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Huang Xiaolong turned his gaze to the confident Di Jing, and he felt the rolling battle intent coming from him.

A smile slowly appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face as he agreed, “Sure.

We shall have a battle of life and death!”

“No one is allowed to interfere!”

Huang Xiaolong added a sentence at the end, seemingly hinting to some people that no one could interfere with the battle regardless of the outcome.

Even though Huang Xiaolong knew everything that Di Jing was plotting, he still agreed to the battle.

Since Di Jing wanted to kill him and dig out all the secrets on his body, how could he think of sparing Di Jings life The thought of killing Di Jing to explore secrets on his body surfaced in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

The secrets Di Jings body held were bound to be enormous as he had the number one divine physique and godhead in the world! Di Jing might have been hiding secrets comparable to his own.

A chilling light flashed through Di Jings eyes, seeing that Huang Xiaolong had agreed to the duel.

In an instant, Di Jun instructed people to build another stage in the middle of the plaza.

The stage was massive, and it was elevated hundreds of feet in the air.

The arena itself was hundreds of miles in length.

Countless ancient restrictions were carved on the arenas side, and killing intent, seemingly originating from the Desolate Era, filled the area.

“True Emperor Stage!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath in shock.

The True Emperor Stage was an arena left behind from the Desolate Era.

It was said that the arena was built and refined with the remains of several Emperor Realm experts who had died on the battlefield.

The arena itself was a grandmist artifact, and there was no need to doubt its might.

No one had expected for the True Emperor Stage to appear during the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

None of them had thought that Heavenly Emperor Di Jun would take it out for the battle between Huang Xiaolong and Di Jing.

Even though the arena used for the first Battle of the Heavenly Court had shocking prestige and might, it paled in comparison to the True Emperor Stage.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing looked at the arena before him, and his body slowly rose in the air.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he took his time as he casually made his way to the stage.

When he walked past the Grandmist Emperor Palace, he paused for a moment and glanced at Zhao Tong.

“After I kill Di Jing, youre next.”

Everyone was shocked, and a horrified expression appeared on Zhao Tongs face.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre really optimistic.

Wait till you leave the stage, then well talk.” Han Qing sneered.

Instead of replying, Huang Xiaolong turned his gaze towards Han Qing.

Han Qing flinched, and she took several steps backward.

“What do you think youre doing What do you want” her gaze flittered towards the beasts standing behind Huang Xiaolong, and a look of fear bloomed on her face.

Huang Xiaolongs lips curled upwards, and he simply brushed past Han Qing before making his way to the True Emperor Stage.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong couldnt even be bothered with him, Han Qings expression turned ugly beyond comparison.

When Di Jing saw how Huang Xiaolong was sauntering up the stage, he couldnt help but frown.

Huang Xiaolongs behavior made it seem like Di Jing was too impatient…

However, Huang Xiaolong eventually made his way onto the arena.

As the two of them took their spots, a formless might materialized as their eyes met.

Heavenly Prince Di Jings robes fluttered in the air behind him, even though there was no wind.

Di Jing stood his ground, and he gave off the impression that he was heaven itself.

It looked like he was the ruler of the world, and he single-handedly controlled the life and death of any creatures he laid eyes on.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he gave off the impression that he was untouchable since time immemorial.

No matter how Di Jing tried, he was unable to ruffle Huang Xiaolong.

Everyones eyes were glued on the two of them as they eagerly anticipated the battle.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing was unquestionably the number one talent in the Divine World in everyones eyes.

According to everyone, there was no doubt he was going to obtain the first place in the Battle of the Heavenly Court!

However, Huang Xiaolongs victory over Lan Tailong caused everyone to feel that he might not be any weaker than Di Jing…

As such, the masses were split into two, with half supporting Huang Xiaolong.

The other half naturally rooted for Di Jing.

“This is the true battle of the elites! We can finally see Heavenly Prince Di Jing going all out! This trip to the Heavenly Stage is completely worth it!”

When Di Jing fought against the top hundred contestants, he lorded over them with his aura alone.

No one managed to force him to make a move.

As such, no one knew the extent of Di Jings true strength.

“Huang Xiaolong has the Black Dragon Divine Armor, and he managed to beat Lan Tailong with two punches! He even has the Chaos Lightning Pool… Im afraid Heavenly Prince Di Jing isnt his match…” The True Divinity Sects Chief, Wang Haojun, wore a solemn expression on his face.

It seemed as though he was rooting for Huang Xiaolongs victory.

“That might not be true.

The Heavenly Prince knows that Huang Xiaolong has the Black Dragon Divine Armor and the Chaos Lightning Pool.

Yet, he dares to challenge Huang Xiaolong to a battle of life and death.

He should be confident of killing Huang Xiaolong…” The Violet Flame Emperor yelled from somewhere in the crowd.

He was extremely confident in Heavenly Prince Di Jing.

All of a sudden, Di Jing fully released his aura on the True Emperor Stage.

As though an extinct star was coming back to life, an uncontrollable wave of power surged, giving off the feeling that it wanted to smash everything in its way.

A horrifying might enveloped the space around him.

“Peak of the late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!”

Everyone felt their jaws dropping.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing actually broke into the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm! No, he was already at the peak of late-Tenth Order!

Strands of mysterious light formed in the space above him, and they slowly fused into his body.

Traces of mysterious runes appeared on his skin, and every single rune contained boundless might.

Each and every one of them had the Heavens Dao.

In an instant, Di Jings aura shot through the sky.

“Heavens Dao Physique!”

Cheers erupted in the crowd.

Even Huang Xiaolong felt his eyes narrow a little.

He had never expected Di Jing to reveal his Heavens Dao Physique the moment he stepped on the stage.

He knew that the runes protecting Di Jings body would make his flesh indestructible.

Even though Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique had given him enough strength to smash Lan Tailong into a pulp, he was sure that regardless of how hard he tried, the same couldnt be done to Di Jing.

It was practically impossible to destroy the body protected by Heavenly Dao itself.

When everyone was still reveling in their shock, Di Jings aura increased once again.

The dragon might around Di Jings body started to move, and primordial divine dragons formed around him.

The tiny dragons glowed with a brilliant green light, as though they were the most precious of jade.

“Ancient Heavenly Emperors Jade Dragons!”

No one had managed to cultivate the Ancient Heavenly Emperors Jade Dragons since time immemorial; even someone like Di Jun, who had surpassed the Emperor Realm had failed.

It was a shocking fact that Di Jing had managed to succeed.

Not to mention the fact that he had managed to succeed in a mere three thousand years.

One could easily see how terrifying Di Jings talent was.

When the divine dragons appeared beside Di Jings body, they spat out lumps of dragon essence.

The dragon essence formed screens, and they protected Di Jings body.

When several superpowers early Emperor Realm experts looked at the screens around Di Jings body, they couldnt help but frown.

Even with their strength, they werent confident of smashing the screens in a short amount of time.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered.

Jade Dragon Manual… It was comparable to his Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and the fame of the two techniques shocked the Divine World.

The Ancient Heavenly Emperors reputation in the Divine World came from his strength after cultivating the Jade Dragon Manual… One could only imagine the might it possessed!

Right now, Di Jing was standing before him as though he was the second coming of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor himself.

The aura Di Jing emitted was enough to suppress anyone below the Emperor Realm.

However, his aura was still rising, with no signs of stopping! A golden glow appeared around his body, and phantoms of emperors were forming around his body!

The emperor phantoms were like incarnations of Emperor Realm experts themselves!

Those spectating the battle felt their hearts shake as their expressions changed once again.

“This… Could this be the Phantom of Ten Thousand Emperors!”

“Rumors had it that no one could successfully cultivate the Phantom of Ten Thousand Emperors! Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had failed!!! How is it possible for Di Jing to succeed!”

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