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While Gudu Canyang stood stiffly with an ugly expression of disbelief on his face, the crowd in the plaza was in a furor.

Huang Xiaolong reaping 700 points out of nowhere and successfully rising to the forty-first place, frightened everyone, especially the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Brightness Emperor Palace, and the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Chen Jianwei, Chen Huoan, and the others, who were mocking and laughing at Huang Xiaolong, choked on their laughter.

And why wouldnt they They had been mocking Huang Xiaolong for being the first king of supreme godhead genius to die at the moment of entering the competition.

Looking at Huang Xiaolongs name on the forty-first place, Chen Jianwei, Chen Huoan, Gudu Wuyi, and the others faces were indescribably sullen.

Especially Gudu Wuyi, as the blood vessels in his eyes were close to bursting.

Huang Xiaolongs ranking was pressing right above his sons head!

Initially, seeing that his sons ranking had climbed to forty-first place, Gudu Wuyi was as pleased as punch.

But now, Huang Xiaolong wasstanding right above his sons head—the displeasure was no different than Huang Xiaolong **ting over his head.

“Huang Xiaolong must have run into some dog-** luck, and coincidentally killed a Heavenly Demon that had just broken through to early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!” The Solitude Emperor Palaces Ancestor Gudu Nanming shrieked loudly in denial.

Gudu Nanming\'s abrupt shriek brought other Emperor Palaces experts on the plaza back to their senses.

Their expressions looked as if they had finally figured out the reason behind Huang Xiaolongs rankings.

“Didnt I say it! How could Huang Xiaolong obtain 700 points all of a sudden So, thats what happened! Ive heard that Huang Xiaolong has broken through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Coupled with the battle power of his king of supreme godhead, its not that hard to kill a Heavenly Demon that has just advanced to early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm in an instant.”

“Thats right!.”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces experts ugly expressions eased slightly hearing this reasoning, which they agreed with very quickly.

The Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei spotted Zhao Leis beaming face from afar and snorted with disdain, “Huang Xiaolong is just lucky, but that doesnt mean his luck will last through the entire trial.

He wont run into dog-** luck every time.”

Right at this time, the White Dragon Emperor Chen Huoans eyes widened in shock as he stared at the rankings board in the air.

Chen Jianwei found his expression strange, so he followed his gaze.

He was agape and wide-eyed with disbelief.

On the rankings board, Huang Xiaolongs name shone brightly in the forty-first place.

Huang Xiaolongs points rose rapidly to 1,400 points!

Hereon, Huang Xiaolongs name moved up the rankings, knocking down one disciples name after another.

It finally stopped at the fourteenth place!


Watching Huang Xiaolongs name shining at the fourteenth place on the rankings board, which had surpassed more than a dozen disciples names, Chen Jianwei, Chen Huoan, Gudu Wuyi, Gudu Nanming, and the rest now had different thoughts.

Huang Xiaolong\'s name was simply too blinding for them!

Even the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Chen Wenqian and Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestor Liu Yuan were surprised.

Zhao Lei, Li Shan, Fang Xuanxuan, and the rest were just as astounded.

But Zhao Leis booming laughter soon echoed over the plaza, “Haha, good, very good, so cool!”

Hearing Zhao Leis laughter, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces group looked even more sullen.

“Huang Xiaolong, that kid just got lucky!” Gudu Nanming insisted, “He must have come across a herd of early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demons.

He must have killed seven Heavenly Demons, followed by another seven!”

Chen Jianweis expression eased slightly once more, and he even managed to squeeze out a smile in agreement, “Thats right, that must be it.”

Just as Chen Jianwei said that, Huang Xiaolongs name emitted another burst of light as it once again climbed up the rankings with additional 100 points!



Eleventh, tenth, ninth, eighth, seventh, sixth…!

At last, Huang Xiaolongs ranking stopped in sixth place! Right below the Grandmist Emperor Palaces Li Junhua!

Li Junhuas current score was 2,200.

It was merely a hundred points more than Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs name shone like a radiant primordial star in the sixth place, sparkling magnificently.

It was so bright that Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and the rest were bedazzled.

“Si-sixth place!” Chen Jianwei stammered foolishly.

Once more, he wanted to stress that Huang Xiaolong had run into more dog-** luck, but the words were stuck in his mouth.

His throat felt dry.

Almost every pair of eyes on the plaza stared fixedly at the name in the sixth place on the rankings board, including Zhao Lei, Fang Xuanxuan, and Li Shan.


This, Xiaolong wouldnt have really run into dog-** luck, coming across a herd of early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demons, right” Zhao Lei asked doubtfully.

Fang Xuanxuan and Li Shan could hear him gulping.

“Coincidentally, how could there be twenty-one Heavenly Demons in this herd”

But Huang Xiaolongs name moved once again.

Radiant rays of light burst like fireworks as his points climbed to 2,400!

2,400 points!

He had risen to the fifth place and surpassed Li Junhua!

Zhao Leis breathing quickened.

The noisy plaza suddenly fell silent.

On the high stage, the Heavenly Courts marshals exchanged a silent gaze, and Yu Shis face was particularly gloomy.

Huang Xiaolongs outstanding performance so early into the competition was the herald of ominous events for Yu Shi, Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, and Nine Dragons Emperor Palace.

The top one hundred disciples in the preliminaries could directly enter the top one thousand rankings in the subsequent round.

Not to mention the top ten disciples in the preliminaries would directly advance into the top one hundred in the next round!

In other words, as long as Huang Xiaolong maintained a spot within the top ten until the end of the preliminary round, his worst ranking would be the one-hundredth place!

The one-hundredth place received a shocking amount of spirit stones, spiritual herbs, and spiritual pills as a reward and also enjoyed the treatment equivalent to a Heavenly Courts general.

The more Yu Shi thought about it, the gloomier his expression became.

Inside the Heavenly Court Secret Regions particular valley, the Heavenly Prince Di Jing also noticed the movements in Huang Xiaolongs name on the rankings board.

His brows creased into a deep frown as he muttered, “Three times, each time seven hundred points”

Even though there was a possibility that Huang Xiaolong had killed seven First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demons, what if Huang Xiaolong had merely killed one Heavenly Demon

In other words, did Huang Xiaolong have the strength of a Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

The Heavenly Prince Di Jings eyes glimmered with doubt, but he shook it away, “Not likely.”

Huang Xiaolong had been cultivating for less than a thousand years.

Even Di Jing himself couldnt guarantee he could break through to the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm in less than a thousand years.

If he couldnt do it with his number one king of supreme godhead and the number one unique physique, then how could Huang Xiaolong In this era, nobody had a higher talent than him.

Even if Huang Xiaolong had an archdevil bloodline, it was impossible.

“Interesting, but the fifth place is still too low.

If you can climb up to the second place by the end of this preliminary round, it might rouse my interest.” Di Jing waved his hand in the air, and a hallowing scream ensued as a mid-Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demon plummeted from the sky, exploding into blood mist.

However, a few minutes later...

Huang Xiaolongs ranking changed again, kicking down True Divinity Sects Long Shaozhen from the fourth to fifth place.

Huang Xiaolong took fourth place.

Seeing this sight, another wave of furor swept over the crowd at the plaza.

In the top ten Emperor Palaces area, the True Divinity Sects Ancestor frowned faintly.

They had a very clear idea about Long Shaozhens real strength, even though outsiders were oblivious to this information t.

The True Divinity Sects Long Shaozhen was already a late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert with the second-ranked Thousand Mysteries Physique.

Long Shaozhens strength was more than sufficient to kill an average early, mid, and even a late-Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert, yet Huang Xiaolong had surpassed him”

The rumors circulating outside claimed that Huang Xiaolong had recently advanced to the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

A First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Huang Xiaolong actually ranked higher than their True Divinity Sects Long Shaozhen!

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