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The Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi calmed the people arguing below with a press of his hand in the air.

Everyone immediately stopped speaking.

“Longer was my hope.

Originally, I had hoped for Longer to gain a spot within the top three in the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

He could have become one of the Divine Worlds dazzling stars to return with honor and glory.

But who knew...!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis icy cold voice rang.

“Who knew that I would get the news of that dog Huang Xiaolong killing Longer on the spot instead of his glorious return!”

“Longer didnt even have a body to be buried!”

“Lately, Longers painful screams have been ringing in my mind, calling for me to save him.

How helpless he must have felt on the battle stage with desperation and pain!”

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis icy voice reverberated through the hall, conveying his pain, killing intent, wrath, and hatred.

Lan Zhi had placed all his hope on the Brightness Emperors Disciple Lan Tailong.

He had even envisioned the scene where Lan Tailong had led the Brightness Emperor Palace to greater heights after advancing to the Emperor Realm in the future.

But unfortunately, Lan Tailong had died in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, and everything had changed because of Huang Xiaolongs appearance!

The Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestors fell into a heavy silence.

Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and other Ancestors were mainly silent as they had helplessly watched Huang Xiaolong kill the Brightness Emperors Disciple Lan Tailong on the battle stage.

These people were burdened by shame, guilt, and intense hatred.

“Emperor, it was us who were useless! We failed to save the Emperors Disciple.

Please issue us our punishments!” Chen Wenqian knelt on his knees.

Chen Wenxin and several other Ancestors followed suit and knelt on their knees.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi shook his head, sighing heavily, “I know that all of you did your best at the time.

The two monsters have incredible strengths, and even I am not a match against them.

So, you are not to be blamed for this.

Alright, get up, all of you.”

Chen Wenqian and the other Ancestors complied respectfully then stood up.

“Wenqian,” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi called out.

“Subordinate is here.” Chen Wenqian responded in a hurry.

“Contact the Fiend God Emperor Palace, and at the same time, gather all the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestors who can be employed to head to the Fiend God Emperor Palace with me.

Also, get in touch with the Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and the Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace.

Have them gather all the Ancestors they can employ at the moment to meet me at the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Defiance should not be allowed!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi\'s inviolable tone echoed in the air.

“We obey the Emperor!” Chen Wenqians sonorous voice rang in the hall.

Several Ancestors disagree with Lan Zhi cooperating with the Fiend Emperor Palace.

However, since Chen Wenqian and others complied sonorously, these Ancestors exchanged a silent glance and decided to keep their mouths shut.

Anyone could tell that their Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi was determined, and few of their words could not sway his decision.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi continued to issue more orders as he arranged for various matters.

After killing Huang Xiaolong, the Grandmist Emperor Palace and King of Grandmist would definitely retaliate.

Therefore, he needed to prepare in advance.

Even though Lan Zhi was cooperating with the Fiend God Emperor Palace to kill Huang Xiaolong in the name of avenging his son Lan Tailong, only he knew the real reason behind it—the sixteen wings!

Thats right; it was for the sixteen wings on Huang Xiaolong!

Only he knew the secret behind these sixteen wings in the entire Brightness Emperor Palace.

More accurately, only the generations of Brightness Emperor Palaces Emperor knew about it.

Once he could get his hands on the sixteen wings, then he didnt need to fear the King of Grandmist, much less fear Jiang Hong.

With those sixteen wings in hand, he could even stand above the Heavenly Emperor Di Jun, becoming the one giant of the universe!

As Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi rolled out his orders, the entire Brightness Emperor Palace was in a flurry of actions.

Soon, the Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace, and Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace received Lan Zhis summons.

Just like what Di Jun had predicted—even though the Solitude Emperor Palace and Nine Dragons Emperor Palace didn\'t wish to take action against Huang Xiaolong, they had no choice but to obey Lan Zhis order.

Huang Xiaolong was on his way to the Fiend God Emperor Palace while the Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, and others assembled at the meeting point and headed to the Fiend God Emperor Palace for their cooperation.

Huang Xiaolong was rushing there on his Black Dragon Throne.

The Black Dragon Throne could adjust its size according to Huang Xiaolongs preference.

At one end, the Black Dragon Throne could resemble a majestic black dragon flying ship.

Although its speed was a little slower, it was spacious.

And Huang Xiaolong could cultivate with ease inside it.

Sitting cross-legged inside the black dragon flying ship, Huang Xiaolong summoned out his three avatars and took out two thousand Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

As he circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars began refining the two thousand Brilliant Sun Divine Pills medicinal energies.

As time passed, three archdevils shadows from his bloodlines appeared in the air behind Huang Xiaolong.

Lightning power from the four chaos lightning pools between his eyebrows roiled vigorously.

His three supreme godheads emitted resplendent lights.

The night gave way to dawn.

The two thousand Brilliant Sun Divine Pills were completely refined, and Huang Xiaolongs body was brimming with godforce.

“The remaining Brilliant Sun Divine Pills would soon finish at this rate.” Huang Xiaolong sighed, shaking his head.

The one million Brilliant Sun Divine Pills he had gotten from the Heavenly Hall were almost finished.

The remaining pills could last him several months at most.

Therefore, he would need to search for another supply of top-grade grandmist spiritual pills again.

“The Fiend God Emperor Palaces treasury should have a lot of top-grade grandmist spiritual pills, right” Huang Xiaolong smiled, though there was no temperature to his smile.

As an old power that had existed for hundreds of millions of years, how many other Emperor Palaces and forces wealth the Fiend God Emperor Palace had swept clean They had to have a lot of top-grade grandmist spiritual pills.

Huang Xiaolong journeyed without stopping on the black dragon flying ship even as he passed by some larger world surfaces.

He continued to cultivate, consuming large amounts of Brilliant Sun Divine Pills to strengthen his newly-broken-through early Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realms foundation.


A little over two months went by.

The Black Dragon Throne stopped above a specific world surface.

Huang Xiaolong and two odd beasts stepped out from the Black Dragon Thrones flying ship.

He looked around.

According to the Silver Fox Commerce, the Fiend God Emperor Palaces headquarters was located in this area.

Huang Xiaolong opened the Eye of Hell on his forehead, and a red light-beam lit up the surrounding.

It ignored the layers of space and reflected everything into Huang Xiaolongs mind.

A dozen breaths later, Huang Xiaolong flew southward with the two odd beasts.

Barely after a hundred thousand li, a strong force suction force enveloped them.

Huang Xiaolong did not resist at all, allowing the force to pull them away.

In a spiral, the view in front of them changed.

Huang Xiaolong and the two odd beasts arrived at a stretch of starry space.

The starry sight in front of them were world surfaces.

At the top of each world surface was dense nefarious qi as if a fiend god was residing inside each world surface.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes fell on the biggest world surface of all.

This world surface was several times bigger than all other world surfaces he had seen so far.

Nefarious qi roiled like clouds above this world surface.

Even at more than a billion lis distance, Huang Xiaolong felt the overpowering nefarious qi.

This was the core location of the Fiend God Emperor Palace, the Fiend King Star!

Legend had it that the Fiend God Emperor Palaces founder was titled the Fiend King.

Thus the world surface was named after him as the Fiend King Star.

Sensing the faint fluctuations of murderous auras coming from the surroundings, Huang Xiaolong and the two odd beasts flew towards the Fiend King Star.

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