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These people attacking the Radiance Angel to rescue Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi were the Brightness Emperor Palaces Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and several other Ancestors.

However, just as Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and the Ancestors attacked the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel, tens of thousands of zhang radiant sword qi slashed down on them.

This radiant sword qi resembled a vast river of light that separated them from the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel.

Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and the others panicked and backed away in a fluster while changing their attacks toward the glaring river of sword qi.

Rumb-le! R~rumble!

Several sword qis collided.

The rest of the starry space was eclipsed by the sparks of collision around Huang Xiaolong.

At the last moment, a Radiant Divine Armor appeared over Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis body that blocked the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels sword attack.

However, the sword qi also destroyed more than a dozen radiant runes on Lan Zhis divine armor, and Lan Zhi himself was blasted back from the massive collision.

Chen Wenqian, Chen Wenxin, and the rest were also smacked into the distance by the sword qi river.

Sword qi crisscrossed cracking space openings everywhere with the overwhelming aftershock.

Both fourteen-winged Radiance Angels did not continue to attack after that and returned to Huang Xiaolongs side in a flicker.

So did the two odd beasts, standing behind Huang Xiaolong like two sturdy mountains.

Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi stood side by side, staring at the two beasts as well as the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels behind Huang Xiaolong with an ugly expression on their faces.

They held supreme positions in the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace and were two top experts in the ranks of Divine Worlds pinnacle existences.

But this time, neither could hide the astonishment in their eyes as they looked at the two beasts and fourteen-winged Radiance Angels guarding Huang Xiaolong.

Four peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts!

Moreover, after reverting to their true forms, the two odd beasts had the strength surpassing the Emperor Realm!

Just the two odd beasts and two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels behind Huang Xiaolong were sufficient to walk sideways anywhere they wanted, deterring any force.

The Fiend God Emperor Palaces Liu Yuan and Zhao Wendan had turned deathly pale at this point.

The two beasts ferocious momentum from earlier had left a big shadow in their souls.

Initially, they were still somewhat doubtful about the ancient legends related to the four odd beasts, and now, not the slightest doubt remained.

“Do the rest of you plan to hide until the end” Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned frosty as he looked towards a certain direction in space.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis eyes glimmered in silent shock, then he nodded secretly.

A second later, figures flickered out from the void.

Consecutive people with powerful momentums clad in the radiant divine armors appeared from the void.

These were the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestors who had been concealing within the void until now.

A total of one hundred and forty-five people!

This was the number of Ancestors the Brightness Emperor Palace had brought with them.

Subsequently, after the Brightness Emperor Palaces one hundred and forty-five Ancestors appeared, the Solitude Emperor Palaces Gudu Wuyi, Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Chen Jianwei, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palaces experts also showed themselves.

These four Emperor Palaces added twenty-six top Emperor Realm experts!

Counting the Fiend God Emperor Palaces one hundred and seventy plus Ancestors, there were over three hundred Emperor Realm experts!

The momentum of over three hundred Emperor Realm experts in the same place was akin to a giant tsunami.

Even space became distorted from their momentums.

“Everyones here, very good,” Huang Xiaolong looked at Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and the others with a tepid expression as he added, “This way, I wont have to go the Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace one by one.”

For Huang Xiaolong, being able to annihilate Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and the others once and for all was the most ideal of situation, saving him the trouble of running east and west, and wasting precious time for cultivation.

Huang Xiaolongs brazen words instantly enraged Gudu Wuyi, Chen Wenqian, and the others.

“Huang Xiaolong, dont think those few subordinates can protect you!” Gudu Wuyi pointed the sword in his hand at Huang Xiaolongs face and yelled, “Inside this Grand Fiend God Formation, its impossible for you to escape.

Today is the day you die!”

“Thats right, Huang Xiaolong, hand out those treasures on you and the sixteen wings now.

Plead for mercy on your knees and we can consider letting you die more comfortably!” Chen Jianwei glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong as he finished, “Otherwise, youd wish you were dead when were done with you!”

Huang Xiaolong retorted nonchalantly, “I dont know if today is the day I die, but I am absolutely certain, today, all of you will die!”

Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei and the others were infuriated, however, Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi raised his hand and stopped them from bickering.

His gaze had never left Huang Xiaolong ever since the two had stood on opposite sides.

“Huang Xiaolong, I know those two beasts and fourteen-winged Radiance Angels behind you have shocking strength.

However, inside this Grand Fiend God Formation, killing you is still doable with the help of six Emperor Palaces experts.”

Brightness Emperor Palaces Lan Zhi paused briefly before continuing, “Hand over the sixteen wings to me, and the supreme treasures to the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

We can guarantee to let you leave here alive!”

Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu nodded his head in agreement to Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis words, “Thats right, we guarantee to let you leave.

In the future, well mind our own business and not interfere with each other.

When my Fiend God Emperor Palace rules the Divine World in the future, we wont touch any Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples.”

In truth, their original plan was to eliminate Huang Xiaolong once and for all, but the two beasts strength had greatly exceeded their expectation.

On top of that, there were two more fourteen-winged peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Radiance Angels… They had no choice but to change their plans.

Six Emperor Palaces joint-effort could ensure that they could kill Huang Xiaolong but that would come at a high price.

Both sides would suffer a tragic defeat.

Neither Lan Zhi nor Feng Chu wanted to see that.

Therefore, it was best for them if Huang Xiaolong yielded.

“Let me leave alive From your tone, it seems I should be grateful.” Huang Xiaolongs mocking gaze swept over Feng Chu and Lan Zhi.

Feng Chus face sank.

His voice was cold and sullen as he spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, weve given you enough face.

So, dont be shameless.

We have yet to truly activate the Grand Fiend God Formations power, but once we do that, you wont even have a chance to beg for mercy.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed casually, “Im curious to see how powerful this fabled Grand Fiend God Formation is.”

“In that case, Ill fulfill your wish!” Feng Chu felt he had given Huang Xiaolong enough chances.

But since Huang Xiaolong did not appreciate it, there was no need for him to bepolite any further.

He waved his hands in the air and the nefarious qi within his body surged, resonating with the Fiend King Stars dese roiling nefarious qi.

It immediately spread out and covered the entire space.

Under the startling dense nefarious qi from the Fiend King Star, the numerous giant arms that had been lingering on the horizon were jolted awake, emitting glaring but eerie light as they slammed forward.

The giant arms attack rained down on Huang Xiaolong like a thunderstorm from all angles.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong did not dare to be careless.

His Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godheads godforce flooded out and sixteen radiance wings grew out from his back, spreading out majestically.

The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels fourteen wings spread out simultaneously in sync with Huang Xiaolongs action, amplifying the radiant light energy rushing out.

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