manor 6.

When he stepped out of his room, Huang Xiaolong left the manor without the slightest hesitation.

An hour before the battle, Huang Xiaolong and the Fortune Emperor Palaces members stepped out of the transmission array and arrived at the competitions venue.

The moment they stepped out, a sea of people entered their sights.

“The members of the Fortune Emperor palace are here!”

“Is that black-haired young man Huang Xiaolong! Is he the one with the king of supreme godhead”

“What king of supreme godhead Hes the King of Idiots!”

Huang Xiaolong attracted the gazes of nearly everyone present the moment he appeared.

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